Add Wife…Have Life…


Q: Would you die for your new religion, Mr. Nollora?

Q: If you would die for your new religion, why did you allow that your faith be indicated as Catholic when in fact you were already as you alleged  “Muslim” to be put in your marriage contract?

Q: Under your Muslim faith, if you marry a second wife, are you required under your faith to secure the permission of your first wife to get married?

Q: Did you secure that permission from your first wife, Jesusa Nollora?

“xxx (W)itness Jesusa Pinat Nollora xxx testified that she and accused Atilano O. Nollora, Jr. met in Saudi Arabia while she was working there as a Staff Midwife in King Abdulah Naval Base Hospital. Atilano O. Nollora, Jr. courted her and on April 6, 1999, they got married at the [IE]MELIF Chruch [sic] in Sapang Palay, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan (Exhibit ‘A’). While working in said hospital, she heard rumors that her husband has another wife and because of anxiety and emotional stress, she left Saudi Arabia and returned to the Philippines (TSN, October 4, 2005, page 10). Upon arrival in the Philippines, the private complainant learned that indeed, Atilano O. Nollora, Jr. contracted a second marriage with co-accused Rowena P. Geraldino on December 8, 2001 (Exhibit ‘B’) when she secured a certification as to the civil status of Atilano O. Nollora, Jr. (Exhibit ‘C’) from the National Statistics Office (NSO) sometime in November 2003.

17120907_BG1Upon learning this information, the private complainant confronted Rowena P. Geraldino at the latter’s workplace in CBW, FTI, Taguig and asked her if she knew of the first marriage between complainant and Atilano O. Nollora, Jr. to which Rowena P. Geraldino allegedly affirmed and despite this knowledge, she allegedly still married Atilano O. Nollora, Jr. because she loves him so much and because they were neighbors and childhood friends. Private complainant also knew that Rowena P. Geraldino knew of her marriage with Atilano O. Nollora, Jr., because when she (private complainant) was brought by Atilano O. Nollora, Jr. at the latter’s residence in Taguig, Metro Manila and introduced her to Atilano O. Nollora, Jr.’s parents, Rowena P. Geraldino was there in the house together with a friend and she heard everything that they were talking about.

Because of this case, private complainant was not able to return to Saudi Arabia to work as a Staff Midwife thereby losing income opportunity in the amount of P34,000.00 a month, more or less. When asked about the moral damages she suffered, she declared that what happened to her was a tragedy and she had entertained [thoughts] of committing suicide. She added that because of what happened to her, her mother died and she almost got raped when Atilano O. Nollora, Jr. left her alone in their residence in Saudi Arabia. However, she declared that money is not enough to assuage her sufferings. Instead, she just asked for the return of her money in the amount of P50,000.00 (TSN, July 26, 2005, pages 4-14).

Prosecution witness Ruth Santos testified that she knew of the marriage between the private complainant and Atilano O. Nollora, Jr., because she was one of the sponsors in said wedding. Sometime in November 2003, she was asked by the private complainant to accompany the latter to the workplace of Rowena P. Geraldino in FTI, Taguig, Metro Manila. She declared that the private complainant and Rowena P. Geraldino had a confrontation and she heard that Rowena P. Geraldino admitted that she (Rowena) knew of the first marriage of Atilano O. Nollora, Jr. and the private complainant but she still went on to marry Atilano O. Nollora, Jr. because she loves him very much (TSN, October 24, 2005, pages 3-5).  Read More>>>>  Supreme Court Decision re: Bigamy : G.R. No. 191425  

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Bangon Philippines!!!!

Bangon PILIPINAS ! !



Super Typhoon Yolanda left massive damages in several municipalities and cities in the Philippines as it started its destructive course through the country early morning of November 8, 2013. Help over 4 million affected Filipinos to stand back up again as the country rebuilds itself as a nation. Below are some ways you can help relief efforts already underway. Let’s do this!

Donate : Donors are advised to conduct due diligence before donating money directly to personal bank accounts.




I’M LOOKING FOR SOMEONE: Help create a masterlist of all Yolanda survivors. Let friends & family know others are okay. Click Here!   or  GOOGLE PERSON FINDER: Typhoon Yolanda.

