“AKO Pilipino Taas Noo Saan man Dako sa Mundo”

In ancient Babylon, the term “Amora” is derived from the Hebrew and Aramaic verb amar “to speak”, and therefore please allow me to speak and be heard. I am not a leftist, centrist nor a rightist, but I support moved that concerns to the general welfare of Filipinos Overseas. I am just an ordinary Overseas Filipino Worker who believes what Pirke Avot says – “It is not what one says, but rather what one does, that makes a difference in the world.”

A Boholano by blood and born in Butuan City. Grown up and graduated intermediate (Nasipit, Central Elementary School) and secondary course (Saint Michael’s Institute now, Saint Michael College of CARAGA-SMCC)  in Nasipit, Agusan Del Norte.

Graduated Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course at Philippine State College of Aeronautics-PSCA formerly Phil. Air Force College of Aeronautics-PAFCA, Mactan Air Base, Lapu Lapu City, Cebu.

Worked as a Para Legal Officer in a Law Firm in Makati from 1986 to 1993 prior employment abroad. I am a community leader and actively involved in (Overseas Filipino Workers) OFW Advocacy.  Former President of KAKAMPI-KSA (Kalipunang Kaakabay ng Mangagawang Pilipino sa Ibayong Dagat) and chaired the Political and Legal Affairs Committee. Former Secretary General of the Overseas Filipino Workers Congress-Riyadh (OFW Congress-Ruh).  Member of International Coalition for Overseas Voting  Rights (IcoFVR), Founder and former President of Nasipitnon-KSA, Int’l. (Hometown Organization in KSA).  Member and Honorary Adviser of  All Filipino Table Tennis Association in Riyadh (AFTTA).

I am also a proud member of Overseas Filipino Council, International (OFCI) and United Filipinos Worldwide for Community Development (UFWCD).

An Overseas Filipino Worker for 21 Years. I worked in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 1993 to 1997 and in Riyadh from 1998-2014.

I was a nominee for Bagong Bayani Award 2011 organized by  the Bagong Bayani Foundation, Inc. (BBFI), in coordination with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and the private sector.

I was one of the OBRA awardee  as  “Outstanding Filipino Blogger Advocate” for the Year 2013.  OBRA (OFW and Balikbayan Reputation Awards) is an annual advocacy event for OFWs and “balikbayans”  organized and produced by Exlinkevents.

Employment History:

* A.M. Bahlas Co. Ltd. (Tahlia Road, near Bugshan Hospital, Jeddah, K.S.A. – 1993 to 1997)

* Al Ajial Co. Ltd. ( 3rd. Industrial Area, Al Kharj Road, Riyadh, K.S.A. – 1998 to October 2007)

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, KACST ( King Abdullah Road, Riyadh, K.S.A. – 2008 up to December 2014)

Past OFW Community Affiliation in Jeddah, KSA:

* Founding Member, Overseas Filipino Cooperative Council (OFWCC)

* Board of Director/Bohol Leyte OFW Cooperative (BLOC)

Chairman Committee on Education/Boholano Community in Jeddah (BC-J).


Want to know more about me?

I am Straight, Frank and Idealistic but deep within me I am Emotional and Sensitive.  Also, I am curious, open-minded, independent, observant and comfortable with people or friends with prolific ideas. I am deeply involved in social organizing or activism and presently exploring the comparative world of politics. I believed that the world would be a better place to live when there is “social equality” among races.


Father: Daniel Gultiano Amora Sr. (Deceased) – From Bohol, WWII USAFFE (Cpl.), FilAm

Mother: Margarita Amad (Deceased) – From Moalbual, Cebu (Housewife)

Sister: Mila Amora Bacho, RN – FilAm, California, United States


Juanito “Ado” (EcE ) (Deceased) – at hometown, Visayan short story writer & poet

Dominico “Doods” (PEE) – Businessman, Electrical Engineering firm based in Mandaue, Cebu

Daniel Jr. “Bebot” (IME) – Businessman, Construction-General Contractor in Manila

Manuel “Bobong/Mawe” (AAME) – OFW Riyadh

Want to know more click photo clips…

58 thoughts on “ABOUT THE BLOGGER

  1. Magandang araw po. Sir itatanong ko lang sana kung posible pa ako makabalik sa saudi, may Exit Re-entry po kasi ako sa Employer ko pero dina ako bumalik sa kanya, ngayon po balak ko sana mag-apply sa Saudi as a Pre-lancer. Nag-inquire po ako sa manpower agency at nagsearch sila sa website (www.evisa.com.sa) regarding sa Exit Re-entry visa ko gamit ang passport number at visa number at ang result po ay Expired na at this coming october po ay mae-expire narin po ang iqama ko. Posible na po ba ako makabalik kung dumaan ako sa finger print process at ano po ang chances o step na dapat ko gawin para makabalik ng saudi?

