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Crackdown cripples life

FEATURED ARTICLE JEDDAH/RIYADH – Residents and citizens woke up on Tuesday to a day crippled by a lack of necessary services as illegal expat workers, who failed to rectify their status, stayed indoors for fear of being arrested. Streets were less crowded where taxi drivers charged exorbitant fares, markets wore a deserted look, many commercial establishments […]

“sui generis” In Reply to the Two Other Objections on the OFW Bank

*** Among history’s greats Leonardo da Vinci is often considered  “sui generis” —a man of such stupendous genius that the world may never see his like again.- Merriam Webster    The below post serves as reply to the last two objections raised by Bangko Sentral and the Department  of Finance on the OFW bank as pushed by Vice-Pres. Binay.  […]

Sponsorship system open to widespread abuse

FEATURED ARTICLE  taken from ARABNEWS   The Saudi system of sponsorship, or kafala, is still a topic of heated debate as the unjustified extortion of expatriate employees by their sponsors continues. The sponsorship system supposedly organizes work contracts, salary, visas, vacation and repatriation. However, there have been many instances of sponsors exploiting and mistreating workers under […]

Labor disputes and unreasonable delay

FEATURED ARTICLE: By QAISAR HAMED METAWEA ( Opinion on ARAB NEWS ) One of the aims of enacting labor laws is to protect the rights of employees from any abuse of their employers. Additionally, forming a robust system to resolve disputes is a cornerstone to protecting the rights of employees. However, having a fragile system […]

Policing the religious police in Saudi Arabia

Recently, the Saudi government appointed a new president for the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice who is known to be a more open-minded and progressive thinker. However, the problem is not so much with the individuals on the commission but with the institution itself and how it operates. For example, […]

A legitimate concern of Saudization

 “Back in the eighties the growing infrastructure of this country and the challenges we faced was of such magnitude that we all pitched in to put forth a quality service product. In the early nineties, things started to change. The expatriates were gradually replaced with Saudis, some from within and some who were appointed from […]

Saudi to limit work permits to help locals

RIYADH (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia will not renew the work permits of foreign workers  who have spent six years in the country as part of its plan to create jobs for nationals, its labour minister was quoted as saying on Monday.”The current situation calls for strong cooperation between the government and private sector in solving the problem […]

Remittance power of Overseas Filipinos to drive community development

Innovation to Spur Remittance-driven Development thru Corporate Social Responsibility A new programme, called Remit4changewas launched last week by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) in partnership with the Transnational Institute for Grassroots Research & Action (TIGRA), a California-based non-governmental organization. The program promotes an enabling environment for the collective remittance practices of Filipino overseas to […]