I ask all of you to join me in prayer for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda especially those in the beloved islands of the Philippines –  Pope Francis

International Conference on Agricultural Technologies in Arid Lands


Food security is one of the major issues in the Kingdom’s agricultural sector…

Click to download brochure..

The agriculture sector is one of the pillars of Saudi Arabia’s national economy and a central component of the country’s food security. During the last three decades, this sector has made tremendous progress ascribed to the advanced production techniques, use of high-tech equipments and innovative marketing techniques. However, countries like Saudi Arabia located in the arid zone need special technologies to foster agricultural production using limited water resources and arable land. This conference aims to bring together academic scientists, researchers and scholars to exchange their experiences and research findings on arid land agriculture and discuss the practical challenges encountered and solutions adapted.  

You want to know more imagesCA5NK2HO .

For Registration please fill the form here to reserve a seat.

A creative practical joke


To : All OFWEmpowerment blog readers

This is regarding  to our blog post titled “Job Opportunity“,  please be informed that the  two email addresses posted in that particular entry where you can send your resumes was hacked as reported by my friend Mr. Jun Saldo.

In view of this, please send your resumes or biodata’s  direct to the recruitment agency in Philippines. You can click this link:  and look for their email address.  This could prevent  the hacker from whatever he/she have in my mind or reason for hacking my friend’s email addresses.  I am so sorry for this inconvenience.

To the hackers,  may I remind you that hacking is punishable under  RA No. 8792 or the Philippine E-Commerce Law which penalizes hacking under Sec. 33 (a) which states:

 “Hacking or cracking which refers to unauthorized access into or interference in a computer system/server or information and communication system; or any access in order to corrupt, alter, steal, or destroy using a computer or other similar information and communication devices, without the knowledge and consent of the owner of the computer or information and communications system, including the introduction of computer viruses and the like, resulting in the corruption, destruction, alteration, theft or loss of electronic data messages or electronic document shall be punished by a minimum fine of one hundred thousand pesos (P100,000.00) and a maximum commensurate to the damage incurred and a mandatory imprisonment of six (6) months to three (3) years.”

In Saudi Arabia  article 3 of the country’s “Anti-Cyber Crime Law, Royal Decree No. M/17 8 Rabi 1 1428 / 26 March 2007states: “Any person who commits one of the following cyber crimes shall be subject to imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year and a fine not exceeding hundred thousand riyals or to either punishment:”

1. Spying on, interception or reception of data transmitted through an information network or a computer without legitimate authorization.

2. Unlawful access to computers with the intention to threaten or blackmail any person to compel him to take or refrain from taking an action, be it lawful or unlawful.

3. Unlawful access to a web site, or hacking a web site with the intention to change its design, destroy or modify it, or occupy its URL.

4. Invasion of privacy through the misuse of camera-equipped mobile phones and the like.

5. Defamation and infliction of damage upon others through the use of various information technology devices.

To those “hackers” who stole my friend’s yahoo and hotmail account;  identity theft or larceny is punishable under above applicable laws by a number of different crimes, depending on the circumstances.

hackers-100013444-largeFurther, in U.S., the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) created the Cyber Genome program to combat the growing threat of cyber attacks on US resources.  Cyber Genome, a project aimed at developing a “cyber equivalent of fingerprints or DNA”, so that the hacker can be conclusively identified. The project under the supervision of DARPA will strive to produce “revolutionary cyber defense and investigatory technologies for the collection, identification, characterization, and presentation of properties and relationships from collected digital artifacts of software, data, and/or users.

Maybe with the recent cyber developments in U.S., the “hackers” days are numbered but for the sake of our readers – the following steps may  safeguard your computer and prevent computer hacking (taken from WikiHow).

  1. Perform required software updates for your operating system and web browser.
  • Hackers attack where they see weakness. A system that hasn’t been updated recently has flaws in it that can be taken advantage of by hackers.
  • Go to the Microsoft Update website to download patches and secure the most recent version of your operating system. If you have a Mac, click on the apple in the top left of your screen and choose “Software Update.”
  • Type your browser plus “update” into a search engine to find the company’s site and download the newest version.

