FAQ on Overseas Employment

Frequently Asked Questions on Overseas Employment
Q. What is the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) issued by the POEA?
Ans. You shall be issued an Overseas Employment Certificate, which serves as the OFW travel exit clearance at the airport and immigration counters. The OEC is also an exemption for OFWs from payment of travel tax and airport terminal fees. You shall likewise get a free OFW electron ID card or e-Card, which is your permanent identification card to facilitate your departure and access to services as OFW.
Q. What are the legal documentation and processing fees that a recruitment agency is allowed to collect? 
Ans. Documentation costs include fees for passport, NBI/Police clearance, medical examinations, medicare premium, trade tests, authentication and birth certificate.Processing costs include visa, POEA processing fee, and OWWA membership fee to be paid by the employer.
Q. How much is the processing of documents at POEA? 
Ans.If you are a name-hired worker, these are the costs:
  • POEA Processing Fee –  P 100.00
  • OWWA membership fee – US$25 or its peso equivalent 
  • (Philhealth) – P900.00
  • PAGIbig – P100.00  

Q. After paying a large sum of money, I found out that the person recruiting me for a job abroad was not authorized by POEA. He promised me that I would be deployed even though he has no license. What shall I do? 

Ans. Report the matter immediately to POEA’s Anti-Illegal Recruitment Branch at telephone no. 722-11-92 or the Philippine National Police or NBI. You are not assured of protection once you run into trouble abroad as he has no bonds posted to answer for any eventuality. He may promise you a job but he can only have you deployed by resorting to irregularities that will compromise your welfare. The POEA Legal Assistance Division will help you in filing and prosecuting your case.

Q. What welfare assistance are provided by the POEA to overseas workers and their families? 

Ans.Filing Welfare CasesPOEA provides the following assistance concerning welfare of overseas workers and their families:Counselling on the following:

  • terms and conditions of employment contract
  • family relations
  • policies, laws
  • general information

Conciliation/Conferences:(for Name Hires processed to POEA and Balik-manggagawa workers)

  • violation of terms and condition of employment contract
  • claim for medical/death benefits

Request for:

  • repatriation/for plane ticket or pre-paid ticket advice (PTA)
  • repatriation of remains/personal belongings

Indorsementto Adjudication Office of requests for watchlisting of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) with warrant of Arrest and Hold Order issued by appropriate agency. (POEA Rules, Book VII, Sec. 4)

Watchlisting of OFWsfor monitoring and conciliation

  • for breach of code of discipline for overseas contract workers (POEA Rules, VII, Rule VI)
  • Obligations of overseas workers
  • Delisting from roster of watchlisted OFWs

Request for assistancein maltreatment and detention cases, (withholding of documents), etc.


  • free legal aid (Integrated bar of the Phils. (IBP), UP Law Center, Public Attorney’s Office (PAO), Department of Justice, etc., UST, Ateneo, San Beda, Commission on Human Rights, and Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG)
  • Coordination with appropriate office: OWWA, DFA, NLRC, Labor Posts/Embassies

Indorsementto Pre-Employment Services Office (PSO) of requests for inclusion of principal/employers in the POEA watch list; request for delisting

Issuance of clearancesto agencies, OFWs, principals, employers


  • watchlisting of principals
  • watchlisting of workers for monitoring and conciliation
  • suspension of documentary processing of agencies for non cooperation

Where to file:

Assistance and Welfare Division, Welfare Service Branch 2nd Floor, POEA Building Tel. No. 722-11-96/722-11-82

Who may file:

Worker, family of contract worker, agency, employer

Documents needed:

  • Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)
  • Employment Contract
  • Death Certificate and Affidavit of Succession of Heirs (in case of death claims)
  • Medical Report (in cases of medical disability benefit claims)

For cases of non-support:

  • Marriage Contract and birth certificate of the children

Q. How do I avoid illegal recruitment? 

Ans.Tips to avoid illegal recruitment:

  1. Do not apply at recruitment agencies not licensed by POEA.
  2. Do not deal with licensed agencies without job orders.
  3. Do not deal with any person who is not an authorized representative of a licensed agency.
  4. Do not transact business outside the registered address of the agency. If recruitment is conducted in the province, check if the agency has a provincial recruitment authority.
  5. Do not pay more than the allowed placement fee. It should be equivalent to one month salary, exclusive of documentation and processing costs.
  6. Do not pay any placement fee unless you have a valid employment contract and an official receipt.
  7. Do not be enticed by ads or brochures requiring you to reply to a Post Office (P.O.) Box, and to enclose payment for processing of papers.
  8. Do not deal with training centers and travel agencies, which promise overseas employment.
  9. Do not accept a tourist visa.
  10. Do not deal with fixers. 

Q. What are the acts considered as illegal recruitment as defined by RA 8042?

Ans.The following are considered acts of illegal recruitment as defined by RA 8042 and are basis for filing illegal recruitment cases:

  1. Recruiting and charging or accepting fees without proper license or authority to recruit.
  2. Furnishing or publishing any false notice or information or document in relation to recruitment or employment.
  3. Giving any false notice, testimony, information or document or committing any act of misrepresentation for the purpose of securing license or authority under the Philippine Labor Code.
  4. Inducing or attempting to induce a worker already employed to quit his employment in order to offer him to another.
  5. Influencing or attempting to influence any person or entity not to employ any worker who has not applied for employment through his agency.
  6. Recruiting workers in jobs harmful to public health or morality or to the dignity of the Republic of the Philippines.
  7. Obstructing or attempting to obstruct inspection by the Secretary of Labor and Employment or by his duly authorized representative.
  8. Substituting or altering to the prejudice of the worker, employment contracts approved and verified by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) from the time of actual signing thereof by the parties up to and including the period of the expiration of the same without the approval of the DOLE.
  9. Withholding or denying travel documents from applicant workers before departure for monetary or financial considerations other than those authorized under the labor code.
  10. Failure to actually deploy worker(s) without valid reasons as determined by the Department of Labor and Employment.
  11. Failure to reimburse expenses incurred by the worker in connection with his documentation and processing for purposes of deployment, in cases where the deployment does not actually take place without the worker’s fault.

