Saudi Labor Law

Labor Ministry launches portal for expatriates

*** Labor Ministry launches portal for expatriates In a bid to prevent workers’ rights violations in the Kingdom, the Ministry of Labor has launched an exclusive Web portal to educate workers about their rights and how to avail them. The Web portal  launched on Tuesday aims to boost awareness about workers’ rights and the […]

All About Final Exit

*** A L L  A B O U T  E X I T Final Exit Many OFW commenters on our blog working in KSA are asking me what to do when their Saudi employers postponed their leave or final exit (visa) on certain grounds such as: waiting for the arrival of replacement or the worker position should not be […]

Steps to rectify status during the three-month grace period

*** Steps to rectify status during the three-month grace period in view of implementation of Saudi Labor Law amendments  The grace period instituted by the Saudi government is meant for violations of the Saudization policy (nitaqat) – specifically those foreign workers who work for employers who are not their sponsors, and those employers who do not employ […]

Nitaqat is the name of the game

 (ARAB News/OPINION) By: ABDULLAH AL ALAMI The guidelines are clear; in order for foreign workers to transfer their iqamas from “red” or “yellow” companies to “green” companies”, they have to meet the four conditions set by the Ministry of Labor. First, you must have been in the Kingdom for over six years. Second, you must have […]

Saudi Ministry of Labor Presentation and FAQ on Nitaqat

PHILIPPINE EMBASSY-RIYADH ADVISORY 110/2011 Philippine Embassy Advisory 110/2011 (Updated 6 Nov. 2011) The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh attaches a presentation by the Ministry of Labor and a booklet of frequently asked questions on Nitaqat, a program by the Saudi Ministry of Labor to provide incentives to private sector entities to nationalize jobs. The Embassy asks […]

Huroob-Saudi Labor Law

Huroob is a common phenomenal in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia now. All categories of employees included in Huroob menace irrespective of profession, status, wealth. Surprisingly, among Huroob victims, 10 % belong to the high profile job category. Only 1 % fights against illegal Huroob and rest of the 99 % leave the Kingdom to their home country through Tharheels with […]

Novel way of misusing labor law

Novel way of misusing labor law Legal experts will be watching closely a case in Jubail in which a expatriate worker leaving the Kingdom for good discovered his former employer had skirted a new Saudi labor law by giving him an exit/re-entry visa instead of a final exit visa. The difference may, to the untrained […]

New Labor law in the offing…..

New Labor law in the offing….. JEDDAH: The Ministry of Labor unveiled a new bill that would unify contracts in the private sector along with a set of measures that are to be implemented in the future. The new set of measures aims to address workplace relations between the employee and the employer in the […]

The Minutes of the Meeting- OFW Forum

The Minutes of the Meeting – OFW Forum The Event The “OFW Forum” was held at New Islamic Center, 2nd industrial Area, Riyadh and started at exactly 9:00 AM. The forum presided by Manuel “Bong”  Amora of KAKAMPI-KSA, the organizer of the said event. The Forum was co-organized by Guardians  NewHope Brotherhood Int’l. Inc. (GNBII) in […]

OFW Forum in Industrial Area-Riyadh to tackle Saudi Labor Law

OFW Forum in Industrial Area-Riyadh to tackle Saudi Labor Law By: Wizbone 19 January, 2010, RIYADH: Alarmed by many complaints on site from Filipino expatriate workers in the Kingdom, a Filipino community organization formed in 2002 in the Industrial Area of Riyadh are conducting a series of forum dubbed as “Know your Rights and Obligations […]

The law and reality of your contract

Expatriates working in Saudi Arabia are in an unenviable situation. All of us have fixed term contracts which we sign before taking up an assignment in the kingdom. We just assume that once the contract is extended, we have another term of stay in the kingdom. I have mentioned in the past the importance of […]

Air Ticket

Ofwempowerment blog reader sent me a notes through comment portion of our blog asking  clarification re: air ticket. He said: I started my work here in KSA Nov. 29 2003 and I get already 2 vacation and this is my fifth year and I file my resignation. I didn’t sign any contract except for the […]

OLEP4CL Part IV (Termination of Contract)

OLEP4CL Part  IV – Termination of Contract (By Employer and By Worker)     Termination of Contract   Q:       When is a contract of employment deemed terminated? A:         An employment contract is deemed terminated in the following events: a)      Expiration of the term or period of contract and the worker express his intention not to renew it. […]

OLEP4CL Part II (Complaint before SLO)

OLEP4CL Part II – Complaint before Saudi Labor Office During the seminar  Case Interpreter  Mr. Ustadz Salahuddin Unda provide us the salient features of the New Saudi Labor Law. He emphasized that the Labor Contract between the employee and employer should be respected in which terms and conditions in the contract should not be violated between both […]

Contract Official Version

I received an email this morning from my reader about his present employment problem. He signed a contract in the Philippines with a job position as a Secretary. But when he arrived in the Kingdom 8 months ago he was assigned as an office assistant where his work includes janitorial job. He went directly to […]

SLL Art. 143, Medical and Social Services

I received an email (e-group) awareness on how to identify signs of stroke and I am so thankful to share this to everyone, especially to OFWs in the Kingdom where our routine life is work, eat and sleep without exercise and in the absence of medical examination, we don’t know how in good physical shape we […]