      2.   Install a firewall on your computer.

  • Firewalls forbid outside threats such as hackers and viruses from gaining access to your system.
  • Personalize your firewall settings during the setup process to reflect how much data you want to allow into your system from the Internet.
  • Update your firewall regularly.

     3.  Change your passwords every month.

  • Use multiple, intricate passwords for each website you log onto. Banking and other financial websites are especially important to maintain security.

     4.  Purchase or download anti-virus software.

  • Many computers come pre-installed with certain anti-virus software, but if not, or if you want more powerful software, research online to find what product suits you. Anti-virus software is crucial to keep your computer healthy. A “sick” computer, or one racked with viruses, is more susceptible to hacking.
  • Set your preferences so your anti-virus software updates automatically.

     5. Install anti-spyware/adware programs onto your system.

  • This type of intrusion is not as dangerous as a virus, but adware places advertisements onto your browser and incorporates pop-ups into your programs. This can slow down your computer, making you vulnerable to a hacker. Spyware can survey your Internet behavior and copy your passwords to use for illegitimate purposes.

     6.    Delete emails from unknown sources. Never click on an emailed link that looks questionable.

According to online article  “The Meaning of Hack“,  “hacking” might be characterized as ‘an appropriate application of ingenuity’. Whether the result is a quick-and-dirty patchwork job or a carefully crafted work of art, you have to admire the cleverness that went into it.  An important secondary meaning of hack is ‘a creative practical joke’.  This kind of hack is easier to explain to non-hackers than the programming kind.

KSA Exit & Re-entry Visa Online (Internet and SMS based services)

KSA Exit and Re-entry Visa Online (Internet and  SMS based services)


The WorldWideWeb

The Saudi Passport Department has launched a service to enable exit and re-entry visas to be issued online. This  was one of the new Internet-based services being introduced for both Saudis and expatriates. Although the department’s website ( is in Arabic, there is an option to display forms and instructions on how to complete them in English language.

All who wish to benefit from these services can simply fill in forms through registering on the website and the forms could be filled without needing to visit the centers.

An initial one-off registration, however, needs to be completed and delivered to a local passport office.

Apart from the basic information section, the Ishaar services could be used for notifications regarding a passport.

The Muqueem services are for companies and institutions that need to complete paperwork regarding their employees, while there is a separate section for individuals. read more>>>>>

Wish you good Health!

This site is very informative, which ever diseases you click-upon (I wish you don’t have one) , it gives you a video explanation !!!!

Interactive Sites on Medical Information

The tutorials listed below are interactive health education resources from the Patient Education Institute.

Using animated graphics each tutorial explains a procedure or condition in easy-to-read language. You can also listen to the tutorial.


NOTE: These tutorials require a special Flash plug-in, version 6 or above… If you do not have Flash, you will be prompted to obtain

a free download of the software before you start the tutorial.

  • Diseases and Conditions

Surgery and Treatment Procedures

Wish you good Health!                

I Won’t Hold You Back

This song is dedicated to the late Beauty Queen Melody Gersbach, 24, who died yesterday in a car accident. Gersbach represented the Philippines in the Miss International beauty pageant in Beijing last year. A native of nearby Legazpi City, Gersbach was born to a German father and a Filipino mother.

Melody Gersbach

The best way to show beauty is to give a sincere smile” – MG

The Jokers in the Senate

Many Filipinos said that of all Showbiz senators in the Philippine Senate, Sen. Manuel Lapid is a joke. But don’t you know that U.S. Senate also has one, he is Sen. Al Franken, Democrat from Minnesota.

Sen. Al Franken, Democrat from Minnesota.

He is now in the news for making theatrical gestures and whispered under his breath when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Republican-Kentucky) laid out his opposition to Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court nomination.  Al Franken appeared moving around in his chair, gasping and rolling his eyes.  The Kentucky senator complained of distraction and even went up to the former comedian and said “This isn’t ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Al.”  Sen. Al Franken later apologized to the head of the (GOP) Grand Old Party for being rude.  

