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Global Filipinos convict Maguindanao Murderers

The Global Filipino Nation condemns with a grave sense of guilt the Maguindanao murderers who mercilessly slaughtered innocent lives in the pursuit of evil designs. The use of brazen force numbs the minds of all decent men. We call on the highest authorities to move with dispatch in arresting the masterminds and their minions. The […]

OFW: A Must Read about Saudi Arabia

To : Fellow  Filipinos  and to would be OFWs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  A must read book or online publications about Saudi Arabia.  Just click the book  icon to read. Saudi Arabia in 100 Questions: Most of those who come to Saudi Arabia either as visitors or a workers are often awe-struck at […]

Free Text from PC to CP

UFWCD, INC.  (UNITED FILIPINOS WORLDWIDE FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT INC. ) A message to all members of UFWCD, INC.   FREE text worldwide is available !! Visit our site From: Moderators Visit UFWCD, INC. at:

OAV Internet Voting and OFW representation – Hoping for the best

OAV Internet Voting and  OFW representation – Hoping for the best GFN (Global Filipino Nation) a group of a coalition of major Filipino expatriate organizations who drafted the insertion of internet registration and voting said that the proposed amendment of Republic Act 9189 known as Overseas Absentee Voting Act of 2003 is now pending in the Senate.  The bill contains the new version of […]

Are YOU running for Public Office in 2010?

Is there a leader in you?  Do you have what it takes to win an election? Here’s your chance to discover yourself, become a potential leader, learn from the experts and know the basics of running an electoral campaign. The Ateneo School of Government (ASoG)  is hosting a Leadership and Campaigns Seminar, in cooperation with […]

Rural bankers try carving niche in OFW market

Rural bankers try carving niche in OFW market by JEREMAIAH M. OPINIANO  (OFW Journalism Consortium) [Reporting from Ibaan municipality, Batangas and Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. Some of the names were changed to protect against probable harm from persons scouring the news for potential victims] LINDA has a problem with money: she has lots of it. […]

Pass the Senate and House Bill amending R.A. No. 8042

Philippine lawmakers are expected to arrive in Riyadh on November 5, 2009. They are on their working trip to Middle East for a series of consultation meeting with Filipino Community, Philippine Embassy officials and Philippine government agencies overseeing the plight of OFWs. They are members of the House Committee on Overseas Workers Affairs (COWA) to […]