File your complaints at:

Legal Assistance Division Anti-Illegal Recruitment Branch, 4th Floor, POEA Building or the nearest POEA/DOLE regional office; NBI, PNP, Police Authorities in your area

Q. How do I file an administrative case at the POEA?

Ans.AGAINST RECRUITMENT AGENCIESFor violation of recruitment laws, rules and regulations

  • overcharging of placement fee
  • pre-mature collection of placement fee
  • misrepresentation
  • withholding of travel documents
  • failure to deploy without valid reason
  • failure to reimburse documentation expenses when deployment did not take place without the worker’s fault
  • substitution and alteration of employment contract

Where to get legal assistance:

Legal Assistance Division POEA head office or any POEA Regional Office


For offenses while working overseas:

  • misappropriation of property or money of fellow worker entrusted for delivery
  • creating trouble
  • theft/robbery
  • possession of deadly weapon
  • drunkenness
  • drug addiction, etc.

Where to get legal assistance:

Legal Assistance Division POEA head office


  • Defaulting on their contractual obligation to the workers
  • Violation of rules and regulations on overseas employment
  • Grave misconduct

Where to get legal assistance:

Legal Assistance Division POEA head office

Philippine Embassy or Consulate nearest the jobsite of the worker


  • Money claims arising from employer-employee-relationship such as unpaid wages, breach of contract and illegal dismissal

Where to get legal assistance:

Migrant Worker’s Desk National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) NLRC Regional Office where the complainant resides. 

Q. My recruitment agency wants me to pay 50 thousand pesos as placement fee. Is this legal? 

Ans. The legal placement fee to be collected by licensed recruitment agencies from applicants for overseas jobs must be equivalent to one month salary of the worker as stipulated in the employment contract. The amount, however, does not include documentation and processing costs. 

Q. Someone is recruiting me to work overseas but I have to leave the country as tourist. Is this a legitimate way to find overseas jobs? What are the other forms and guises of illegal recruitment?

Ans.Leaving the country as a tourist but with the intention of working abroad is illegal both in the Philippines and the host country. Other forms of illegal recruitment are as follows:
  • Escort services – tourist/workers “escorted” at the country’s airports and seaports.
  • By correspondence – applicants are encouraged by the recruiter to comply with employment requirements and placement through mail.
  • Blind ads – fraudulent and misleading advertisements promising facility of employment
  • Au pair – an inter-cultural program wherein a host family sponsors a person to study language and culture for a monthly allowance in exchange for a home to stay.
  • Backdoor exit – going out of the country through some airports and seaports in the southern part of the Philippines.
  • Camouflaged participation in foreign seminars and sports events – workers leave as participants in seminars or sports events but eventually finding jobs in the host country.
  • Traineeship scheme – HRM students leaving in the guise of a traineeship program for hotels abroad but eventually landing jobs in the training establishment.

Q. My contract was for 2 years but I was dismissed by my employer after three months of work. Can I sue them for breach of contract and claim for unpaid wages? Where shall I file the case? 

Ans. You may sue your employer and its agent if you were dismissed without valid reasons. Money claims arising from employer-employee relationship such as unpaid wages, breach of contract or illegal dismissal may be filed with the Migrant Worker’s Desk of the National Labor Relations Commission in Quezon City or in NLRC’s Regional Arbitration Branch in the region you reside. 

Q. I am spending my vacation in the Philippines and will go back to my employer after one month. Do I have to go through POEA processing all over again? 

Ans. No, you need not go through the whole process again. Your employer and employment contract were already verified. As a returning overseas Filipino worker or balik-manggagawa, all you have to do is secure an overseas employment certificate (OEC) at the POEA Balik-Manggagawa Processing Division, regional centers and satellite offices and some Philippine Overseas Labor Offices to enable you to leave the country again and avail of the same privileges such as exemption from travel tax and airport terminal fee. 

Q. I was hired as a consultant in facilitating the documentation of immigrant workers recruited for employment in US hospitals. Do we have to secure a license for dealing with immigrant workers?

Ans. Yes, you need to secure a license from POEA if your immigration consultancy and other similar entities do not limit your assistance to processing and facilitation in the issuance of immigrant visa but will engage in the recruitment and placement of workers, whether on worker’s visa or employment-based immigration visa, without a license or authority issued by POEA, you shall be subjected to prosecution for illegal recruitment and such other appropriate action as may be necessary pursuant to the pertinent provisions of RA 8042 and its implementing rules and regulation (MC #10). 

Q. Our company wants to hire Filipino workers for our overseas projects. What are the requirements before we can recruit the workers? 

Ans. Only entities licensed by the Department of Labor and Employment through the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration may recruit Filipino workers for employment overseas. A foreign company may therefore hire Filipino workers by engaging the services of a licensed recruitment agency in the Philippines. 

Q. I want to withdraw my application from an agency because it has failed to deploy me after so many months now. Can I claim for reimbursement of my expenses? 

Ans. Yes, you can claim for reimbursement of placement fee, documentation and processing expenses from the agency if deployment did not take place without your fault. You may file an administrative case against the recruitment agency through POEA”s Legal Assistance Division. 

Q. My husband is an OFW. My children and I want to go to the place where he is working. Do we have to pay for the travel tax?

Ans. The family of an overseas Filipino worker may avail of a reduced travel tax when they go abroad while the OFW has an existing employment contract. The reduced travel tax certificate is issued by the Department of Tourism. 

Q. I was able to secure a work visa from a foreign country. Do I need to go through POEA for processing of my documents? What are the requirements? 

Ans. Yes, you need to have your documents processed at POEA. A visa merely allows entry into another country. It does not specify the terms and conditions of work for a particular employer. Name hires or Filipino workers who have found jobs on their own should have their documents processed at POEA. The requirements are the following: passport, work visa or work permit, employment contract verified or authenticated by the Philippine embassy or Philippine consulate in the country of your destination. You are also required to undergo a medical examination by a DOH-accredited clinic or hospital and a pre-departure orientation seminar. 

Q. I am applying for a foreign job through an agent or recruitment agency. What shall I do to avoid illegal recruitment?

Ans. Verify to make sure the agent you are dealing with is authorized or licensed by POEA and has the proper job order and the person transacting business with you is legitimately connected with the licensed agency. You should apply only at the registered office of the recruitment agency. If the recruitment is conducted outside the registered office address, verify if it has a provincial recruitment authority issued by POEA or has been allowed to conduct recruitment activity outside their office. Ask for a copy of employment contract and study the terms and conditions. Do not pay any fee unless you have been hired and signed the employment contract. Always ask for a receipt corresponding to any payment.  


Thanks to : DOLE  Zamboanga Region 9 Website  for this valuable information.