Elena Kagan  however was confirmed as the newest Supreme Court Justice of Obama administration.

Franken first achieved prominence as a writer and performer for the television show Saturday Night Live since its inception in 1975 before moving on to writing and acting in films and TV shows. He then became a political commentator, author of five best-selling books, and host of a radio show Air America. Franken was sworn in to the Senate on July 7, 2009.

Senator Franken’s first piece of legislation was the Service Dogs for Veterans Act. A service dog is a type of assistance, specifically trained to help people who have disabilities.

On the other hand our very own “Lito Lapid” is a famous actor, tried his luck in politics by running as Vice Governor in his province of Pampanga then governor before he became senator in 2004.  

Sen. Manuel Lapid & U.S. Pres. Obama

He earned the name “joker” in the Senate when he filed a bill that requires law to be written in Filipino and wants Senate Rules of Procedures be in Tagalog or Filipino language.  According to his fellow Senators, they can use Tagalog but it doesn’t mean it can be utilized for the business in the Hall of the Senate.

The latest Lapid Joke was when  the Senator asked former Philippine President GLoria Arroyo to include him on her U.S. trip to have photo opportunity with  U.S. President Barack Obama.

Sen. Lapid only finished high school due to poverty, the reason why he decides on becoming an extra for the movies. He was first a stuntman before he became famous action star.

Contrary to Sen. Al Franken who only authored one (1) law, Sen. Manuel Lapid  have three (3) famous bills enacted into law as Senator (2004-2010), naming “Arnis” as the Philippines National Sport, secondly a law that grants legal assistance to the poor and gives lawyers tax credits for legal services rendered to poor clients and as co-author of the Cheaper Medicines Law.

Let’s just say, they are the Jokers in the Senate but they have very useful piece of legislation.

A captain’s Confession

Why the Pilots Left?

A Captain’s Confession:

The Country's Flag Carrier

Yesterday, a gag order was circulated by the airline preventing its remaining narrow body pilots, as well as the rest of its employees to speak to the press about what is happening inside our ex-company. Also last night, a meeting was called by the government for us and the management to talk. We intentionally did not attend the meeting because there is nothing to talked about. We have no intention of going back either. We already severed our working relationship with them. Its better for us to see each other in court and just pay whatever damages there is to a breached contract than deal with them again.

On this ground, we also have no intention of showing our faces today at the meeting re-scheduled at 10 a.m. If worse comes to worst, we have or lawyers to defend our rights.

What made us leave is perhaps the best question to ask.

But contrary to management’s propaganda of greener pasture abroad, is only half truth of what is really happening inside, a condition which prompted us to decide our fate for a better future. Its not all about the money. Its about respect.

PAL claimed that they are operating at a loss for three years in a row. Honestly, its not our problem if they mismanaged the company with indiscriminate fuel hedging. But it became our problem when some of our peers were declared redundant by the airline for the sheer incompetence of its managers.

And maybe because of a company named Air Philippines >>>>> read more  

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pragmatically witty

The Trophy

I just read a realistic response out of 1,387 comments on issue about  WAR in the recent Yahoo news online regarding  future tank defense system.  I found it pragmatically witty.

read>>> Futuristic tank defense system unveiled

I think it is just a waste of time. Some country will come out with something to counter this. It is like a merry go round, it keeps going around in cycles. Why don’t they come out with something that prolong human lives rather than finding more ways to kill. Such a waste on funds and human resources. Suggest, we fire all the nukes and exterminate humans from the earth. Then we don’t need to kill anymore. – Confucius

OFW: A Must Read about Saudi Arabia

To : Fellow  Filipinos  and to would be OFWs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  A must read book or online publications about Saudi Arabia. 

Just click the book  icon to read.

Saudi Arabia in 100 Questions

Saudi Arabia in 100 Questions: Most of those who come to Saudi Arabia either as visitors or a workers are often awe-struck at the vast development all over the country. They admit that their image of Saudi society was very different before they arrived and lived in the country. Many Saudis, too, lack the correct and reliable information to present to others.

“Saudi Arabia in 100 Questions” aims at presenting a simple and comprehensive answers for many questions that may be raised by others about Saudi Arabia.


