Veloso Clan supports OFWC-RUH initiative

Atty. Orlando Veloso Remullo (Board Member of Masbate), OFW Congress-Riyadh President Alex Veloso Bello, Justice Ching Veloso, Rep. Antonio Cuenco, Rep. Matin Veloso Loreto Petilla (1st District, Leyte) and Sandy Javier (owner of Andoks chicken).

Atty. Orlando Veloso Remullo (Board Member of Masbate), OFW Congress-Riyadh President Alex Veloso Bello, Justice Ching Veloso, Rep. Antonio Cuenco, Rep. Matin Veloso Loreto Petilla (1st District, Leyte) and Sandy Javier (owner of Andoks chicken).


Veloso Clan supports OFWC-RUH Initiative

In the Board Meeting of the Veloso Clan at Shangrila Hotel, Makati last 31 May 2006, the President of OFW Congress-Riyadh, Mr. Alex Veloso Bello presented a copy to the Veloso Clan the OFWC-RUH 10 Point recommendation submitted to GMA during her visit in Riyadh,KSA. The said recommendations were unanimously supported by the attendees including Rep. Antonio Cuenco of Cebu and Rep. Matin Veloso Loreto Petilla of Leyte 1st District. The members of the Veloso Clan from Government sector assured Mr. Alex Veloso Bello (OFW Sector) that they would look deeper into the concerns and welfare of the OFWs based on the recommendation presented.

Rep. Matin Veloso Petilla Loreto, 1st district and Rep. Carmen Cari of 5th District of Leyte requested Ms. Vangie Veloso Filamor, head of OWWA Region 8 to provide them a copy (data base) of all OFWs in their respective district.

Gov. Icot Petilla of Leyte on the other hand will also launch a project LIBRENG TAWAG for OFW’s & their families in LEYTE in the early part of 3rd quarter of this year.


Taken from the report (email) of the OFWC-RUH President to OFWC-RUH Sec. Gen

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Jun Credo – OFW “Bagong Bayani”

"an unknown helping hand"

"an unknown helping hand"

You may not be a renowned community leader, a known artist, a writer, a fund giver, etc., etc. to be deserved and be recognized as a Bagong Bayani Awardees. There are many OFWs in their individual capacity who contribute a lot of good deeds for the welfare and protection of their fellow OFWs, dedicating their life by setting aside personal interest or gain in the service of his fellowmen, community and country particularly to those in needs, they call it unconditional service to the community in the absence of recognition and publicity.  

That is why I believed what Pirke Avot says: It is not one says but rather what one does that makes a difference in the world.

A lot of them out there whose names are unknown to us, one of them is Engr. Jun Credo.

I’ve been working in the Kingdom for a quite a time now and actively involved in various community services but I never saw him in any Filipino community gatherings. But his name is known to Filipino community, Philippine Mission in the Kingdom and especially to those OFW in distress. Though I don’t have the chance meeting him in person but I admire his works and services he had shared for what he was known for. 

But his life was turn upside down when he himself needs help and no one to turn to, except God.  Fortunately, with the help of prayers from friends in the community and the Assistance to National Section of our Embassy, after 2 months he was released in jail.

There were untold stories of the life of Engr Jun Credo, from helping others and the time when he needs help but it is not important anymore. He is now back home together with his wife (an Iraqi national) and children.

This guy deserve to be recognized by our Government and if you need to know why? Just contact our Philippine Embassy in Riyadh for you to hear the Story of  OFW Jun Credo.  


It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how strong man stumbles or where the deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again because there is no effort without error and shortcomings, who knows the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best knows in the end the high achievement of triumph and who at worst, if he fails while daring greatly, knows his place shall never be with those timid and cold souls who know neither victory nor defeat. – Theodore Roosevelt  

Filipinos – The Best Expats in KSA

Al Ajial Co. Ltd. Corporate Office, 3rd Industrial Area, Riyadh

Al Ajial Co. Ltd. Corporate Office, 3rd Industrial Area, Riyadh

AL AJIAL Co. Ltd. where I am presently employed has been blessed with success through these years of its existence because of Filipinos. Majority of its employees, from the staff (Administration, Finance, Production, Installation) down to skilled workers are predominantly occupied by Filipino employees.

The company was established in 1980 close to old Industrial Area, located in Al Kharj South of Riyadh and later transferred to bigger location in Exit 11 Al Kharj Road, 3rd Industrial City. The company engaged in the sawing and manufacturing of cut to size slabs of marble and marble architectural designs.