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  1. Hi Good day sir…last march selected po yong husband ko for safety officer and he had undergone medical examination..fit to work po siya..it has been one month, wala pa ring update from the agency until we’d learned that the agency had undergone preventive suspension..last week of april, open na muli ang agency..according to the agency, as of this moment, may work visa na daw ang husband ko..stamped na daw ang passport and my husband’s passport ay nasa liaison daw nila ..could it be true? ..we could not really confirm kasi nandito sa province ang husband ko…and we asked kung bakit matagal pa rin…sabi nila..may hinihintay pa daw na isang paper from the company that supposedly, maging workplace ko sa saudi para daw ma-process ang papers ng husband ko sa poea…ano po kaya ang paper na yon?hindi kaya kami naloko?…but prior to this event ay my husband already signed a job offer last march. but we were also worried because the medical results have already expired..sabi ng agency,,ok na daw kasi nasubmit na daw sa embassy…thank u for your time reading this….

    • Kung totoo na naka stamp na ang visa sa pasaporte, hindi na po kailangan ang Medical Exam dahil ito ay requirement ng Saudi Embassy prior visa stamping. With regards to your other concern, please be informed that POEA satellite office are available in every provinces sa Pinas. You must visit POEA, bring all the information you have at idulog po ninyo ang inyong mga katanongan. Sa ganitong paraan ma check talaga natin kung kayo ay niloloko or hindi.

      • tnx much sir…but question pa more sir…should all the job orders be published in the website of poea?..that everyone can view them freely…God bless you sir!

        • I visited the site and please note below:

          NOTE: The list was culled from the licensed recruitment agencies’ active job orders for the past TWO years and are the remaining job orders after deducting the number of workers whose documents were already submitted to POEA for processing.

          The job orders are considered active unless canceled by the employer or recruitment agency.

          However, we cannot guarantee that the job vacancies are still open because the recruitment agencies may at present have already accepted qualified applicants for the listed positions.


  2. Good day sir! May kaibigan po kasi ako nag aapply for ksa. Nurse po sya sinisingil daw po kasi sya ng 15k for processing fee. pero kumpleto namn po lahat ng papers nya. Galing na rin po sya ng ksa noon So lahat po ng documents nya may stamp na rin po ng saudi. Allowed po ba ang isang agency na maningil ng processing fee?
    SSalamat po

      • Ang offer daw po sir sa kanya is 5000sr. Ang sabi po sa agency, Walang placement fee at salary deduction daw po iyon. At ung 15k nga raw po is processing fee daw po.

        • Ang sinasabing placement fee ay yong SAR 5000.00 (equivalent to a month salary) na ayon sa agency salary deduction na kukunin sa kanyang sahod pagdating sa KSA (like 3 to 5 gives) until ma fully paid. YES puwede po itong gawin ng agency.

          NGUNIT wala pong processing fee dapat na hingin ang agency doon maliban sa POEA Processing Fee na P100.00 at hindi 15K.

          Pero klarohin muna natin. Ang employer ba ng worker ay kliyente ng agency or ang worker ay DIRECT HIRE? Dahil kung direct hire po siya at may lumakad na agency, ito po ay may POEA Processing Fee na USD 100.00.

          Please clarify…..

  3. June 25, 2015

    Gud day sir, mayroon lng akong queries regarding visa request may anak kc ako na nurse first tym nyang mag abroad papuntang Jeddah. pumasa sya sa interview at fit to work na din sya sa medical yung mga document na authentication sa DFA na comply na din nya. ngayun tumawag yung agency na inaplayan nya ang sabi mag bayad daw sya ng 15t pra sa visa request tanong ko lng sir kung shoulder ba ng isang new hired applicant ang payment sa visa request na 15t.

    • Hindi po. Ngayon lamang po ako nakarinig ng visa request fee. Wala pong ibang babayaran ang aplikante kundi ang 1 month equivalent na salary as placement fee after the contract is signed.

  4. hi sir.. ask ko lang po working po ako sa italy for 10yrs. already.. ngayon lang po ako nkauwi ng pinas kc nag.paopera po ako sa dibdib.. ngayon ndi po ako agad nkabalik dhil advice ng doctor na mgpahinga muna daw ako.. after a year plan ko na po bumalik sa italy kasi pinapabalik na ako ng amo ko.. ang prob ko expired na po ung contract ko..mkakakuha pa rin po ba ako ng oec? salamat po.. god bless

  5. Hi po ask ko lng po kung ano mga babayaran kung skaling mag breach of contract ako 4 months before ng end of contract ko. I already pass a repatriation request to poea because of unstable situation in our place due to continous fighting of saudi and houthi and where in the borders of the two country. My rights ba ang employer nmin na hingian kmi ng bayad sa natitirang months namin at sa bayad ng iqama po?
    Your reply is much appreciated I need it urgently. Thank you

    • Hi Weng!

      I think you need to call our hotline at Najran, please call this number para sa tamang kasagotan ng iyong concern and please also update me of the situation in your area para mapa-abot natin sa Embahada at konsulada ang inyong status.

      Filipinos in Najran are reminded of the following hotlines of the Philippine Consulate for Najran concerns: 053 424 0362 (in Najran), and 050 721 6307 / 012 619 8478 / 012 669 2589 (in Jeddah)

      Ingat po kayo diyan.


  6. Sir Bong Gud day po!tanong ko lng po sir nag sign po ako offer letter for company in qatar tapos pinamedical din po nila ako march 24 at yong medical ko ma expire po ngayon araw na to june 24 insakto 3 buwan po,noong nakaraang june 11 tumawag sa akin yong agency na dumating na daw yong visa ko for stamping at humingi cla nang 3350 asap daw para ma file na nila sa embassy bago ito ma expire at binigyan ko cla ng pera thru pera padala kasi taga cebu po ako at may refund naman daw yong medical at stamping sa pagdating ko sa manila kasi no processing and placement po,ito po yong katanungan ko sir
    1.tama ba yong sabi nang agency na huwag akong mabahala sa medical ko basta naka file na sa embassy bago ito ma expire at hindi na daw ako mag remedical.
    2.Gaano katagal ba yong visa stamping kasi sa nabasa ko sa ofw guidelines 4-5 days lng pero ngayon wala pa cla advice sa akin na mayron nang stamp yong passport ko tinawagan ko cla kng wala pang naganap na stamping i withdraw ko nalang yong application ko sa kanila kasi sobrang tagal kasi yong dati kong agency 1 bwan kalahati nakaalis na kami punta saudi,at sabi nila naka file na daw sa embassy at huwag na daw mag alala hintay nalng daw ako sa advice nila.
    3.Gaano ba kadalasan katagal makaalis yong ofw sa bansang qatar.

    Ito lng po yong mga katanungan ko sir salamat po sa payo ninyo.

    GOD BLESS PO….,,,,,,,,,,

    • Hi! Para saan daw ang P3,350.00?