The Political System of Saudi Arabia:

The Political System of Saudi Arabia

The discourse in this book addresses elite western politicians, intellectuals  and thinkers. It discusses the most important issues related to the political system of Saudi Arabia from an Islamic perspective and through the state’s laws like the Basic Law of Governance. Among the issues discussed by the book, for instance, the imama (leadership), the rights and duties of the Muslim leader,  the nature of relation between citizens and the King, the concept of Shoura in Islam and the impact of the implementation of this Shoura in Saudi Arabia compared with democracy, the concept of bayah (pay of allegiance), the formation of political parties and the so-called opposition, the freedom of opinion and political expression, as well as other issues raised in the Western media and political circles about the political system of Saudi Arabia.  

Saudi Women, Towards a new Era:  There has been much misinformation about the people of Saudi Arabia in Western media; some may be due to Islamphobia, but some come from the difficulty in getting an accurate picture of the Kingdom’s diversity from the outside. Saudi woman was no exception.

Saudi Women Towards a New Era

This books demonstrates the achievements been made by Saudi woman despite the difficulties facing them. It highlights the roles being played by educated Saudi women and the government efforts to change negative attitudes towards women.

While reflecting  the emerging role of Saudi women who have been marginalized by rigid traditions and restricted misinterpretation of Islamic law, the book stresses that the active roles of Saudi woman, at both domestic and international levels, has dispelled long-held stereotypes of these women as being uneducated and dull.

Religious Police in Saudi Arabia

Religious Police in Saudi Arabia:  This book includes a comprehensive vision of issues related to the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice and its official establishment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  This book was prepared by a group of Saudi academicians, males and females, representing different Saudi universities and various geographical regions. They address the Western public opinion, its political and intellectual sources. Their aim is to clarify reality for Western public opinion, its political, intellectual and media sources.

Enjoy reading!

From: Bong Amora

Job Opening

typeKing Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology-KACST, an independent scientific organization, fully supported and funded by the government of Saudi Arabia  is urgently  in need of the following:

Male Secretaries/Administrative Assistant  


 1) Male/Filipino with TRANSFERRABLE IQAMA  

2) Not more than 35 years old

3) Proficient in typing and good at spelling, punctuation, grammar, and oral communication

4) Good interpersonal skills and tactful in dealings with visitors

5) Good discretion and have organizational or management ability

6) Own initiative, and the ability to work independently

7) Well organize in filing and have experienced in effective filing systems

8) At least 5 Years experience as Secretary/Administrative Assistant

For immediate interview,  send your resume or curriculum vitae to  Mr. Manuel A. Amora (CAP), email address :  .

Open Letter re: Renewable Energy

An open reply letter to :  Madame Claire Lee (AVP for Operations – Solutions Using Renewable Energy Inc.)

Dear Madame Claire Lee,

First and foremost allow me to thank you for visiting ofwempowerment blog – it is indeed an honor.

Promoting renewable energy sources as well as related energy technologies are needed for sustainable development in any countries in the world. A project such as yours “Give a Light” (Solutions Using Renewable Energy Inc.) is very commendable.

I can help you disseminate the information to fellow OFWs in KSA regarding “Give a Light” project in which the proceeds or the (to be) donated solar lanterns would eventually help our poor-grid communities especially in the rural remote areas of our country.

However, I am not actually involve of such undertaking, though, I hope I can share with you a little in order for you to advance conceptualizing the project at this initial stage.

Solar Powered Rural Electrification in Bangladesh

Solar Powered Rural Electrification in Bangladesh

I am currently working in King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST); in our country this Saudi Government institution is the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).  In my 1 year and 6 months of  employment in this respected Saudi institution (my 3rd employer for 16 years as an OFW in KSA) assigned in the Directorate of International Cooperation, I was able to peek some important materials pertains to the development of renewable energies that the Kingdom is currently been developing. This oil rich country is working towards the greater and wider use of Solar Energy. And I think our country are also doing the same recognizing the solar energy and other environmentally sound energy systems and its technologies in the country’s national energy policies.  KSA and Philippines were among the countries participants in the World Solar Programme initiated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization –UNESCO).

