Yesterday, I read an online news at GMANews TV  about “72 Filipinos” rounded up during a concert inside a compound in  eastern Riyadh.  Gays are not prohibited in Saudi Arabia but  display of homosexual behavior is strictly forbidden.  Such offense could suffer imprisonment and lashing for immorality.

Vice President Noli De Castro who is also the Presidential Adviser on OFW Affairs reminded OFWs to abide laws in their respective host country more particularly in Saudi Arabia.

This blogger also reminded fellow kababayan’s in KSA to respect the strict laws of the host country in an entry titled ” Immorality a Serious Offense “.

Just two weeks ago  the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in the Kingdom raided a Gambling Den (Sabongan) in Buraydah.  A total of 150 gamblers in different nationalities many of them Filipinos  were arrested during the raid.

2Gambling is also strictly prohibited in the Kingdom.  Caught and if found guilty of organizing such gambling arena will be imprisoned for months, lashing and be deported to their respective country of origin and be blacklisted to enter back again in the Kingdom (see related entry “Massive Fingerprinting of Expats Begins“).

Filipinos said “we are smarter than other nationalities when it comes to work, we are not lazy, we are very industrious, we have bigger brains, we can invent things that can make our life more easier and safer”  that is why in every corners of the world there are Filipinos and it is true. Though sad to say that in every part of this world there are also “PASAWAY Filipinos” see more photos below.





4 thoughts on “Pasaway

  1. thnks u sir kc blita kc lahat ng nakulong dw eh, hndi na dw i renew ung iquama. Yan ang blita ko kc. Buti andyn kau na nkakaalam ng batas d2 thnsk a lot sir n more power

    • Ed,

      Depende sa bigat ng kasalanan. Pag criminal offense, of course mahirapan ng pumasok sa KSA. Sa kaso mo, tatlong araw nakulong, siguro naman hindi criminal case ang problema mo.


    • Ed,

      Pag nakulong ka sa isang kasalanan at ito ay iyong pinagdusahan sa bilanggoan, ibig sabihin non, you are free from further punitive action. You can renew your iqama. Kung magkaroon ng problema, pumunta sa police station kung saan ikaw nakulong at humingi ng clearance.


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