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OLEP4CL Part IV (Termination of Contract)

OLEP4CL Part  IV – Termination of Contract (By Employer and By Worker)     Termination of Contract   Q:       When is a contract of employment deemed terminated? A:         An employment contract is deemed terminated in the following events: a)      Expiration of the term or period of contract and the worker express his intention not to renew it. […]

OLEP4CL Part II (Complaint before SLO)

OLEP4CL Part II – Complaint before Saudi Labor Office During the seminar  Case Interpreter  Mr. Ustadz Salahuddin Unda provide us the salient features of the New Saudi Labor Law. He emphasized that the Labor Contract between the employee and employer should be respected in which terms and conditions in the contract should not be violated between both […]

Basketball Referees Take Time Out to Help Distressed OFWsArab News RIYADH, 19 August 2007 — Basketball referees are not lovable on the hard court, but in Riyadh a group of Filipino referees have shown that they actually have hearts of gold. Last weekend, the Siglakas Group of Referees (SGR) demonstrated this last Friday by bringing […]

Nasipit Pinoys to Hold Reunion in Riyadh RIYADH, 23 July 2007 — A reunion will be held in Riyadh on Thursday among Filipinos from the southern Philippine town of Nasipit, organizers said yesterday. Bong Amora, one of the organizers, said the reunion is in commemoration of “Araw ng Nasipit (Nasipit Day)” which is on Aug. […]

Bahay Kalinga Policies (OLEP4CL Part I)

OLEP4CL : Part I (Bahay Kalinga) I was one of the lucky participants of last Friday’s (08/17/07) forum initiated by POLO/OWWA dubbed as Onsite Labor Education Program for Community Leaders (OLEP4CL). OLEP4CL is a series of meeting for 3 consecutive Friday’s that started last Friday, August 17; and to be followed by the next batches […]

Group of Referees reaches out of court to Bahay Kalinga

18 August 2007 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia- Basketball referees are not as famous as the basketball players yet they too run several miles in court supervising the game and administer its rules.    But for Siglakas Group of Referees (SGR) their run continues and it even reaches Bahay Kalinga.  The Filipino Workers Resource Center (FWRC), known […]

How can our Government protect us?

There are a lot of stories around that I want to write but my emotion clogged up due to its complexity. A couple of months ago this blogger was reprimanded by our Philippine Mission for just a mere inquiry about the death of a Domestic Helper who died under their care.  But who will dare […]

Open Letter of Appeal to Pres. GLoria M. Arroyo

Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Dear Madam President: We are writing to you today to raise our concern over the continued appreciation of the peso to a level which is now hurting each and every one of us Overseas Filipinos and our families. The following realities will help you appreciate the predicament we are in: […]