Your project “Give a Light” will be a starting point for greater and wider projects that could help our country’s energy crisis. As we all knew that there are more than 500 million households in remote rural areas of the world  – do not have access in electricity. Renewable energy electrification can facilitate satisfying the basic needs of our poor countrymen especially those in rural areas (remote or sitios in our barangays); and of course it would create or stimulate revenue generating rural activities such as: tourism, handicrafts, improvement of agricultural production and many more.  I believe that if those areas in our country will be “Given a Light” , I am sure there will be no more “New People’s Army”, “Abbu Sayyaf” and other rebel group’s roaming around the far hills  in the beautiful mountains of our beloved country.

Solar Panel (solar and Wind Power in Philippines

Solar Panel (Solar and Wind Power in Philippines)

Regarding your inquiry, I read in an online news 2 or 3 months ago (I tried to look for it in the web but to no avail, I was not able to retrieve it again), it was reported, that recently an act governing Renewable Energy was signed into law. Some of the said law’s provisions will attract local and foreign entities to invest in the energy sector in our country because of incentives, like exemption from taxes in the importation of any related machineries and equipments; and exemption of other taxes such as; tax credits on purchasing local machineries and equipments and domestic services, as well as income tax holiday.

In this regards, I would highly recommend Solutions Using Renewable Energy Inc., to visit our Department of Energy (DOE) to obtain a copy of the above mentioned law and it’s implementing rules and regulations (IRR).

My warmest regards to your colleagues and best wishes in your future endeavors.   


Manuel A. Amora


Sorry for putting the comment in this post. I don’t know how to contact you. This is a very interesting blog and would like to commend you for starting it.

I work for a renewable energy developer in the Philippines. We are conceptualizing a project, initially called “Give a Light” for Christmas wherein OFWs may be given a chance to purchase solar lanterns to be donated to poor and off-grid communities in the Philippines. These may also be purchased for disaster preparedness in unfortunate events such as Ondoy.

We are still exploring this project and would like to seek help from people with experience such as yourself. We would like to know if there are taxes or duties required for such an undertaking.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Claire Lee
AVP for Operations
Solutions Using Renewable Energy Inc.

words to remember

s56799103571_4780To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect. To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict, or blame their society’s ills on the West — know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy.

- U.S. Pres. Barack Hussein Obama



Obama’s victory and today’s  inauguration are great moments of another important U.S. history. Personally Yes! I am pleased very much with the outcome of the just concluded U.S. Presidential election. It is a big victory and a bigger challenge to American people. We are hoping that he (Obama) may have a positive outlook foreign policy especially in the Middle East. – Manuel A. Amora

Who is Reynato S. Puno

Who is  Reynato Puno?

jpunoChief Justice Reynato S. Puno A MAN OF LAW, prose and religion, Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno exemplifies the modern Filipino intellectual.

His words have always had a profound effect on his readers. In describing Chief Justice Puno’s mastery of pen, a colleague wrote:

 Like a trained surgeon, he uses his pen with laser-like precision to separate and excise fabrication from truth and pretension from reality. In the process, he gives life to populist causes and libertarian ideals. Daring, gutsy, and erudite, he – like Justice Holmes – oftentimes wages lonely battles against conventional wisdom with his stirring dissents and insightful opinions. (Panganiban, Justice and Faith, p. 142)

He began to display his writing prowess in school by winning the much coveted editorship of the University of the Philippines’ Philippine Collegian in 1961. While in law school, he served as Chairman of the Law Register, and Recent Documents Editor of the Philippine Law Journal of the UP College of Law. In recognition of his campus leadership, he was given the Outstanding Award for Excellence and Leadership by the Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity for the years 1960, 1961 and 1962.

