Philippine missions set for elections

Philippine diplomatic missions are preparing for their country’s midterm elections due on May 13. However, overseas polling will take place a month in advance. It will begin in the Kingdom on April 13 and end on May 13. Saudi Arabia hosts the largest number of overseas Filipino voters. The voters are eligible to vote for […]

Say NO to Drugs, Say NO as a Drug Mule

Say NO to Drugs, Say NO as a Drug Mule Countries With Severe Anti Drug Laws: In Indonesia you’d be looking at 10 to 15 years for drug possession, while in other places like Malaysia and Singapore it can range up to 50 years. Serious drugs charges in Tunisia can land you in jail for […]

Bagong Bayani

OFCI-Overseas Filipino Council International

Overseas Filipino Council International – serving our expatriates by becoming bridge builders, torch bearers, and pledge keepers. Filipino expatriates, whether immigrants or contract workers, are currently estimated at some eight million: close to ten percent of our homeland’s population. But our sheer size – growing at the rate of 3,000 per day in 2005 – […]

Beauty and Madness…

Ngayong Pasko, “Kasama kita Kahit sa Panaginip Lang”

She’s the one

  “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” JUST DON’T GIVE UP!!

Open Reply to Rose

Dear Rose, Hindi ako taga OWWA, isa rin po akong OFW na katulad ninyo. Nais ko rin pong mag for good pero hindi pa sapat ang naiipon para makapagsimula. Nakapag loan na rin ako sa OWWA pero ito ay sa contruction ng fence sa aking bahay, maliit lamang pero nakatulong na rin sa akin ang […]

Filipina cleaners groping in the dark..

I Won’t Hold You Back

This song is dedicated to the late Beauty Queen Melody Gersbach, 24, who died yesterday in a car accident. Gersbach represented the Philippines in the Miss International beauty pageant in Beijing last year. A native of nearby Legazpi City, Gersbach was born to a German father and a Filipino mother. “The best way to show […]

Embrace Life

A reminder from: OFWempowerment Blog THANKS!

People Power Volunteer Center “Voters Education”

People Power Volunteer Center “Voters Education”

Leveraging Remittances

Buhay OFW

By: Ercof

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