The Foundation

The Foundation

Behind success stories there are untold story to tell, many individuals out there become successful in their field of profession, businesses, etc. Sen. Manny Villar is one of them whose story is an inspiring one that we may call it from “rugs to riches”.

But success is not only measured when someone reaches the peak of his/her accomplishments but it is measured by strength and perseverance. It means our desire to pursue our dreams and the will to cope up hardship in life.



My late father after WWII worked as a gasoline boy, and his determination to provide us good education is the only treasure that we keep through all these years. I think of him as the land, the heart and soul of the family. He gave us the avenue and structure to pursue our goals in life. He always remind us of a verse that goes “Lihok Tawo ug Tabangan ko Ikaw” (Work for it and I will help You).

That verse guides us and made us strong in spite from families’ financial difficulties in life. My brother woke up at 4:00 in the morning selling “pandesal” in the neighborhood to sustain his school needs. All of it was not put in vain, he graduated Valedictorian both in elementary and high school, and a full scholar in college and the rest is the story about “CUADERNO“.

Today, he is now a successful businessman of a consulting firm that he organized based in Mandaue, Cebu and presently the Managing Director of CESEEPS (Center for Studies in Electrical Engineering Practices and Standards). Currently, he is also in the world of blogging.

As a youngest of the five, my brother has been my mentor, listener, and taught me so much about life and the future.

I am writing this because I remember what he says in the – Biggest Challenge, “It is best to prepare and anticipate. But preparedness does not mean that we allow ourselves to lose track of the basics. It is the bedrock foundation of our competence”.

The basics are those tough times everybody had, the bedrock foundation of who are these people today.

Ang hindi lumingon sa pinangalingan ay hindi makakarating sa patutunguhan“.

Simple Thoughts

Simple Thoughts” was the first blog entry of an OFW who found a new home in the world of blogging.

What interest me of the said entry is that – 2 weeks ago I and my best friend discussed about family matters, financing difficulties, budgetting, loneliness and the life of an OFW away from home. Then I show him the text message of my wife how happy my daughter was in her simple birthday with her friends in  the neighborhood and at school. Though, she have only one wish every birthday and that is – my presence.   

Ka Ambo is right, how many birthdays, graduation days do we have to missed away from our kids?

That is exactly the price an overseas Filipino have to pay in exchange for our kids better future. All I have to say is – PAGLAKI MO ANAK, MAIINTINDIHAN MO RIN.

LGU Bonds

Among the alternatives: Local Government Unit (LGU) bonds

LGU-Development Bank

LGU-Development Bank

Local government unit (LGU) bonds are a young creation, says vice president Antonio “Johnny” Villanueva of Preferred Ventures, Corp. since the first LGU bond issued was in 1999. But these have been a way for the country’s towns, cities and provinces to raise funds for needed infrastructure and income-generating projects.

LGU bonds are interest-bearing instruments that LGUs issue to finance their operating or capital cost of a special project. Ordinary people and financial institutions such as banks can invest their money on an LGU’s revenue-generating project of the LGU, which issues the bond. The LGU, explains Villanueva, in turn promises to pay the investor a specified amount of interest (usually semi-annually) and return your money (the “principal”) on a specified maturity date (such as seven years). These same LGUs have identified various priority projects that also generate needed local government income.

These include: mass housing, public markets, bus, jeepney or ferry terminals, commercial complexes, refrigeration and cold storage facilities, mass transport system, slaughterhouses, air/sea ports, eco-tourism projects, industrial estates, reclamation areas, waste disposal system, and a potable water system. LGU bonds have financed projects such as the Daraga Public Market (Daraga, Albay), the Masbate Fish Complex (Masbate province), and the Boracay Ferry Port Terminal (Boracay Island, Aklan).

