OFW Remittances

OF Remittances 2005 – 2010

Overseas Filipinos Worldwide REMITTANCES from 2005 to 2010 IN MILLION U.S. DOLLARS Month & Year 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 January        786.60       916.60      1,099.40    1,264.00     1,265.50       1,372.80 February         775.90       865.80      1,085.50    1,258.60     1,320.00       1,413.10 March        892.50    1,032.00      1,304.80    […]

The suffering heroes

The suffering heroes The OFW sector continues to be the economic savior of the country. Last year remittance from Overseas Filipinos Worldwide reached a total of  $17.348 billion which is 5.4 %  above remitted in 2008. Many Filipinos believed that with the new administration’s fight to end corruption and its people’s expectation of good governance, […]

Converging Filipino Diaspora Global Initiatives for Sustainable Development

Converging Filipino Diaspora Global Initiatives for Sustainable Development A conference of Filipino organizations in the Netherlands entitled “Converging Filipino Diaspora Global Initiatives for Sustainable Development” will be held on November 2, 2007. Prior to the said conference the participants will be having a preliminary conference on October 29 to 30 dubbed as “The Filipino Expert’s […]

Open Letter of Appeal to Pres. GLoria M. Arroyo

Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Dear Madam President: We are writing to you today to raise our concern over the continued appreciation of the peso to a level which is now hurting each and every one of us Overseas Filipinos and our families. The following realities will help you appreciate the predicament we are in: […]

TY Congen Lomondot & Consulate Staff

Today’s Arab News online “Number of Filipinos Seeking Deportation in Jeddah Swells.” Our heartfelt gratitude to ConGen for a job well done. It is just a matter of diplomatic initiative that contributes a lot in the on going deportation process for our overstaying compatriots in the Kingdom.   To make it clear, the consulate issued statement […]

Amend R.A. 8042

Philippine Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, H.E. Antonio Villamor is currently in Manila attending the 1st Policy Consultation of Heads of Posts. That is the reason why Kakampi-Ksa moved our “Reaching A Hand Forum” to a later date and wait for the arrival of the Ambassador back in the Kingdom.  Reading online news I found one […]

Overseas Filipinos Remittances

Today’s news item in the Phil. Daily Inquirer,  DOLE’s Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics Director Criselda Sy cited that Overseas Filipinos remittances have grown substantially over the last three decades. Sy said, a World Bank report in 2005 which ranked the Philippines fourth in terms of remittances from overseas nationals behind China, India and […]

Senate Bill 639

The issue of the transfer of 1 Billion OWWA Fund to Phil. Postal Savings Bank was opposed by many OFWs. The Overseas Filipino Workers Congress-Riyadh is one of the many groups who believe that the transfer is not in the best interest of the OFWs in general. One of the several solutions that we proposed is that – […]