    • Donald,

      Am sorry to inform you that KSA is very strict when it comes to immigration rules nowadays because of their new Saudization policy. Those expats having exit re-entry visa who failed to return in KSA are not allowed or banned from coming back to KSA. If you decide to come back at nakompleto mo ang iyong travel documents sa Pinas, just don’t be surprised kung ma hold ka sa airport for questioning.



  2. Good afternoon Sir! I’m Earvin Charles Cabalquinto. I am currently based in Brunei and I’m doing my Master Thesis at UP Open University. My thesis is about OFW Empowerment through blogging. I would like to ask if I can get your email. I would like you to be one of my respondents in the study, and a resource persons as well. I hope for your favourable response. Please email me at ecabalquinto@gmail.com.

  3. hi, i would like to know if the regulations for Iqama are the same in Jordan since they look quite similar. if not where can i find out more about Iqama regulations and violations in Jordan? thank you!

  4. That was very quick, sir! Thank you very much. I forwarded your emailed response to my brother. If he has further questions, then he will just ask you directly by posting here. Yes, we will let you know about our progress.

    By the way, I tried using your email address (bongamora14@yahoo.com) early on and my message bounced back. Is your yahoo account still active?

    Again, thank you. Mabuhay po kayo!

  5. Dear Sir Bong,

    We need help please. My brother is on family status and he wishes to have his family with him in KSA. My sister-in-law and their 2 kids are already preparing for the trip: (1) passports are ready, (2) their birth and marriage certificates are now with the DFA for authentication, (3) the visa advice for dependents (yellow form) is ready, (4) the plane tickets are ready. As far as we know, they only have to: (1) undergo medical examination, (2) claim the authenticated documents from the DFA, and (3) bring the documents to the Saudi Embassy for stamping of visa.

    My sister-in-law has approached several travel agencies for assistance but the fees quoted are very prohibitive — from P6,500 to P12,000 per person excluding the fee for medical exam. This amount is just too much because there are three of them traveling to KSA, and to think that most of the paper work is about to be completed already.

    Please help us with the following questions:

    (1) Are there other documents/requirements/processes that need to be obtained/produced/done aside from those I have cited above?

    (2) Does the medical examination have to be done by a GAMCA-accredited clinic? If yes, can my sister-in-law and kids just go to a GAMCA-accredited clinic without being endorsed by a travel agent or by the recruitment agency that handled my brother’s papers when he left for KSA?

    (3) How many working days does it normally take for the visa stamping to be completed at the Saudi Embassy? We heard from a travel agent that it’s quick and easy for them because they have a contact person (insider) in the Saudi embassy and that we shall find it long and difficult because we know no one there. Is this true? Is there no standard procedure for everyone?

    Thank you very much. We appreciate your help for OFWs who are often victimized due to lack of information and support. May God continue to bless you for your efforts.

    • Bee,

      My family (wife and two kids)are also coming by June and I might have the same problem to encounter, huh!

      Well, if you will based the Saudi Embassy requirements for residence visa which I and your brother have to complete; they are the following:


      1- Residence visa slip or its copy with number and date of issuance of the visa.
      2- Proof of the kinship or marital relationship (marriage contract with regards to wife, birth certificates of children) duly authenticated by the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs.
      3- Residence visa application should be submitted through an accredited recruitment agency by the Embassy.

      About your question #1, I think you have all the requirements. On #2, if Saudi Royal Embassy requires that visa application must be submitted through an accredited recruitment agency by the Embassy; it means medical examinations should be done by a GAMCA accredited clinic. Question #3, YES, it’s quick and easy but as what I’ve said the Saudi Embassy is very clear on their instruction visa application should be submitted by an agency. Therefore, individual application for residence visa is not allowed.

      But for me 6,500.00 to 12,000 per person is just too much. Buwaya na nga sila, gusto pa maging piranha. Try to approach other agencies na medyo naman hindi tayo pipigain.

      Keep me posted.


  6. mag tatanong lang po ako kung anong dapat na gawin ko..kase po halos isang buwan na akong hinto sa trabaho ko di pa din po ako pinapauwi ng amo ko. tapos na po ang contrata ko dito sa saudi….ano po bang dapat na gawin ko

  7. i have read your copyright notice just after i have posted one of your blog to my blogsite. i am sorry for not asking first but i hope you won’t get angry, i have included the link in your site and your own blogsite for the source of information.

  8. sir,ask ko lng po kung makakabalik pa ako sa saudi?kc runaway po ako sa dati kung amo,tatlong buwan plang ako sa kanya,hindi pa ako na issue ng iqama,na deport po ako sa jeddah with fingerprint and eye scan.

    • Joel,

      Takas ka at dumaan ka sa deportation para makauwi sa Pilipinas, ibig sabihin na deport ka, kaya may fingerprint at eye scan ka. Ang dumaan po sa deportation ay matagal pong makabalik sa KSA, hindi ko lang po alam kung ilang buwan or taon. Pero subukan mo paring mag apply, kung hindi matatakan ang visa mo sa Saudi Royal Embassy sa atin, ibig sabihin naka ban ka sa KSA.