There are several layers of guarantees for LGU bonds. Primarily, these are revenue-generating projects that are self-liquidating, and are subject to feasibility studies, aside from a ratings system on the financial capability of LGUs. The Local Government Unit Guarantee Corporation (LGUGC), a private guarantee institution providing credit enhancement to LGU debts, provides another layer of guarantee (LGUGC is owned by the Bankers Association of the Philippines, the Development Bank of the Philippines, and the multilateral Asian Development Bank). When all these fail, the internal revenue allotments (IRAs) of LGUs stand as guarantees to ensure that investors will be paid.

Overseas Filipinos can be investors of these bonds as part of the secondary market, Villanueva said. He also

Economic Resource Center for Overseas FIlipinos

Economic Resource Center for Overseas FIlipinos

encouraged hometown associations of these Filipino migrants to invest in these bonds, and even determine the income-generating project that their hometown back home must embark on through their investment. These investors from abroad do not only earn from the interest, but their investment into these bonds is an opportunity for these migrants to be vigilant watchdogs of their hometown government’s performance.

Antonio Villanueva does financial advisory services to local government units through Preferred Ventures, Corp. (formed and owned by renowned investment banker Sixto Roxas).

Taken from: Overseas Filipinos and Hometown Development, (ERCOF) by: A. Ranque

War, OFWs atbp.

The recent occupation of Israelis in the Southern part of Lebanon is an indication that the war is far from over. The UN effort in mediating to end the war between Israel and Lebanon has proven futile and the Israelis uncontrolled bombing that hit UN post killing 4 of its UN observer is indeed a sign that both warring faction are determined to crushed each other till the winner is proclaimed. These senseless killings are all at the expense of innocent people who are nonetheless the casualties of war.



The first batch of OFWs flown back to Philippines are mostly OFW in distress housed at Filipino Workers Resource Center in Beirut. The war gives the way for their immediate repatriation back in our country. They probably escaped unharmed from the war but the sad tales of their plight due to maltreatment and abused will remain in their heart and certainly never be forgotten.   


All I can say is- Ban the Deployment of Filipina maids in the Middle Eastern countries where great risk is at stake to our Filipina Domestic Helpers. 



WE convey our thanks to all Philippine Government representatives currently in Lebanon. Though we have to admit that there are still a lot of things to be done and the possible worst scenario has not yet to come.  


To DFA USEC Rafael Seguis, thank you for being there, you did your job satisfactorily. A true public servant like you – is worthy to be praised. 


Mabuhay ka Sir! Kailangan namin ang isang katulad mo.       

Saving Grace of the Philippine Economy

“The concerned government authorities should regularly make an assessment of the situation in countries that have unstable security situations. We need to ensure that our OFWs are not exposed to unnecessary threats or dangers.”


“OFWs are already sacrificing so much by working abroad and being away from their loved ones, the concerned authorities should really look after their welfare. We should immediately provide protection and assistance to distressed OFWs, especially those in high-risk countries.”


“Given the tremendous contribution of OFWs to our country’s economy, we should ensure that their needs are very well taken cared of. They have been the ‘miracle workers’ or ‘saving grace’ of the Philippine economy year in year out through the precious dollars that they remit to their loved ones here.” 


Sen. Manny Villar

Incoming Senate President



In behalf of the OFW’s, We Welcome You Sir! as the New Senate President of the Upper House of Congress.

The 2 captives, the ME Crisis

Sorry, but I just cant ignore not to post an article that answers all my questions, why Israel hated Lebanon too much? It is written by Patrick Seale, a leading British writer on the Middle East, and the author of The Struggle for Syria; also Asad of Syria: The Struggle for the Middle East; and Abu Nidal: A Gun for Hire.

In the article, he mentioned that “if the conflict had been purely a local one Israel might have  agreed to an exchange of prisoners, as both Hizballah and Hamas demanded, and as has taken place a number of times in the past”.