      1) If the employer knows the result “fit to work” of your medical exam and already filed in the Embassy prior to its expiration, hindi na po kayo uulit ng MedEx, however in Gulf countries pagdating mo sa kanilang bansa, mayroon pang new medical exam as required para sa iyong work permit.

      2) Read below:


      1- Working visa slip or its copy

      2- Electronic authority from one of the National Recruitment offices in the Kingdom or from the employer authorizing recruitment agency in the Philippines. For domestic workers, an authority duly authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required in the present time.

      3- Medical certificate issued by one of the medical centers accredited by the Embassy.

      4- Educational attainments’ certificates for professions such as engineers, medical doctors and nurses. Such educational certificates must conform to the professional categories appearing in the working visa as well as for work and technical experiences’ certificates.

      5- Clearance certificate (NBI Clearance)

      6- The passport’s minimum validity should at least be six months.

      7- The aforementioned requirements should be submitted to one of the accredited recruitment agencies by the Embassy which will pay the prescribed visa fee electronically of S.R. (50) which is equivalent to (14) US Dollars through the ENJAZ website.

      8- The passports will be submitted by the representatives of the accredited recruitment agencies to the Embassy’s counter at 9:00 a.m. and will be collected on the same day at 3:00 p.m. without limitation on the number of passports submitted.

      Sa ngayon ang Gulf countries are in the observance for the Holy month of Ramadan, so expected na po na mabagal ang proseso maging ang Saudi Embassy sa Manila.

  7. Sir bong gud pm.sir suspended document processing ang agency ko. Oec nalang hinihintay ko sir.makaka alis pa po ba ako.
    Bakit po nag ka suspension doc.processing ang agency ano po ba ibig sabihin dun..
    Thx sir beth po ito.

    • Suspension of document processing ng isang agency as ordered by POEA is not the same as revoke license or the license is cancelled for recruiting workers. Ang ganitong suspension ay patungkol lamang sa “on hold” ang kanilang pag sumite ng mga dokumento sa POEA para sa kanilang mga na recruit na workers. Usually, ang dahilan ay may nagreklamong OFW sa Phil. Overseas Labor Office abroad or may pending cases sa NLRC or Supreme Court ang agency na siyang naging rason upang ma hold ang kanilang pag proseso sa mga dokumento ng kanilang mga workers.

      In your case, you will be deployed as scheduled just let them inspect your OEC at the OFW Lounge in the airport.

      However, if you have doubt and for confirmation purposes, you can visit our POEA office and look for the POEA Adjudication Office and inquire about it.

      Good luck!

  8. Good day sir! Sir ask lang po. yung previous employer ko kasi di po kami binigyan ng certificate of employment. Ngayon po nahihirapan ako mag apply.
    di po sila nagbigay kasi naka isang contract lang ako which is 2 years. Pero yun naman po kasi ang pinirmahan ko. 2 years lang po. Eh ayoko na rin po kasi mag renew.
    ano pong gagawin ko para makakuha nh coe?

  9. Ang problema po ay ganito, ang place of employment na nasa kontrata ay sa Kuwait, ngunit isinama ng amo sa Saudi Arabia at doon pinagtrabaho. Ito po ba ay legal ? Gusto na pong umuwi nung OFW dahil nahihirapan sya dahil dumami ang responsobilidad nya at nagkakasakit na nga. Ano po ang maipapayo nyo?

    • If his place of employment is in Kuwait then it is illegal for him to transfer to another country, however, if the company has a sister or branch company in Saudi Arabia then it may be legal. I am not well versed with Kuwait Labor Law but pertinent provisions in their law herein below:

      Article (10)

      The employer shall be prohibited from employing foreign manpower unless the competent authority has granted them a permit to work for him. The Minister shall issue a resolution setting forth the procedures, documents and fees that shall be paid by the employer. In the event of refusal, such refusal shall be justified by stating the reason thereof, and the reason for such refusal shall not be related to the amount of the capital, otherwise the decision shall be absolutely null and void.

      Employers shall not bring workers from outside the country or hire workers from inside the country then fail to provide them with employment at his own entity, or subsequently be found not to have a an actually need for them. The employer shall bear the expenses of the worker’s return to his country. In the event where the worker -stops working for his employer and joints the service of another employer, the latter shall bear the cost of the worker’s return to his country after the original sponsor has reported that the worker has been absent from work.

      You can read this link: http://www.kuwaitlaborlaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Kuwait-Labor-Law-2010-Detailed.pdf

  10. URGENT LANGPO… ask ko lang po kasi last year pa bago mag expire kontrata namin as private nurse verbally nag notify na kami sa amo namin at pamilya nya na hindi na kami magrenew or mag extend.. Maaga kami nagsabi kasi alam po namin na mabagal kumilos ang amo namin.. 6months bago matapos ang kontrata ng submit kami ng kasama ko ng written notice na sinasabi nga na matatapos na ang aming kontrata sa february 2015 at hindi na kami mag renew.. bukod dito nagsasabi din po kami ng personal.. Last January 2015 sinunod ko po ang batas nila na 30 days bago matapos kontrata mag bgay ng notice.. nag submit ulit kami ng final notice na at napagkasunduan namin ng pamilya ng amo ko na mag extend kami hangang 3 months after matapos kontrata para makahanap sila ng papalit samin.. Ang iqama namin ay nag expire nung April at sabi irenew nila ulit dahil usapan nga po namin 3months mag extend pa kami which is hangang naun May 2015 yun.. Ang problema po naun ay June 2015 na pero hindi pa din kami nakakauwi. ang sbi agency daw po namin ang nagkaproblema kaya nadelay dating ng kapalit namin at dahil dito kami ang nahold naman.. Ikakasal po sana yung kasama ko last May 30 kasi akala nga po nya makakauwi na sya naun May pero di po nakauwi kaya na postponed ang kasal.. Ako naman po ay namatayan pero until now ay andito pa din.. nagmamakawa na kami sa employer namin pero yun nga po wala pa kami kapalit… agency naman po namin panay sabi on process na daw kapalit namin at sabi naun lang antay lang daw papel sa poea bago pa stamp visa.. di ba po visa munastamp bago poea? Anu na po ba gagawin namin.. Tinatakot pa po kami ng mga anak ng amo namin na kesyo dadalhin kami sa deportation etc… pakitulungan naman po kami… thanks

    • Kung ang batas paggawa po ng kaharian ang masusunod,the Saudi Labor Law says: Employer may postpone leave for 90 days but further postponement must be with written consent of worker & shall not exceed the end of the year following the year the leave is due. ( Art. 110)

      Sa inyong kaso, malinaw na may paglabag na po sa batas ang inyong employer at hindi po kayo basta basta ma deport kung wala kayong kaso na maging resulta ang deportasyon.

