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The Youth (Our Leaders for Tomorrow)


Democracy and our Votes (Pagbabalik Tanaw at Panawagan) AKO ang Simula

DEMOCRACY & OUR VOTES (Pagbabalik Tanaw at Panawagan) AKO ang Simula By: Manuel “Bong” Amora  I- Political Change I may consider that the best way to change the political system in our country is to first transform ourselves – the voters. We know that our country is no stranger to political turmoil; corruption in politics is so widespread that […]

Photo Exhibit at PhilEmb

“In Everything I have GOD”

“In Everything I have GOD”  Some people especially those who are in distance with God believe that there is no hope when trials and persecutions comes their lives. Just recently, I encountered a very difficult problem that I can say; it could cause life and death for me and my family. At the age of […]