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Suspect List

IS MR. Torres’ article (My Arabian Nights) his own account of his experience and as a writer of some bored and lonely OFWs doing what most would considered immoral and indecent especially  those who are married, or is this a generalization of OFWs who most bear the loneliness and boredom of working months and even […]

Mall of Asia

To: Vacationing Balikbayans and OFW’s, you have to visit the MALL of ASIA This globe is now the official symbol of the Mall of Asia (MOA). Philippines is at the center of the globe and it sits proudly at the center of MOA. Olympic size Skating Rink IMAX is located in the north side of Mall of […]

Happy Birthday Mike!

Being the youngest of the family, I am blessed with beautiful nephews and nieces. Most of them I haven’t seen for a quite a time now.    Like  Nowelgar, Mary Jessette, Kristoffer Dominic, Kristine May, Kathleen Kay, KenKen and Keith. I missed them all, maybe because I watched and witnessed the early part of their […]

Isang Bandila

It’s been said that the human voice can be heard above the ricochet of politics and the even the din of gunfire – when it is telling the truth. Rivermaya launches a new single, titled “Isang Bandila.” It’s a song that asks for change from the inside out and offers a very personal approach to the […]

Hoping for the best

This is a story titled “The Long Wait” by Christopher George Cadhit.   OFWs usually ends up deciding to come back working abroad after few months of staying back home. It is because for the reason that the money we earned abroad is not enough to sustain our family needs, without any other alternative source of income, […]

OAV Registration in Jubail a success

PRESS RELEASE Philippine Embassy Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Press Release No. NNP-47/2006 24 September 2006   PHILIPPINE OVERSEAS ABSENTEE VOTING FIELD REGISTRATION IN JUBAIL A SUCCESS 24 Sep 2006 – The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh conducted a successful Overseas Absentee Voting Field Registration at the Al-Mojil Camp 2 in the Industrial City of  Jubail, Eastern […]

2006 Filcom Workshop 2

Thanks to Atty. Fred for reminding me of the Workshop that I attended last 15 September 2006.   The afternoon session of the Filcom Leaders Consultation Workshop was participated by various groups in Riyadh. Though, some of the faces were new to me. Thinking aloud that it is a good sign that unity can be […]

Source of Emails

Is someone using emails or IM’s to spread lies about you or your loved ones? Are you receiving obscene, harassing emails or Instant Messages? Are you receiving threatening emails or a flood of junk mail, spam or viruses? Do you feel that someone you love and trust may be using emails or Instant Messages to […]

I’m Back..Let’s Move on

As the emotional degree of reaction rises, the resemblance between the various kinds of reaction increases as well; thus, extreme anger, fear, or resentment have more in common than the same reactions in less exaggerated phases. Momentary physiological change or distortion accompanies all emotional reactions, as in the instance of the accelerated heart action during […]

An Engineering Masterpiece

AN ENGINEERING MASTERPIECE Dubai , United Arab Emirates During the construction phase All finished.   Notice the palm trees outside Remember, this is in the middle of the desert…. The very HOT desert where temperatures get up to 120 degrees….. Unbelievable!

Job Opening 06-04

To fellow OFWs  particularly in  Saudi Arabia who are scouting for a job and happens to visit this blog, kindly click link “JOB OPENING” and try to find jobs suited for you.   Note: Transferable Iqama (Work permit) – is a form of document/papers which you can be able to transfer to another employer with in […]

Clear the Mess

*** Been flooded with email inquiries including one in my Cbox about the alleged Filipino group scam in Riyadh. As what I’ve said the Philippine Embassy is the proper authority that can give us precise information regarding the issue. Today, 16 September 2006, an Arab News article titled “Filipino Group Linked to Alleged Scam Explains Activities […]

Filipino Group Linked to Alleged Scam Explains Activities to Embassy

Filipino Group Linked to Alleged Scam Explains Activities to Embassy JEDDAH, 16 September 2006 — SMPII, the Filipino group in Riyadh that had been linked to an alleged scam, has denied allegations of wrongdoing and is seeking to “reconcile” with a community leader its members had threatened, according to the Philippine Embassy. Consul General Nestor […]

2006 Filcom Workshop

I am so pleased to receive an invitation from Phil. Embassy and Phil. Overseas Labor Office particularly from our New Labor Attache Rusty Dela Fuente re: series of consultation among Filcom leaders in Riyadh. The mentioned first series of activities dubbed as “2006 Filcom Leaders Consultation Workshop” will be on  Friday, September 15, 2006 from 1:30 PM […]

Claim your right now!

Exercising the right to choose national candidates affirms their being Filipino at heart despite the distance, and connects them to their homeland’s fate as responsible citizens. This hard-fought right may soon be lost if the government-backed Cha-cha Express steamrolls its way through the moleskin of history, so please do claim your right now. – Susan Ople […]

Philippine Partisan Politics

Been following the recent political events in our country, like the Congress Justice Committee’s deliberation on the substance of the impeachment complaint lodged against GMA, the voting of the Justice Committee report in the plenary session and now the voting of amending the constitution through Constitutional Assembly. All of these I’ve seen how the  “majority versus minority” […]