AL AJIAL Co. Ltd. retain a full skills capability consisting of Filipino qualified specialist Engineers, Architects who have expertise in Design

Engineering Department

Engineering Department

through Auto Cad computerized equipment to be able to proud the best design and workshop drawing; and improve diverse any shapes of architectural works in order to produce the finest work of art, to adapt particular requirement of each job. To achieve that, each project is carefully managed by the Filipino Engineers who maintains regular dialogue with the client.





Al Ajial Co. Ltd. Finance and Enginering Staff

Al Ajial Co. Ltd. Finance and Enginering Staff

Filipino Architects and Engineers identify and select appropriate designs. The team knowledge and experience of marble is often a valuable source of expertise welcomed by client. The Engineering (Design) Department has made AL AJIAL Co. Ltd. as one of the top leading and distinguished company compared to other marble companies in the Kingdom. The company has hired a full skills capability consisting of Civil and Design Engineers, AutoCad Operators, Marble Craftsmen of different nationalities where 90 % of its workforce comes from our country, Philippines. Each has been carefully selected. All have completed demanding trade test distinguish as some of the best in their field.

AL AJIAL Co. Ltd. has a plant or factory designed and constructed to achieve the highest optimum production and for

Finishing Department

Finishing Department

 expansion to meet increasing product demand. The production process from serving of delegate blocks upon customers choice, to the very fast finishing details that must be passed in a separate strict quality control standards. The almost technological advance equipment from computerized polishing, bridge cutting machines, calibrating machines, lathe, profiling and high pressure waterjet machines which guarantee a high level finishing of the companys productivity.

We are proud that Filipinos are the best worksmen in Saudi Arabia not only in the area of IT but also in the field of quality workmanship.

The company in return give its full support to Filipino workers in our needs and see to it that our rights as a foreign workers in this country are well protected.

Thank You Mr. Chips

Mr. Chips - Jack Kilby

Mr. Chips - Jack Kilby

Yesterday, I was cleaning up the mess of my template, exploring and looking for the best place where I could fix its codes – aiming for a nice look that makes this blog presentable to all my visitors. And it was a success! The side bar format is now clean and looking good.

I am so very grateful to those who made this tool wonderful; like Bill Gates, gifted programmers and of course to Jason Banico who made Funchain easy to explore. But there is one you need to know, a man who shared a significant contribution to the era of information technology. 

Ever heard of Jack Kilby? Clue: His invention changed your/our life. Based on the story written by T.R. Reid (Washington Post). Jack Kilby  is from Kansas U.S.A. who has turned down by MIT because his math scores were too low and who never had much formal physics training yet received the Nobel Prize in Physics. This is slightly anomalous, because Jack St. Clair Kilby is not a physicist.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences was willing to overlook that minor detail though, because Kilby did, after all, come up with the most valuable invention: the microchip. Jack Kilby’s idea sparked the information age.

The tiny silicon chip at the heart of all digital devices has arguably become the most important industrial commodity since crude oil. Without it, there could be no personal computer or cell phone, no Internet or PlayStations. The semiconductor integrated circuit has changed the world as fundamentally as did the light bulb, the telephone. But somehow the man who made the microchip has never achieved the recognition that Edison, Bell and Ford enjoyed.

Sitting in the semiconductor lab, Kilby came up with the answer: eliminate the wires. It was such a daring break with the history of electronic circuits that he first thought it couldn’t work. But he realized all the basic elements of a circuit could be made of the same material-silicon. And if all of the elements could be carved into a single slice of that material, then the interconnections could be laid down, or even printed, on a little silicon chip.

No wires, no soldering. And that meant a huge number of components could be compressed  into a tiny space. You could put a whole computer circuit on a chip the size of a baby’s fingernail.

On July 24, 1958, Kilby scrawled this idea in his lab notebook: The following circuit elements could be made on a single slice: resistors, capacitor, distributed capacitor, transistor. That’s the sentence that brought its author the Nobel Prize.

Unannounced Visit

It has been observed that for the past few days Government Officials that oversees OFW concerns made an unannounced visit to the Kingdom. A week ago DOLE Secretary Pat Sto. Tomas paid a short visit to the Kingdom via Geneva and OWWA Administrator Marianito Roque was also here at that time of her visit and came back a few days ago and presently still in the Kingdom.

