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Christening of Manuel Dane “Andrew” Amora

I and my wife Minda (Vi) would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude to our Kumpare(s) and Kumare(s)  re: Christening of our son Manuel Dane “Andrew” Amora last December 21, 2008 at Sacred Heart Parish Church and Patio Isabel Filipino Resto, Cebu City.      Again to all of you my Kumare and Kumpare, THANK YOU SO MUCH! […]

The Dream for the Ages-II

THE DREAM FIGHT FOR THE AGES – PART II THE DREAM FIGHT FOR THE AGES (Pacman Schooled the Golden Boy) by Doods A. Amora, PEE The reality of the dream came in sweet… But in the lurking shadows, a nightmare lingers not only for now, but for long in the stretch of unkind history… read […]

The Dream Fight for the Ages

THE DREAM FIGHT FOR THE AGES Doods A. Amora, PEE (December 1, 2008) The World’s Most Exciting Boxer Vs. The Biggest Name in the Boxing World…! December 7, 2008 will see another holiday in the Philippines. Unnerving, bloody and frightening – an ending of an episode I saw in my vision. THE DREAM MISMATCH In […]