Centre for Studies in Electrical Engineering Practices and Standards








IIEE-North Cebu Chapter and CESEEPS

4 comments on “CESEEPS

  1. my husband was starting his job in Qatar last September 2010 and now he’s filing an exit,
    can he be allowed to apply in KSA when he can go home?

  2. Kindly updated me when the OFW SCHEDULE OF CESEEPS SEMINARS to BE HELD in Al-Khobar, KSA

    • Hi Engr. Mon,

      Unfortunately, CESEEPS seminars are only held in Cebu and we don’t have yet schedule seminars in KSA. Some EEs working in KSA, particularly those from Visayas and Mindanao na nagbabakasyon ay dumadaan sa Cebu just to attend CESEEPS seminars. Chief lecturer of CESEEPS is my brother Doods.

      If ever magkaroon na, dahil may plano na rin sila na gawin ito outside PHL, i will let you know ASAP.



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