 In 1962, Chief Justice Puno obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Jurisprudence and Bachelor of Law Degree from the University of the Philippines (UP). In 1966, he went to the United States for his post-graduate studies. He was a grantee of a full scholarship given by the Academy of American Law for a degree of Master of Comparative Laws at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. He was also awarded full scholarship by the Walter Perry Johnson Foundation for a degree of Master of Laws at the University of California in Berkeley, California. He was also given a tuition scholarship by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, from where he finished all academic requirements for the degree of Doctor of Juridical Science Degree. He was given the Doctor of Humanities degree (honoris causa) by the Philippine Wesleyan Univeristy in 1994. Justice Puno finished the degree of Master of Comparative Laws with high honors and as valedictorian of a class consisting of 23 graduate scholars from various parts of the world.

Read More>>>>> 

Christening of Manuel Dane “Andrew” Amora

I and my wife Minda (Vi) would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude to our Kumpare(s) and Kumare(s)  re: Christening of our son Manuel Dane “Andrew” Amora last December 21, 2008 at Sacred Heart Parish Church and Patio Isabel Filipino Resto, Cebu City.



Manuel Dane Amora

Manuel Dane Amora

Sacred Heart Parish Church

Sacred Heart Parish Church

Back (Ninongs) - Tabon Tabon, Leyte Mayor Rusty Baderian, Davao City COuncilor Peter Lavina, Mr. Loreto Bantaran, Mr. Alex Veloso Bello, Atty. Fred Pamaos (Front) Ms. Ma. Carmen Salidadia, Mrs. Gina Parona, our daughter Angel, My Wife and Dane, Sis inlaw Mimi Amora & Former Mandaue City Vice Mayor Noel Soon

Back (Ninongs) - Tabon Tabon, Leyte Mayor Rusty Baderian, Davao City Councilor Peter Lavina, Mr. Loreto Bantaran, Mr. Alex Veloso Bello, Atty. Fred Pamaos (Front) Ms. Ma. Carmen Salidadia, Mrs. Gina Parona, our daughter Angel, My Wife and Dane, Sis inlaw Mimi Amora & Former Mandaue City Councilor/Vice Mayor Noel "Kiwi" Soon


(L-R) Mr. Kim and  Mrs. Fe Gimarino-Kim (Outstanding Overseas Filipino 2008 Presidential Awardee - Banaag Category)

(L-R) Mr. Kim and Mrs. Fe Gimarino-Kim President-Filipino Korean Spouses Association & Global President-United Filipinos Worldwide for Community Development (2008 Outstanding Overseas Filipino Presidential Awardee - Banaag Category), (next) Mrs. Merlita Amora and OFW Congress Pres. Alex Veloso Bello with wife Vangie Morden Bello

 Again to all of you my Kumare and Kumpare, THANK YOU SO MUCH! From the bottom of our heart.

 Fairy Godmother
Anita Sese Schon
  1) Mr. Alex Veloso Bello
2) Dr. Lito Astillero   
3) Engr. Jun Aguilar
4) Engr. Ronnie Ulip  
5) Mr. Rolando Allas  
6) Mr. Antonio “Boboy” Arante 
7) Atty. Fred Pamaos
8) Councilor Pete Lavina
9) Mayor Roy Doyon
10) Mr. Pete Vicuna
11) Prof. Cesar Torres
12) Mayor Rusty Balderian
13) Mr. Julius Gregorio
14) Mr. Loreto Bantaran
15) Mr. Rommel Baguio 
16) Mr. Gin Sung Son
18) Mr. Jun Exclamador
19) Mr. Jerry Espinosa
20) Engr. Dong Come
  1) Mrs. Fe Gimarino Kim 
2) Mrs. Susie Abenojar Barbiere
3) Mrs. Freda Contreras 
4) Miss Grace Cabactulan
5) Mrs. Agnes Bello Ong  
6) Ms. Malou Mariano
7) Mrs. Eden Tiu Gicum
8) Mrs. Gina Parona
9) Ms. Ma Carmen Salidadia
10) Ms. Cherry Mae Parba

The Dream Fight for the Ages


Doods A. Amora, PEE
(December 1, 2008)

The World’s Most Exciting Boxer Vs. The Biggest Name in the Boxing World…!

December 7, 2008 will see another holiday in the Philippines. Unnerving, bloody and frightening – an ending of an episode I saw in my vision.


