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Hanggang Kailan – Until When..

Hanggang Kailan – Until When.. May of this year, news broke out that Saudi Arabia will stop hiring Indonesian workers that includes household helpers. The reason – the cost of recruiting labor from Indonesia is ridiculous. The Saudis spent SR 9000 in getting an Indonesian maid and Indonesian government also asked  for a  SR 375.00 increase […]

Philippine Consulate General in Jeddah – Press Release

Press Release 23 August 2010 In light of various media reports on the status of repatriation of Filipinos from Jeddah, especially those who stay at the Seaport Hajj Terminal as arranged by the Philippine Government, we wish to provide the public the following information and update. The repatriation of Filipinos is neither an amnesty nor […]

I Won’t Hold You Back

This song is dedicated to the late Beauty Queen Melody Gersbach, 24, who died yesterday in a car accident. Gersbach represented the Philippines in the Miss International beauty pageant in Beijing last year. A native of nearby Legazpi City, Gersbach was born to a German father and a Filipino mother. “The best way to show […]

PhilEmb Advisory: Certificate of No Criminal Record

Ramadan Karim!

Ang Ramadan ay buwan ng pag-aayuno para sa mga Muslim sa buong mundo. Kalakip nito ang pigilin ang sarili mula sa pagkain, pag-inom, at pakikipagtalik mula sa madaling araw hanggang dapit-hapon sa panahon ng Ramadan. Para sa mga nag-aayuno ito ay isang paraan ng pagpigil sa  nasa ng katawang tao at pisikal na pangangailangan. Subalit […]

The suffering heroes

The suffering heroes The OFW sector continues to be the economic savior of the country. Last year remittance from Overseas Filipinos Worldwide reached a total of  $17.348 billion which is 5.4 %  above remitted in 2008. Many Filipinos believed that with the new administration’s fight to end corruption and its people’s expectation of good governance, […]

The Jokers in the Senate

Many Filipinos said that of all Showbiz senators in the Philippine Senate, Sen. Manuel Lapid is a joke. But don’t you know that U.S. Senate also has one, he is Sen. Al Franken, Democrat from Minnesota. He is now in the news for making theatrical gestures and whispered under his breath when Senate Minority Leader […]

A captain’s Confession

Why the Pilots Left? A Captain’s Confession: Yesterday, a gag order was circulated by the airline preventing its remaining narrow body pilots, as well as the rest of its employees to speak to the press about what is happening inside our ex-company. Also last night, a meeting was called by the government for us and […]

Engr. Francisco “Jun” Aguilar For OWWA Board

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration is a Philippine government agency tasked with the care, protection and  assistance of Overseas Filipino Workers. Its policies have a tremendous impact on the lives of millions of Filipinos working overseas and the families they leave behind. With the new Aquino administration, there is a need for a review of […]