  9. Brod,
    Just happened to check-out on how to enroll in PAFCA, and I click your site. First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS for an overwhelming job you had exerted to our fellow OFW. I know it’s just your way of HELPING-OUT your fellowmen. Again JOB WELL DONE.

    Anyway, I am also a Boholano from Jagna, and now presently working in Abu Dhabi. And my son who is presently in the seminary wants to shift to another course. What came on his mind was to take Aircraft Maintenance. So upon consultation from friends they recommended PAFCA. In this regard, just want to take this oppurtunity to seek your well deserve idea on this matter. And on how I can have an access to this school.

    I am aware your so tied-up with your work, but still I am hoping for your reply.


    • Brod Justin,

      My sincere apology for late approval and reply of your letter inquiry here in our blog. Like you, I am also an ordinary OFW here in KSA and have some personal matters to attend to.

      Salamat naman Sano at napadaan ka sa gamay nato na payag!

      For me, PAFCA is the best school for those who want to take up AME or BSAME. Nasabi ko yan dahil ang mga mentors sa school na ito ay mismong mga Aircraft Maintenance ng ating Philippine Air Force na mahaba na ang experienced in their field. Marami na ring product ang PAFCA na nag work in various airlines around the world.

      Kung naa naka sa Manila nagpuyo, I would suggest na sa PAFCA now Philippine State College of Aeronautics na lang mag enroll ang imong anak. Pero kung nasa Bohol ang iyong residence, PAFCA or PSCA Mactan Cebu na lang.

      Pag galing ka ng Cebu, sabihin mo lang sa TAXI, sa Tamiya ka lang at doon marami ng mga tricycle na masak-yan papuntang PAFCA or PSCA, Mactan Air Base at sa campus mismo ang hinto nito.

      Good luck Sano! Ajo ajo!


  10. magandang araw po. sir maitanong kulang po tungkol sa konting problema sa kompanya nami dito sa jubail. tungkol po sa salary dedction namin,may pinermahan kaming weber doon sa agency bago kami pumunta dito. ang nakasaad doon 2 hundred dollar lang ang kaltasin. pero pagtadating namin dito 770 dollar ang kinaltas samin,kc samin padaw yong gastos sa ticket papunta namin dito. sana mabigyan mo kami ng magandang oayo kung anong dapat namang gawin. tnx and more power

    • Jun at sa mga parating pa na OFW,

      Dapat sa Pilipinas pa lang inalam na ninyo ang mga terms and conditions ng inyong kontrata. Dapat it oay basahin word by word at kung hindi ninyo maintindihan, may karapatan kayong magtanong kung ano ang ibig sa bihin sa probisyon na hindi ninyo naintindihan.

      Meron pong POEA policy na kung saan makikita ninyo ang full disclosure ng inyong kontrata, nakapaloob dito ang mga sumosunod:

      1) Salary
      2) Allowances ( If there is) such as Food allowance
      3) Designation or Position
      4) Contract Duration ( 1 year ba or 2 Years ba)
      5) Probation period (may probationary period ba)
      6) Transportation (kung malayo ang site sa villa or accomodation)
      7) Tickets (cost of ticket)

      The agency shall also have full disclosure about your designation and visa category. Kung ang visa mo ba ay tugma sa iyong kontrata. Ibig sabihin kung ang Visa Category ay Labor at ang trabaho mo ay Engineer pagdating mo sa site ay dapat sang-ayonan mo ito or may consent ka or alam mo na ito sa Pilipinas ka pa lang.

      Lastly, dapat lamang na magbigay ang agency ng kopya sa dapat ninyong bayaran, tulad ng salary deduction re: placement fee and terms of payment or monthly installment.

      Ang lahat na nabanggit ay pirmado ng manager ng agency at sinang-ayonan ng OFW.

      Tungkol sa tiket, basahin ninyo ang inyong kontrata kung nakapaloob ba doon ang pag shoulder ng tiket from country of origin to site (country of work) and vice versa. Kung wala ito, hindi malayo na ang SLL aRt. 40.1 ay binasihan ng inyong employer sa pagsingil ng cost of ticket from country of origin to site.

      Art. 40.1 An employer shall incur the fees pertaining to recruitment of non-Saudi workers, the fees of the residence permit (Iqama) and work permit together with their renewal and the fines resulting from their delay, as well as the fees pertaining to change of profession, exit and re-entry visas and return tickets to the worker’s home country at the end of the relation between the two parties.

      Kaya napa importante na basahin ang kontrata at hindi ito baliwalain ng OFW especially when it comes to the provision where the cost of ticket is mentioned. Dapat maging smart tayo from the start or nasa Pilipinas pa lang para hindi tayo mangangapa sa dilim pagdating sa country of destination kung saan kayo mag work.

      Kung talagang pagbabayarin kayo ng tiket sa pagpunta ninyo dito, ang masasabi ko – first time of my 16yrs. sa KSA nalaman na may kompanya pala dito na sinisingil ang cost of tiket from Pinas to KSA.

      Basahin ang kontrata.


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