In a few days from today, the actuality of the ‘dream match’ will soon unveil. Whether this reverie can live up to the golden platter of expectations as the media hype suggests, it could be the other way around. It could turn out to be fits of nightmare of a mismatch that will linger into the inner fancies of pundits in the so-called sweet science.

Oscar and Manny are living legends – they are top recipes to a dream date. But from the very beginning, the Pacquiao–Dela Hoya match has been seen as a bizarre concept, a morbid joke in fact.

Mismatch? Probably yes, maybe not… But then, that’s what makes the bout very interesting.

Albeit they are giga-champions, they don’t suppose to belong in the same circuit. Pacman is too small while Dela Hoya is obviously huge. Note that when Pacquiao had his 1995 light-flyweight debut as nobody in the boxing world, De La Hoya had already been preparing for his third defense of a lightweight title. In other words, while the Pacman was about to start tasting the impact of real fists camouflaged in leather, Dela Hoya had already been a world champion in two weight divisions. They were then 30 pounds apart; they were 30 pounds apart a few weeks ago when the match-up was announced!

Yet at a catch weight of 147 lbs, (the limit in the welterweight), the dream is about to become real. Manny has to climb up while Oscar to slide down from their respective weights. But Oscar has always been much bigger than Manny, and “it’s tricky to estimate or underestimate the end-effects on their respective physique even if both have to weigh no more than 147 pounds at the weigh-in time”, as one sports columnist said.

Will the pint-sized Pacquiao shock the intimidating frame and height of De La Hoya? On the other hand, can De La Hoya bulldoze & flatten his tiny opponent easily? The possibility that Pacquiao could be badly hurt has become a streaming denigration as the match was being pursued. Obvious as it is; the reach and height advantage, superior technical skills and overall ring savvy, made the odds favour immensely for a Dela Hoya victory!

Immortalized in 44 fights (39-5 with 30 by KO’s), De La Hoya has defeated seventeen world champions (and former champions) and has won ten world titles in six different weight classes. From Lightweight (135 lbs) to Middleweight (160 lbs) range, Oscar had fought the best, the most fearsome and the biggest names in boxing in these weight divisions.

Pacquiao, (47-3-2, 35 KO’s) on the other hand, is a rampaging hurricane terrorizing the light-flyweight to lightweight divisions. Currently acknowledged as the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet, the Filipino fireball has likewise achieved his own immortality over lighter and smaller boxers. The southpaw piston has a number of truly astounding victories on his record, but then his last fight at 135 pounds was just where Oscar started.

Skepticism and intrigue have it that the match could be a making of a grand script – in a theatrical circus that is counter-productive to the sport. Highly marketable even in these financially beleaguered times, skeptics say the mismatch could only be for the money – and lots of it… mind boggling as it is.

Generating the richest payday & pay-per-view revenues, Oscar, the Golden Boy, has been dubbed as the most popular boxer in recent history. De La Hoya, the only guy capable today of drawing at least 500,000 pay-per-view buys regardless of who the opponent is. But Pacquiao is the most exciting fighter in the world – he too has his own PPV following. A De La Hoya victory means more profitable work schedules at least for one year more. A Pacquiao victory means the end of Oscar’s mega-buck heydays and eventually his retirement as a prize-fighter.

But Filipinos love to play underdog. Trusted by his countrymen to crush Oscar, the guy Pacquaio outmatched in size, weight, height and reach; it would be pleasant to see how the diminutive countryman beat one of the best in the heavier divisions. Note that ODLH happens to be the biggest name in the sport. Beating Oscar will put the Pacman on top of the world!

Pacquaio had already surpassed Elorde’s achievements when he successfully grabbed the WBC Lightweight World Championship past David Diaz via a stunning knock-out. Now, it would be more than stardom. It would be for the more grandeur in the chronicles to come by future generations.

In the meantime, Pacquiao must have been honored to have with him Dela Hoya in the ring. In Pacquiao, the challenge to overcome the bigger challenge must have been the other motivation. On the other hand, Oscar, wanting an explosive performance prior to his eventual exit, chose the best of today’s fighters in a smaller & beatable Manny Pacquiao. To Oscar, Pacquiao fits the qualification perfectly.