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Statement on the Arab News Story concerning Filipina Maid allegedly raped

PE-Press Release # 62   “Riyadh housemaid discloses multiple-rape ordeal” related post: the other side of maltreatment and abuse   ****************************************************************************** Personal note to fellow OFWs: When I read the news item last Thursday, I immediately contacted Consul General Ezzedine Tago and DFA USEC Rafael Seguis requesting them to provide the necessary assistance to the maid […]

She’s the one

  “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” JUST DON’T GIVE UP!!

A Royal Pardon, Long Live the King!

Successful Surgery The world celebrates after the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and Saudi Arabian King Abdullah successful surgery for the removal of a blood clot and adjustment of the King’s slipped disk. The King’s health is not only of great importance to the Saudi’s and Muslim world but a global concern as well. […]

What is a Diplomat?

Online news article titled “OFWs in Saudi lobby for career diplomat” caught my attention.  So I decide to post this entry to make a correction about the mentioned article and for everybody to know who among the two Tago’s is the real diplomat? (A) Abdul Hannan M. Tago To my knowledge Abdul Hannan M. Tago […]

The Triumph of Boxing

THE TRIUMPH OF BOXING by DOODS A. AMORA, PEE MOMENTS OF DESTRUCTION   What a fight! It was a classic dismantling of the last Mexican warrior standing – the Great Antonio Margarito…! And total annihilation without doubt; in a surgical demolition from the very first round to the end…!    The fight was a confirmation of the […]

The Venom of Success

THE VENOM OF SUCCESS  By Doods A. Amora, PEE The fight with Antonio Margarito is inching closer – two more weeks of heavy training… the remaining days are for tapering down. So then, Pacman has only two weeks of last hour cramming. Mentally and physically, it’s not enough. Coach Roach is concerned. To his mind, […]

Father’s Day Sticky Post: “Dahil Ako’y Tatay”

DAHIL AKO’Y TATAY by: Brigido “Briggs” Napicog  (OFW-KSA) Pitong tatauning, batang sumisigaw, tatay,tatay, tatay Patakbong yumakap, sa amang dumating, galing hanap buhay Sa mukhang kay amo, ay masasalamin mo, ang ligayang tunay Sabik na kumalong, sa amang sang linggong, di niya nasilay Kahit na nga pagod, sa sanglinggong gawa, yaring kanyang ama Anak na kaylambing, […]