Election 2010


JUNE 30, 2010 Today is Noynoy Aquino’s inauguration day as the new President of the Philippine Republic. It is not only an occasion of victory but it is Noynoy’s most sacred oath, a dedication and consecration under God to the highest office in service of the Filipino people. Now, the ever-increasing burdens are in his […]

Congratulations! AKBAYAN

Congratulations! To Akbayan Party-list  as one of  the  Party-list group winners in the  May 10, 2010 election. Akbayan’s nominees are:  renowned economist and activist Walden Bello, agrarian reform and women advocate Atty. Arlene Bag-ao, peace crusader Tom Villarin; migrants champion Ellene Sana, youth leader Francis “Kiko” Isaac and peasant leader Ruperto “Ka Uper” Aleroza. Akbayan […]

We need charter change

We need Charter Change By: Bong Amora I : 2010 Election a success Majority of the Filipino people actively embraced the new voting system, the “Automated Election System (AES)” which basically contributed to the success of the Philippine May 2010 election. It also means that manual election system is now part of the Philippine history. Although […]

The lady with a big SMILE: 2010 AKBAYAN Party list nominee

AKBAYAN Party-List Nominee : Ellene Sana – Correcting Injustice, Promoting Human and Migrant Rights Here and Abroad. Ellene Sana, the curly haired small lady with the big smile is an in and out human rights and migrants’ rights advocate. The current Executive Director of the Center for Migrants’ Advocacy-Philippines (CMA), an independent policy advocacy group working […]

OAV Manual Tagging System

First day of the 2010 OAV in Riyadh

Today,  April 10, 2010  registered  Filipino absentee voters  comprised of Overseas Filipino Workers and  Migrant  Filipinos around the world will start casting  their votes  to choose new  Philippine national leaders, the President, Vice President and 12 Senators and 1 Party List. There are 93 Philippine embassies and consulates general around the globe that includes four […]

My choice is not your choice

Tomorrow, April 10, 2010 is the first day of Overseas Absentee Voting that will end on May 10, 2010.  Below are my  choices  whom I feel worthy of my vote. President: Noynoy Aquino Vice President: Manuel Roxas Senators: 1)      Toots Ople 2)      Bebot Bello 3)      Martin Bautista 4)      Ruffy Biazon 5)      Alex Lacson 6)      Lim […]

People Power Volunteer Center “Voters Education”

People Power Volunteer Center “Voters Education”

OAV PhilEmb Advisory

To:  Fellow Absentee Voters in Riyadh, Al Khobar and Jubail Please check your name by clicking the links/photos below that corresponds to the city ( Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jubail)   where you register as absentee voters.  Thank you    

April 10 to May 10 : Boto Mo Pahalagahan Mo

On April 10, 2010, registered Filipino Absentee voters will head to the polls to vote.  It is a month period from April 10 to May 10, 2010.   “Ang tagumpay ng Overseas Absentee Voting ay nakasalalay sa pakikilahok ng bawat isa sa atin.  Let us troop down to the polling station/precinct or to the designated areas […]

OFW problem poses major challenge for next president

OFW problem poses major challenge for next president By NIKKA CORSINO & ANNIE RUTH C. SABANGAN, GMANews.TV They may have brought home the bacon – $17 billion in 2009 or over 10 times bigger than last year’s expected foreign direct investment – but more than an economic force, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) have evolved into […]

Susan “Toots” Ople inindorso ng PPP pagka Senador

Susan “Toots” Ople  inindorso ng PPP pagka Senador March  5, 2010 Riyadh – Idinaos ang pangalawang pagtitipon o “2nd Tripartite Meeting” noong Biyernes ika-5 ng Marso ng mga community leaders na nagmula pa sa iba’t-ibang bahagi ng kaharian. Mainit ang pagtanggap ng Central Region na siyang tagapamahala sa mga delegates (delegado) na galing sa Eastern […]

Who’s running and where?

Whose running  and where? A GMANews.TV interactive Map GMANews.TV, GMA News Research In the interest of voters’ information, GMANews.TV and GMA News Research are posting the official list of candidates for the May 10, 2010 elections at the national level (presidential, vice-presidential, senatorial, and party-list); at the congressional district level (Lower House seats), and at […]


INTERNET REGISTRATION AND VOTING TO EMPOWER GLOBAL FILIPINOS Quantum Breakthrough Legislators have filed Senate Bill #3565 that would, inter alia, authorize Internet voter registration and voting. The bill amends R.A. No. 9189, otherwise known as Overseas Absentee Voting (OAV) Act of 2003.  The authors of the bill are Senators Angara, Escudero (Committee Chair), Gordon, Pimentel, […]

Quick Guide to the Automated Elections: 2010 Philippine election

Bobby Reyes – a Rusty Balderian in the making : A tale of Two OFWs in Philippine politics

Bobby Reyes – a Rusty Balderian in the making : A tale of Two OFWs in Philippine politics Roberto “Bobby” M. Reyes, “Lolo Bobby” is a friend of mine in the OFW community. He is an OFW in U.S.A. for 22 years. He never abandoned his legal residence in the city of Sorsogon. He is […]