The best part of the article that I read is this: But the war has a wider dimension. The United States has given Israel a free rein because it is confronted with the probability of two highly disagreeable developments: a nuclear-armed Iran and a humiliating defeat in Iraq. It urgently needs to regain the initiative in the wider Middle East and has persuaded itself – or been persuaded by Israel’s friends inside and outside the Administration – that Israel can help it do so. The pro-Israeli neocons in the United States have been trumpeting that a victory for Israel in Lebanon will be a victory for the United States, and a defeat for Israel will be a defeat for the United States.

Ali Sharara, 21, who fled his home in south Beirut  said “I can’t believe they are doing all this for two captives” and he is exactly right, it is not.

You want to read the whole article please click and read Why Israel is destroying Lebanon?

No Contingency Plan at all

I am saddened after reading the article Nowhere to Hide


Burning: Israeli air raids hit the southern suburbs of Beirut.

In my point of view, the Philippine Government from the beginning is not really prepared in any eventualities that might happen if the war between Lebanon and Israel escalates. The truth is they don’t have any contingency plan at all.

How much more if it happens in other ME regions particularly in Saudi Arabia where huge number of OFWs are working? Do they have a concrete plan for the plight of OFWs in Saudi Arabia?


Waiting: Canadian nationals register their names in Beirut to be evacuated.

During informal telephone calls and text messages with community leaders in Riyadh, we conclude that it should not be happen in Saudi Arabia, if ever there is a threat of war in the region. This kind of attitude from our Government should be cured once and for all and it is more likely that we should be part of finding its cure.

Filipino Community in KSA must join together, make prior plans or recommendations in coordination with the concerned authorities in the Kingdom and the Philippine mission to prevent untoward situation like what happen in Lebanon.


Fleeing: The Orient Queen ship arrives at Beirut’s port to evacuate a group of Australian, Canadian and German nationals.

We should not rely much with our Government; and in turn we have to offer them our own contingency plan rather than giving them the full trust of safeguarding the safety of our compatriots in future uncertainties like war.  


The Route to KSA (Green)

 Note:  In behalf of the entire Filipino Workers in Al Ajial Co. Ltd., our heartfelt thanks to the owner and Managing Director Mr. Hussein Mohammed Badran for  facilitating the  safe return of our co-Filipino employees  from Lebanon during the war.

Tagbo Bol-anon Tibuok Kalibutan

Tagbo Bol-anon, Tibuok Kalibotan (Reunion of Boholanos Around the Globe) that is going to be held on July 21-30, 2006 in Tagbilaran, Bohol is a rare occasion that Boholanos don’t want to miss. As we all knew that one famous trait Boholanos have is they don’t fail to go home just to attend fiestas and Christmas celebration. 


The 3rd Tigum Bol-anon sa Tibuok Kalibutan (TBTK) reunion coincide the Sandugo Festival and the Bohol Day Festivities.


The said gathering does not only promote unity among Boholanos but socio-economic empowerment as well.


In fact Boholano OFWs in Saudi Arabia are united not only for social activities but also in socio-economic endeavors. One of them is the Boholano Community in Jeddah whose organization are actively involved in classroom project for our less fortunate barangay public school in Bohol.


In Al Khobar a cooperative was formed named BOWACC (Boholano Overseas Workers Community Credit Cooperative) headed by my friend Mr. Dong Bonite. Now, BOWACC is on their way gaining more members among Boholanos around the Kingdom. This cooperative was primarily set up in preparation for its members eventual return to our homeland.



It shows that IJA IJA, AHO AHO is a wrong perception that others think and therefore concluded as a mere joke to Boholanos like me.


I just want to convey my heartfelt appreciation to Bohol Governor Erico Aumentado for the near completion of the Bohol Circumferential Road Improvement Project that will link Tagbilaran City to Ubay town. This particular project will also attract tourists coming to the province to see beauty spots in municipalities specially the Anda Peninsula where white beaches can be seen.


In behalf of the Boholanos in Saudi Arabia, MY WARM CONGRATULATIONS!  To Betty Veloso Garcia, the Chairperson of this years TBTK, and to all members of the TBTK Steering Committee.