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Transnational Philanthropy 2

Watching Philippine game shows on TV is one of the alternative means of easing homesickness away from home. Being an OFW, I am hypocrite if I will not say that I am a fan of  “Wowowee” game show aired at night in KSA hosted by Willie Revillame.  I watched the show not exactly for the […]

Internet Fraud

Many people nowadays used the power of Information Technology to deceive others. Emails or chain electronic letters are commonly used. Some are using bogus names about a million  dollar  account asking the recipient of the email to help her/him to withdraw the non- existent account that would definitely put your own finances  in trouble. Presently, […]

Sacrificial Lamb

In the Overseas Filipino community, many dubbed him as a “sacrificial lamb” for the 8 million Filipinos overseas when he decided to file his candidacy in the Philippine senatorial race. I am referring to Engr. Theodore Bradford Macabulos Aquino, “Ka Ted” to his Filipino colleagues in San Francisco. He is a Civil Engineer and incumbent […]

“From the mouth of a political babe” Lito GutierrezInverted PyramidJan. 22, 2007 RIO VISTA, Calif. Philippine senatorial candidate Theodore Bradford “Kuya Ted” Macabulos Aquino instantly realized the gaffe the moment it left his mouth. During a TV interview in his living room, Cristy Morales of The Filipino Channel must have asked him what he thought […]

Take Note (Running as Independent)

Running as independent risks almost certain defeat in the history of independent  candidates for lack of a grassroots organization. Even the venerable Lorenzo Tanada, with his tiny Citizens’ Party, had to be a guest candidate of a major political party to be reelected twice as senator. – Jose “Pepe” Abueva What the candidate needs to do […]

Senate Seat for OF

I heard that Sen. Aquilino Pimentel (the champion for the cause of Overseas Filipinos) currently visible in gatherings and meetings of Migrant Filipinos and OFW leaders based in Manila. Though it is not clear that he is going to tap a possible senatorial candidate that would represent the 8 million overseas Filipinos but I can […]

FDH $ 400.00 minimum wage

I watched the news the other day where hundreds of our Filipina Domestic Helpers protesting the Government required minimum monthly wage of USD 400.00. While other countries like Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, etc., complains of very low salary aside from maltreatment and abuse. One thing pops out in my brain cell, most likely the said protest […]

PPP (Party for Personal Political ambition)

A friend and an active Filipino community leader in the Kingdom (name withheld) called me last night and reminded me of the consequences that I might be getting into in the world of  Philippine politics. He is referring to our e-group named Partido Pangdaigdigang Pilipino, PPP for short. He added that like any other e-group […]

The Career Path

1) “VISION”: PROJECT your destiny while STILL young. Identify the state where you are happy, which kind of work that suit your taste and who you will be in the near and distant future. Know your destination. “A person without a vision is like a ship without a rudder”. It just depends which direction the […]

Transnational Philanthropy

The number one trait a pure Filipino have is hospitality. Hospitality in a sense that there is KINDNESS in every heart of a Filipino.   Many Overseas Filipino Migrants and OFWs give something back to the place where they were first molded as a responsible human being.  Some of them shared their blessings in their place of […]

Conference on Media Reform

Veteran television journalist Bill Moyers opened the National Conference for Media Reform Friday with praise for’s grassroots campaign to keep the Internet open and fair for all comers.   “You lit a fire under people to put Washington on Notice,” Moyers told a packed house of more than 3,000 activists:   Net Neutrality, which […]

ASEAN “OFW Highlights”

* Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong wants ASEAN to redefine its Global Role. Strengthen its   cooperation and unity;  broaden and intensify its  interaction (ASEAN member relations) so that Asean can play its crucial role in the global scenario.  He commented that if ASEAN member nation will not do this – the rest of Asia will grow […]

Faulty Wiring?

This is not about OFWs but I just found it very interesting to read. We are all powered by Electrical systems; I can’t even post entries in this blog without switching the power ON first of my computer. But in our everyday lives, like me, whose electrical system is not part of our job, it […]

Promises should not be made to be broken

I received two calls today and a few email messages from Filipino community in Riyadh about the presence of the new Philippine Ambassador in the Kingdom.  They inquire if I receive any invitation from the good Ambassador to have an audience with the community.   So far as of today we haven’t received any or […]

Contract Official Version

I received an email this morning from my reader about his present employment problem. He signed a contract in the Philippines with a job position as a Secretary. But when he arrived in the Kingdom 8 months ago he was assigned as an office assistant where his work includes janitorial job. He went directly to […]

Evaluate Non-performing POLO officers

I am not quite happy of the DOLE plan to close 2 Philippine Overseas Labor Offices. A country where there are 500 to 1000 OFWs warrants Government services that includes overseeing the plight of our working Filipinos overseas.  Non-performance in terms of their response to the calls of the distressed OFWs  should not be considered as the […]