A blog “Definitely for Filipino”

At first, I never thought that blogging will be part of my daily routine or perhaps became part of my life.  My week would be empty if I can’t post anything and my days would be boring if I don’t receive or read  comments and inquiries from our readers more particularly fellow OFWs. And it […]

Wait and see…

Kuwait announced that they will abolish sponsorship system in their country.  This is indeed a good news for expatriates in Kuwait.  Whose next in Gulf countries? Saudi Arabia? Well, I don’t think so. If they are sincere enough to abolish sponsorship system, it should have been done ten years ago. Actually, the plan to abolish sponsorship […]

Congratulations to the newly elected officers of Black Python!

 I was invited yesterday to witness the mass induction of the newly set of officers, members and  promoted Karate belters of the Black Python Martial Arts Association, Inc.!   CONGRATULATIONS! OFW Congress-Riyadh President, Alex Veloso Bello was present  to induct the officers along with OFWC Executive Council Member Engr. Faizal Sharque.  The induction rites was held at a […]

“KSA National Day” – Give us and Treat us what WE Deserve

Filipinos like me don’t realize how much Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has done to the thousands of Filipinos seeking greener pasture in this oil rich region. Many are lucky, some were unlucky. Successful OFW returnees were able to buy properties, build house, own businesses, become investors, provide good education for the children and others. All […]

Hanggang Kailan – Until When..

Hanggang Kailan – Until When.. May of this year, news broke out that Saudi Arabia will stop hiring Indonesian workers that includes household helpers. The reason – the cost of recruiting labor from Indonesia is ridiculous. The Saudis spent SR 9000 in getting an Indonesian maid and Indonesian government also asked  for a  SR 375.00 increase […]

Ramadan Karim!

Ang Ramadan ay buwan ng pag-aayuno para sa mga Muslim sa buong mundo. Kalakip nito ang pigilin ang sarili mula sa pagkain, pag-inom, at pakikipagtalik mula sa madaling araw hanggang dapit-hapon sa panahon ng Ramadan. Para sa mga nag-aayuno ito ay isang paraan ng pagpigil sa  nasa ng katawang tao at pisikal na pangangailangan. Subalit […]

The Jokers in the Senate

Many Filipinos said that of all Showbiz senators in the Philippine Senate, Sen. Manuel Lapid is a joke. But don’t you know that U.S. Senate also has one, he is Sen. Al Franken, Democrat from Minnesota. He is now in the news for making theatrical gestures and whispered under his breath when Senate Minority Leader […]

A captain’s Confession

Why the Pilots Left? A Captain’s Confession: Yesterday, a gag order was circulated by the airline preventing its remaining narrow body pilots, as well as the rest of its employees to speak to the press about what is happening inside our ex-company. Also last night, a meeting was called by the government for us and […]

Does R.A.10022 really help OFW Grievances?

Does R.A.10022 really help OFW Grievances? It took five months from Government concerned agencies to craft up the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) covering the Republic Act No. 10022, more particularly known as the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995, As Amended, further Improving the Standard of Protection and Promotion of the Welfare […]

Tidbits – 1 Yr. Ban (KSA and UAE)

Saudi Arabia Fellow OFWs  leave comments in our blog  asking  if the (1) one year ban they heard circulating around the expatriate community in the Kingdom for quite a time now is true or not. In my reply(ies), I always emphasized to our commenters/readers  that I don’t read any documents such as Saudi government memo that could  prove […]

PhilEmb should take Bashir Ayob into their custody

PhilEmb should take  Welfare Officer Bashir Ayob into their custody pending investigation on his case by Saudi authorities. Bashir Ayob is an acquaintance way back  2007 and as a Filipino community leader whenever I asked for a status about Filipina runaways in the custody of Bahay Kalinga, he was always available in the other line every […]

New Labor law in the offing…..

New Labor law in the offing….. JEDDAH: The Ministry of Labor unveiled a new bill that would unify contracts in the private sector along with a set of measures that are to be implemented in the future. The new set of measures aims to address workplace relations between the employee and the employer in the […]

No Gay, No Employment Policy

Tunay na naging mainit sa nagdaang buwan ang usapin tungkol sa deployment ng mga Filipinos na nasa kuwadra ng mga homosexuals pagkatapos lumabas ang recruitment directive na pinadala ng Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia sa mga employment recruiting agencies sa Manila. At kasabay nito, naging mainit din ang naging mga paalala at tagubilin ng mga […]

Regulating Recruitment Agencies in the Philippines

Costs of Private Recruitment Agencies for Migrant Labor Sometimes Outweigh Benefits, MPI Study of Philippines-UAE Corridor Finds WASHINGTON —Private recruitment agencies manage much of the flow of the 200,000 Filipino workers who head annually to the United Arab Emirates, which is the third-largest destination for Filipino migrants after the United States and Saudi Arabia. While […]

The lady with a big SMILE: 2010 AKBAYAN Party list nominee

AKBAYAN Party-List Nominee : Ellene Sana – Correcting Injustice, Promoting Human and Migrant Rights Here and Abroad. Ellene Sana, the curly haired small lady with the big smile is an in and out human rights and migrants’ rights advocate. The current Executive Director of the Center for Migrants’ Advocacy-Philippines (CMA), an independent policy advocacy group working […]

pragmatically witty

I just read a realistic response out of 1,387 comments on issue about  WAR in the recent Yahoo news online regarding  future tank defense system.  I found it pragmatically witty. read>>> Futuristic tank defense system unveiled I think it is just a waste of time. Some country will come out with something to counter this. It is […]