      Kung nais po ninyong magreklamo sa Labor Ministry, may karapatan po kayong ipaglaban ito. Ngunit ang pinakamgandang unang gawin ay dumolog sa opisina ng ating Embassy or POLO para mabigyan kayo ng tamang guide how to file a case sa Saudi Labor. Maari din po silang makipag-ugnayan sa inyong employer tungkol sa inyong problema.

  11. good evening po, nag new employer po ako. i applied my visa here too. when i went to POEA they need the authenticated copy of my contract po from the Philippine embassy sa Thailand. Anu po gagawin ng employer ko, para ma authenticate and contract doon sa embassy? salamat po.

  12. Magandang araw po, ako po ay isang ofw na nasa riyadh,nag trabaho ako bilang isang technician ang kompanya ko ay DETECON. ako ay nadistino dati sa special project team,at ako ay nakatira sa isang villa ng detecon kung tawagin ay tinoq villa.located at exit 9 riyadh.mula pag dating ko dito noong january 15, 2014 hanggang january 30,2015. Pagkatapos mula february 1,2015 hanggang sa ngayon nalipat na ako ng ibang project at nalipat na din ako ng accomidation, nandito na ako sa earth satellite station at dito na din ang acomodation ko sa loob ng compund. Ngayon ang problema ko ang dating kasama ko sa special project team na si jumbo buit nahuli ng pulis na ng tutulak ng druga dito sa riyadh at tinuro pa dw ang dati kong villa na tinoq. so ngayon ng raid doon sa tinoq.ang mga pulis pati na rin sa ibang villa kung saan naka tira si jumbo buit, at may nakuha dw na shabu sa kwarto ni jumbo at ngayon nasa kostudiya na ng pulis si jumbo.ang masama lang dito bakit nasabit ang pangalan ko dito pati din ang pangalan ng dati kong kasama sa dating tinitirhan naming villa wala na mn talaga akong kinalaman dito ni hindi nga ako naninigariyo, yon pa kayang shabu.at saka matagal na akong hindi nakatira sa tinoq mula noong february pa. Mg iisang lingo na ng mahuli si jumbo buit hangan ngayon wala pa naman tumawag sa akin upang kunan ako ng imbestigasyon. Kung talagang nasabit ang pangalan ko ano ba ang pwede kong gawin upang malaman ko kung totoo ba talaga na nasabit ang pangalan ko upang mailinis ko rin ang pangalan ko. inosente ako sa pangyayaring ito.

    • Emman,

      Natural lamang na imbestigahan ang mga nakapalibot or kasamahan ng isang may kasalanan. Maski dito sa atin, ganon rin ang gagawin ng mga atoridad. Sa ngayon na wala ka pang summon or imbitasyon upang magbigay ng statement huwag kang matakot or mabahala. Ang dapat mong gawin ay makipag-ugnayan sa iyong employer tungkol sa mga pangyayari at kung sakaling may imbitasyon ang atoridad upang magbigay ka ng statement, una mong gawin ay humingi ng certification from your employer na you are relocated when the raid happened at humingi ka narin ng good moral certificate na magpapatunay na hindi ka sangkot sa anomang krimen magmula ng ikaw ay naging empleyado ng inyong kompanya.

      Again, huwag kang mabahala dahil ang taong walang kasalanan ay hindi ligalig ang konsensya. Ingat sa amga taong hindi dapat pakisamahan.


  13. Sir uuwi po ako sa PILIPINAS for a vacation then magtratravel kami ng kaptid at pinsan ko sa ibang bansa for 3 days. Valid po ba ung travel tax and terminal exemption for this??Salamat po

  14. hello po sir bong..salamat at merong tulad nyo handang sumagot sa tanong namin mga ofws..meron lang po sana ako gusto ikonsulta..

    1.last june po I was hired by a company as teacher,so magraramaddan po kaya naghintay ako matagal bago ako pinagreport sa agency ng august..natapos ko po lahat ng docs ko at medical last august 2014..matagal hinintay namin bago matatakan ang visa namin last oct 28..akala po namin makakaalis na kami pero di kami daw kinonfirm ng employer na magreport hanggang this january nagbigay sila tentative date jan 12 ang flight pero inadjust na naman ng jan 25..xempre nabuhayan na kami at makakaalis na..ngunit pagdating sa naia nahold kami dahil expired daw ang visa namin…sabi po agency magpapatatak na naman daw ng bagong visa..ang iniisip ko po ngayun baka magtagal na naman ang aming paghihintay..ano pong pwedeng legal na aksyon na gawin para mabigyan ng hustisya ang pagkadelay nitong aming apply…marami na kami nagastos,sakripisyo at ibang oportunidad na napalampas dahil nito..nagresign na din po kami kasi po sabi makakaalis na kami last jan 25..

    2.isa ko pa pong tanong,may karapatan po ba kami hindi pumirma ng kontrata sa bansang pupuntahan namin kung iba ang nakasaad sa kontrata dito sa pinas?halimbawa ang basic pay ay nabawasan,pero nag allot ng other allowances..para mameet po yung total basic pay na nakasaad sa kontratang pinirmahan dito sa pinas…

    3.lastly po,posible ba na ang nakalagay sa pinirmahan naming salary offer na basic pay at basic pay na nakaseclare sa OEC ay magkaiba?ano po legalities pd gawin dun?

    salamat po ng marami sir Bong.more power to you sir.

    • 1) Legal Assistance Division POEA head office or any POEA Regional Office.

      For violation of recruitment laws, rules and regulations
      •overcharging of placement fee
      •pre-mature collection of placement fee
      •withholding of travel documents
      •failure to deploy without valid reason
      •failure to reimburse documentation expenses when deployment did not take place without the worker’s fault
      •substitution and alteration of employment contract

      2. Kung ano po ang nakasaad sa kontratang inyong pinirmahan sa Pilipinas ay dapat pong katulad sa nakassad sa anomang kontrata na pipirmahan ninyo pagdating sa bansang inyong patutungohan. Dumulog agad sa POLO OWWA office in the country of your destination kung mapansin inyo na may contract substitution.

      3. Kung OEC or certificate ang inyong sinasabi, parang wala pong nakalagay na detalye about your salary dito maliban kung may bago na silang format. Kung meron dapat pong nakasaad dito ang tunay na detalye. Kung nasa sa iyo ito, dapat pong bisitahan nag Legal Office ng POEA.

