Election 2007

Online Mock Poll

R E S U L T 2007 Philippine Midterm Election OFWempowerment Online Mock Poll   “Who among the list of Senatoriables below you may consider have a heart for OFWs”   1 Ping Lacson 17.90% 2 Manny Villar 17.90% 3 Ted Aquino 12.80% 4 Sonia Roco 10.30% 5 Kiko Pangilinan 10.30% 6 Loren Legarda 7.70% […]

Number of Registered Voters

Number of registered voters in my hometown Nasipit, Agusan Del Norte and our  ancestral town (Anda) In the 3rd District of Bohol respectively. Courtesy of Inquirer.net Map (Philippine Election 2007).    AGUSAN DEL NORTE No. of voters: 331548 Towns / Municipalities No. of Registered Voters 2004 No. of Registered Voters 2007 Increase / Decrease (%) […]

Go out and Vote Campaign

Posted 27 April 2007 It was quite exhausting but happy indeed that once again we were able to do the task in line with our “go out and vote campaign”. Yesterday night I and Ka Francis Oca with ka Alex Bello were busy preparing  the materials necessary for what we have accomplished today. We went to Batha this morning […]

1st Friday of OAV in Riyadh

The 11th hour Filipino syndrome is one of the negative traits we have Filipinos and I personally acknowledged it. Probably, this is the main reason that progress within us and the whole Filipino nation is very slow due to the mentioned sickness. Yesterday I was there at our Philippine Embassy and casted my vote. Sadly, […]

First to Vote – OAV Riyadh Update

4/14/07,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – OFW Congress-Riyadh President Mr. Alex Veloso Bello is urging Filipino community leaders in Saudi Arabia to set an example to their members by casting their votes early this week. A call received from Mr. Alex Bello who is now at Philippine Embassy, one of the first Absentee Voters who sacrificed the first […]

On his way to serve

February 17, 2006 a small barangay in St. Bernard town of Southern, Leyte named Guinsaugon was buried with mudslide. The tragedy that claimed hundreds of lives, young and old shock the nation and the entire world. In KSA, an urgent call for monetary and relief goods made a significant contributions for the survivors of the said […]

Kuya Ted as official Candidate

Abalos Confirms Kuya Ted as official Senatorial Candidate   In a public forum held in San Francisco in April 4, 2007, Comelec Chairman Benjamin S. Abalos restored the name of Kuya Ted in the official list of senatorial candidates. Abalos personally phoned the Comelec office in Manila to carry out the necessary correction in the […]

OAV – The fight must continue

The Fight must continue… The Overseas Absentee Voting. Many years ago WE, the Overseas Filipinos/OFWs, fought hard for the passage of the Overseas Absentee Voting. Year 2003 when Republic Act 9189 becomes a law, more particularly known as “The Overseas Absentee Voting Law of 2003“. Finally, overseas Filipinos are allowed to vote in absentia. Though, […]

On my way home

I just found a very interesting blog to read. Based on the archives this blog started January of 2006.  Not quite new to the world of blogging. His first entry was  “Am I Crazy?”, and the blog title is “On My Way Home“.    Excerpt of the entry “Am I Crazy?” below:   I leave […]

One OFW Voice

2007 Election is just around the corner. Signs of political movements in our country are indication that election fever is fast approaching. I also feel that some OFW groups in Saudi Arabia are starting to mobilize themselves vying for a possible seat in Congress through party list representation. However, if they are really serious in their […]

AKO Muna Party List (Personal Glimpse)

Personal Glimpse OFW – THE BEST POLITICAL ELECTORATE 2007 Election The recent statement issued by the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) that the proposed NOEL (No Election) in 2007 should be scrapped and amendments to the Constitution is not the answer to the political uncertainties in our country, is indeed a clear manifestation that the Catholic […]