DFA Usec. Rafael Seguis (Former Philippine Ambassador to Saudi Arabia)

DFA Usec. on Special Concerns Rafael Seguis (Former Philippine Ambassador to Saudi Arabia)

This week I came to know that our beloved DFA Undersecretary on Special Concerns Rafael Seguis is here in the Kingdom unannounced too. Whatever their visit is all about, am sure it is an official and relevant to the issues and concerns for the welfare of our fellow Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia.

Usec Rafael Seguis is not new to us, he was once a former Ambassador to the Kingdom and one of the prominent and outstanding negotiator for the released of our fellow kidnapped OFW victims in Iraq a year ago. As a former father of the OFW’s in the Kingdom, he knows exactly what he is doing, and I’m hoping whatever official visit he is into today; it would be a success.

Amidst political crisis in our country, we are thankful enough that our current government officials are here doing their job as what they are paid for. This is what we need from them. The Filipino community in the Kingdom needs special care, especially to those fellow OFW in distress, at least an assurance that there is hope and perhaps light at the end of the tunnel. I am referring to those comrades languishing in jails and to those facing death penalty.

As we all knew that we need to strengthen our foreign relations initiatives to the government of Saudi Arabia, in order for us to intensify access of protection for the rights of our fellow OFW’s in jail and those facing the death penalty; and likewise enhance the role of our Foreign Affairs Department.

Last February 25, 2006, our group (Kalipunang Kaakabay ng Mangagawang Pilipino sa Saudi Arabia) submitted a position paper to the Honorable Members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs through the Center for Migrant Advocacy (CMA) with the following recommendations:

1) Provide details of the legal proceedings to all pending cases especially to those with death penalties. 

2) Ensure that Filipino Expatriate Workers in the Kingdom are guaranteed legal counsel and an interpreter immediately after arrest and in court.

3)  Ensure that families of those arrested are immediately informed of the arrest of their relatives. 

4) Guarantee that consulate or embassy staff are informed of any detention and allowed communication with them.

5) Relatives of OFW’s who have been executed are allowed to request repatriation of the human remains of their love ones to perform burial rituals in accordance with their religious or cultural traditions.

We continue to hope and pray that this recommendation must be given top most attention from our visiting Philippine government officials in the Kingdom. – BongA

OFW Tax Exemption , A Token Gift

Tax Exemption, A Token Gift

Exemption is Exemption

Exemption is Exemption

This possible move to draft a bill taking back tax exemption from OFW’s could disrupt the entire movement of Philippine Economy, if we act together there’s a way. We should not let this only token gift from the Government who dubbed us Modern Day Heroes be taken back from us.

Again, why does our Government keep an eye to OFW’s whose life are already miserable away from home and the positive return that they only gave us while saving our economy is the tax exemption law for OFWs?

OFW’s remittances contributed a lot to our ailing economy, our remittances are the source of foreign exchange that keeping our economy afloat and likewise offset the current impact of high oil prices. All of these, amidst political and economic crisis, We, OFW’s continuously serving and helping our nation to stand the test of time.

And now they are going to take it back from us? This is a clear blatant insult to us OFW’s, it is acceptable to be slapped in the face rather than being insulted in front of the millions of Filipinos. This Government continue and continuously degrading us, squeezing all the possible sweats we can pour saving the poor lives of Filipinos back home.

A Token Gift

A Token Gift

Despite from all of these contribution, we are undeniably the lowest sector of the Philippine society. Our struggle and fight for OFW empowerment continues as long as there are Domestic Helpers raped and maltreated, worst some goes home in boxes. As long as there are stranded OFW’s waiting government concrete response on their agonies whose only wish is to be with their loved ones back home. As long as the problem of contract substitution still exist in every corner of the Kingdom, thus our rights are not been well protected due to weak labor bilateral agreements between the Philippines and host country.

Our continuing saga for political empowerment continues as long as there are OFW’s languishing in jail without proper legal representation from our government. The DFA reported that there are 4, 775 Filipinos, including 1,103 Pinays, in foreign jails, 213 of the numbers mentioned are in different jails in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The case filed by Phil. Migrants Rights Watch in behalf of the OFW’s questioning the legality of the $25 OWWA contribution that is supposedly be paid by our employer and not from us, is up to now pending for decision by our Supreme Court.

And now they’re going to add more agonies, to the agonies that we already had….

Once again, let us joined hands together and blocked all the possible entry points that this Draft Bill might be going through…

We made it before, there are no reasons why we can not do it again.

I am not one of those High Paying OFW’s, I am just an ordinary office employee but I have a heart of an OFW. ## BongA