  15. Magandang araw po sir Bong!
    Ask lang po ako advice pangyayari na ito.
    Ako po ay OFW dito sa Dammam (SCECO employer ko). Pabakasyon po kami ngayong December 11 sa Pinas ng asawa ko. Pero siya ay nagtratrabaho sa ibang kompanya. Pagkatapos kumuha ng Multiple Exit/Reentry ang employer ko sa Saudi Government office, ninakaw ang passport ko sa loob ng kotse ng HR employer namin. Ano kaya pwede kong gawin para makapag travel ako sa pinas sa December 11. Considering usual time sa renewal ng passport is 45 days hinde na aabot sa December 11 flight namin. Pwede kaya Travel Document ang apply ko sa consulate, tapos sa Pinas na ako mag apply ng bagong passport (with me are all available documents na kailangan sa pag renew ng lost passport)? Valid na yung Multiple Exit/ Reentry Visa ko. If makakuha na ako new passport sa Pinas, ipa update ko yun sa Saudi Embassy thru agency para maipasok sa records nila ang New Passport ko total meron naman akong Valid Renentry Visa para hinde magka problem sa pagbalik ko. Mag materialize kaya kung ganito gawin ko? Need sir your advice. Salamat po.

    • Subukan nyo pong tawagan ang ating Embassy Consular office at ihanda nyo po ang affidavit of loss baka naman po mabigyan kayo ng travel document. Hindi ko po kabisado ang sa loss paspport. Sa aking experience nabigyan po ako ng extension sa napaso ko ng passport sa emergency reason. Pero bago ako nabigyan, nag aplly muna ako ng renewal. Pagbalik ko sa Saudi after 30 days sa pinas, pinakita ko po ang luma kung passport na may extension at after 15 daysdays nakuha ko na rin ang new passport.

  16. gud pm po!..sir, may itatanong lang po sana ako tngkol po sa kontrata ko po kc po bale nag 2 yrs po ako nung aug 16,2012 den bale po nung aug.16 2014 ay pang 4years ko na po sa aming company. last oct.14,2014 po ay nagfile po ako ng final exit at sa ginawa ko pong exit letter nkalagay po doon na gusto ko na po magfinal exit sa nov.30,2014 pero ang sabi po ng employer ko po ay sa aug.2016 pa daw ako pdeng mag exit kc daw lumagpas n daw po ng 3mnths dun sa kontrata ko na aug.2014 at pinagbabayad din po nila ako sa iqama ko ng sr4000 kc mag eexpire po ang iqama ko sa arabic calendar bale mnth of 8,1436 pa..tama po ba na pagbayarin nla ako ng iqama ko sa halagang sr 4000 daw khit na po six mnth na po ang iqama ko mula nung narenew..at sr 4000 po ba tlga ang dpat bayaran sa iqama….maraming salamat po!

    • Unang una, lahat po na Saudi employer ay dapat e-shoulder ang iqama or renewal of iqama. Ito ay nasa batas po ng kaharian. Ang halaga po na SR 4,000.00 ay kalabisan po at hindi po ayon sa totoong iqama renewal fee. Kung napaso man ang renewal nito, ito ay hindi po sagot ng worker. Ito po ay obligasyon ng employer to renew workers’ permit on time.

      Kung wala kang pinirmahan na bagong kontrata pagktapos ng iyong first contract, ang expiration po ng iyong work permit ang siyang dapat sundin bilang araw ng pagtatapos ng iyong kontrata.

  17. gud evening sir, pag po b umuwi ang isang contact worker na di pa tapos ang contract, dapat po ba bayaran nya ang ginastos ng employer nya? yung contract nya na pinirmahan dito sa pilipnas, wala pong nakalagay na ganun pero po pag dating nya ng jordan may pinapirmahan uli na bagong contract, tapos nkalagay na po dun na kung di matatapos ang contract at gusto ng umuwi magbabayad daw ng $5000. ano po ba ang valid n contract yun po bang pinirmahan nya dito o yung pinapirmahan po sa kanila nung dumating cla dun? salamat po ng marami.

    • Kadalasan po ang mga employer ay gumawa ng sariling polisiya para hindi po masayang ang kanilang ginastos sa pagkuha ng kanilang mga foreign workers. Pero karapatan mo ang tumangging pumirma ng bagong kontrata kung nag nakasaad nito ay hindi po ayon doon sa napagkasundoan sa Pinas.

      Sa usaping puwede ba nila singilin ang worker na hindi tinapos ang kontrata sa kanilang mga nagastos sa pagkuha nito, Opo may karapatan po ang employer na singilin ang worker sa mga nagastos nito pero dapat po ito ay nasa tamang kalkulasyon ng kanilang nagastos. Dito sa KSA meron pong probisyon ang Saudi Labor Law tungkol dito na puwedeng singilin ang worker kung hindi niya tinapos ang kontrata. Ngunit sa halagang USD 5,000, hindi naman po ito tama dahil sa aking kalkulasyon hindi po aabot sa ganito kalaking halaga ang kanilang nagastos sa pagkuha sa iyo.

  18. Good day, sir tanung ko lang po, nag apply me as mechanical drafsman tapos yung dumating yung visa nakalagay auto mechanic. Sabi ng agency yun daw may available lang na visa kaya yun ang ginamit.. Complete na lahat ng docs q. Ngaun dalawa yung contract na ibinigay sa akin. Yung isa stated as mechanical draftsman and other as auto mechanic. Gusto ng agency pirmahan ko yung dalawang contract. Anu po dapat kong gawin? Tnx

    • Request your agency to issue a FULL DISCLOSURE OF EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT, to be signed by you and the agency stating all the employment details, salary, designation, etc etc. If you can notarize it mas maganda.

      Part of the full disclosure are the following:

      I am aware that POEA and Visa Category is Mechanic, which shall be used as my official documents. However, the salary and designation as mechanical draftsman dislcosed herein shall be applied when I arrive at the job site.

      Siguradohin mo na ang lahat ng detalye sa kontratang iyong pinirmahan ay kanilang e-disclose. The reason for this is to protect you from contract substitution.

  19. gud day po. sir nagkakaprob po ako ngaun sa application ko. i applied as a private nurse bound to ksa. ok na po lhat ng docu ko myrun nrn po akong visa. and i already signed the contract as a private nurse. ngaun po ang agency na pingapplayan ko pinagreport po ako last week at ang sabi skin, nhirapan daw po sila ipaapproved ung position ko as a private nurse at nareject daw po ung application ko kc daw i dont have a license as a nurse daw po. so ang mgging paraan pra mpabilis ang pagalis ko pingttesda po ako ng householdworker and panibagong contract signing daw po ang mangyayari since pasok daw ung job category nung private nurse sa householdworker. ngaun po hindi po ako pumayag sa way of agreement nila kc ayaw din po ng parents ko at ngwwithdraw na po ako at ang sabi ng agency sakin gagawan nila ng paraan. nagttka po ako bat ngkaganun na ang application ko skanila. anu po dapat kung gawing action this time sir.. at buti nlang po dpa po ako nkkapagbayad ng placement fee.

    • Kung tatanggapin mo ang work bilang household worker, nasa iyo po iyon. Ngunit ang work mo po ay maging isang household worker at hindi bilang isang nurse.

      Siguro po tama po sila na hindi ka ma-approve bilang isang nurse dahil wala ka pang lisensya. Maaari rin po na wala talagang job order na private nurse kaya inalok ka bilang isang household worker.

      Tama ka, na hindi mo ito tinangap at hintayin na lamang na kung kailan mag hire sila ng private nurse.

  20. I would like to seek for a legal advice .

    I am working as reservation/ticketing officer in Travel Agency
    for about 10 yrs. During this time, I made some mistakes in issuing
    a ticket and get a debt of Sar17,000.00.

    In able for me to cover my debt, i decided to collect money
    NOT from the company but from the different passenger approximately
    a total of Sar 3000.00.

    I admit mistake and humbly asked forgiveness from my employer.
    In a worse scenario, what would be my punishment according to
    the Saudi Labour Law Regulation?

    Sir, Im afraid to go jail and im worried with my wife.
    I am really confuse and I hope you can enlightened Me about
    this matter. I sincerely appreciate you can help about this matter.

    Respectfully yours,

    • Why are you afraid if you admit the mistake and offer to pay it? The only way to settle this problem is to reconcile with them ask forgiveness and offer to pay a monthly payment na kaya ng iyong bulsa. You can also talk to a lawyer kung kinakailangan.

  21. Dear Sirs/Madamme,

    May 5,2014

    Good day!Sir/Madamme.im glad to open this page.concern on us is very much important,we really apppreciate it.matagal na po ang problema ko sa agency ko almost 1 and 1/2 yeasr na po akong waiting dun sa agency ko. ayaw nilang ibigay ang passport. ko nakailang medical na po ako..ako lang po ang inaasahan ng pamilya ko .gusto ko na pong makaalis.

    umaasa po ng tulong at sagot nyo…

    thanks po and GOD bless…

    Respectfullly yours,

    Alma c. Otero

    • Ang atin pong pasaporte ay pag-aari ng ating pamahalaan at nakapangalan po sa atin at ipinagkatiwala ang pangangalaga nito. Habang ito ay hawak mo ikaw lamang ang nag mamay-ari nito maliban lamang kung ito ay kunin ng pamahalaan dahil sa utos ng hukuman. Kaya wala pong karapatan ang agency mo na e-hold ito sa kahit anomang rason.

      Upang makahanap ka ng ibang ahensya, kunin mo ang iyong pasaporte at kung ayaw ibigay, lapitan mo ang POEA upang pormal at mag-ahin ng reklamo laban sa ahensyang ito.

        • Puntahan nyo muna ang Licensing department at alamin kung saan po kayo mag reklamo. Pasyalan nyo na rin po ang isa sa mga Board of Trustee in the name of Hon. Alexander Asuncion. Humingi ka na rin sa kanya ng payo kung ano ang nararapat na gawin. Pakibanggit na lang ang aking pangalan Bong Amora. Isa siyang former OFW sa Saudi at medaling lapitan. Salamat!

    • Bakit ka naman ma ban? not unless you are running against the law of the host country. It might have a consequences or might affect your plan to work in another country. just make sure na maganda ang pag-alis mo sa iyong employer. Ibig kong sabihin may clearance ka sa iyong pag-alis sa iyong employer. Hindi lang dapat dito sa KSA ito mangyari kundi sa lahat ng bansa na kung nasaan tayo ngayon. Dapat may magandang paghihiwalay ang namagitan between employer and employee.


    • Kung ang pag uwi mo ang iyong pino-problema tungkol sa iyong profession, wala pong manita sa iyo sa atin tungkol dito. Hindi rin po makakatulong ang OWWA sa change profession dahil ang makakatulong sa iyo ay walang iba kundi ang iyong employer dahil dito ang Jawasat lamang po ang makapg change ng iyong profession through your employer.

  23. Good day sir!
    Ako po ay isang store supervisor sa isang restaurant sa al khobar saudi.
    Last week nag meeting kami(all branch store supervisors) na magrequest kami ng meeting sa operations at general manager namin regarding sa sahod namin, nagpasa po kami ng letter sa operations manager at general manager namin to request a meeting (which ako magtype) at after a few moments galitna galit operations manager namin at tinawagan lahat ng supervisors. Tinuro nila ako na leader which is wrong kasi nagkasundo kami na ako lang magtatype atlahatkami responsible. so by sunday(march 23) pinapupunta ako sa office. Usap usapan na baka tanggalin ako sa pwesto ko o bigyan ako ng suspensyon or iterminate ako. Nakakatawa kasi po wala naman kami ginagawa masama, nagsend lang kami ng letter requesting a meeting, oa reaction nila. Ano po kaya magandang gawin if ever gawin nila ang isa sa mga ito? Sino po kaya ang pwede tawagan regarding this matter? 3 years na po ako sa kumpanya. Kababalik kolang po sa bakasyon nung feb 27 at after na maexpire 2 year contract ko wala na ako pinirmahan. Salamat po in advance!

    • Tama ka, wala naman pong masama kung makipag usap kayo sa inyong employer at pangalawa sulat pa naman ang gagawin asking for it. Wala silang grounds to terminate you dahil lamang sa balak ninyong gawing pakiapg-usap. Huwag magpaniwala agad, baka tinakot lang kayo. All you have to do is to defer your plan for a dialogue, instead go to your routine at pag medyo makahanap na kayo ng kakampi sa loob that’s the time na humingi kayo ng payo kung puwede kayong makipag meeting sa management. Huwag idaan sa init ng ulo. Ngayon kung totohanin nila, in silence bisitahan nyo po ang POLO diyan sa Al khobar at humingi ng payo or tulong upang mapuntahan nag inyong employer tungkol sa inyong hinaing.

      Tungkol sa wala kang pinirmahan, ibig sabihin unspecified contract ang iyong employment status magmula ng dumating ka from vacation, it means either your employer or ikaw ay puwedeng mag terminate ng contract.

  24. Good day sir I hope someone can help me out with this im getting confuse which one should I follow my work contract ends may and I wanted to go home but the employer insist that I should stay till july cause my iqama ends that month… do I have the right to refuse hope someone can help me out with this

    • Dapat lamang po na basihan ang termeno ng kontrata kung kailan ito magtatapos. Kung nakasaad sa iyong kontrata na 2 years, malinaw po na sa pagdating ng two years from the date the contract is validated by both parties, dapat lamang na sa mismong petsa na nakalagay magtatapos ang kontrata.

      However, if you are in a unspecified period of contract, ibig sabihin natapos mo po ang iyong two years pero wala po kayong pinirmahang bagong kontrata after the end of the first contract, it means either parties may terminate the contract, puwedeng ikaw or ang employer ang mag terminate ng contract. Ito po ay ayon sa batas. Ngunit dito sa KSA pag unspecified na ang iyong employment status or contract, usually at nakasanayan narin at binigyan ng pahintulot ito ng Saudi Labor office na if the worker is in unspecified period of contract, ang kontrata nito ay ay magtatapos sa expiration date ng kanyang iqama.

    • Depende po kung nasa specified period of contract pa kayo. Ibig sabihin kung 2years ang kontrata mo, kung sa May ito magtatapos dapat lamang na sundin ang nakasaad sa kontrata ngunit kung hihingi sa iyo ng palugit ang employer for a valid reason puwede pong pagbigyan ito not more than 90 days from the date natapos ang iyong kontrata or the expiration date of your iqama. Ngunit dapat lamang po na kung susundin ang iqama, you must exit at least a certain period of time before the iqama expires.

      Kung unspecified contract ka naman, ibig sabihin nito nakabalik ka galing bakasyon after the first 2 years of your contract at wala kang pinirmahan na kontrata – ito unspecified contract. Ibig sabihin rin na either ikaw or ang employer ang mag teminate ng kontrata but at least you give a month notice to terminate your employment. Pero kung hihingi ng pabor ang employer with a valid reason, the employer have the right to postpone your exit at least 90 days. In order na masunod ito, make it in writing na pirmahan ng iyong employer na pagkatapos ng 90 days makakauwi ka na.

  25. Good day Sir!
    Eto sir situation nmin, nag sign kami ng 2 yrs contract s Pinas, Pag dating nmin d2 s KSA, pinapirma ulit kami ng panibagong contract at marami binago s contract nmin… Ginawang 3yrs contract at binawasan ang Salary namin… Posible b sir n habulin namin un 2yrs contract s Pinas? Ano pede sir namin gawin? Plano po namin sana tapusin lng un 2yrs contract… Thank you Sir.

    • Puwede po ninyong habolin ang recruitment agency sa Pinas for “substitution and alteration of employment contract”. Sa POEA po kayo pumunta. Kung nasa probinsya kayo, puwedeng sa regional office, hingi muna kayo ng info kung puwede ba sa kanila isumite ang complaint.

      When it comes to money claims arising from employer-employee-relationship such as unpaid wages or breach of contract, puwede rin po sa Migrant Worker’s Desk, National Labor Relations Commission (Main office of NLRC) or NLRC Regional Office kung saan kayo nakatira.

  26. Magandang araw po.

    Gusto ko lang magtanong tungkol sa aking employment contract… after nung 2 years contract ko, taon-taon nirerenew yung employement contract ko with the same provisions at nakasaad doon na meron 30 days notice kung meron termination ng contract for both parties.

    Ngayon taon po, lumampas na yung expiry date ng contract and yet wala pang akong notice of renewal or termination na natatanggap, ang sabi-sabi (baga tsismis lang naman) sa amin hinde na raw ako irerenew. Tanong ko po, makatuturan ba ito kung sakali totoong hinde na nga ako marerenew?….Kung magcocomplain ako sa POLO, meron ba akong laban dahil provision na ito?

    • Sa KSA usually wala na pong notice ang renewal of contract. Kung nagbabakasyon ka at bumalik na sa iyong employer at wala pong kasulatan or notisya man lamang na ni-renew ang iyong kontrata, it means po awtomatikong ni-renew ang iyong kontrata, of course with the same provisions or nakasaad sa una mong kontratang pinirmahan. BUT for unspecified period of contract, either party may cancel it for a valid reason.

      Here are the two kinds of contract in the Saudi LAbor Law: SPECIFIED at UNSPECIFIED Contract.

      Article 72
      A labor contract concluded for a specified period shall terminate upon the expiry of its term. If both parties continue to enforce the contract thereafter, it shall be considered renewed for an unspecified period.

      Article 73
      If the contract is for an unspecified period, either party may cancel it for a valid reason, subject to giving the other party a thirty-day prior notice in respect of workmen employed at a monthly rate, and a fifteen-day prior notice in respect of other workmen.

      • Salamat po sagot…. Follow-up clarifications lang po. Will it be automotically considered as “renewed for unspecified period”, after the expiry of contract without any VALID NOTICE or CONSENT from both parties?

        • An unspecified period or of an indefinite term of contract, either party may terminate it for valid reason to be specified in a written notice
          to be served to the other party at least thirty days prior to the intended termination date.

          Kung hindi tukoy ang termino o hindi tiyak na termino ng kontrata, alinmang partido o magkabilang panig ay maaaring wakasan ito na may balidong dahilan at gawin ito sa isang sulat abiso nang hindi bababa sa tatlumpung araw bago ang nilalayong petsa ng pagwawakas.

        • andang arw po. Gusto ko po sna magtanong about po s problema n boyfriend ko ksi dpt ssunod aya dito s saudi. Kaso ngkkaron po sya problema sa agency nya. May ipinakita n pong visa ung agency n nsa pasport n po nya ang date of issued po ay 14/04/2015 valid po ito ng 90 days kaso isng bwan n po d prin sya pinpaalis ng agency kyso dw po mtgal ang processing s poea at ung oec dw po eh d p tpoS. May kttohanan kya po sinsbi ng agency nya n may visa k na kaso d kpa nila pinpaalis gwa ng sa poea??? Gano po b ktagal ang processing S poea? At paano po pg naexpired n visa nya? Maeexpired n rin po ung medical nya? Pls. Answer my questons po???

          • The visa stamping ay mauna before processing papers at the POEA to register as a documented OFW. Kung 90 valid days ang visa from the date of issuance may 2 months pa itong ma-expire. Just ask your bf to wait and follow it up with his agency.

  27. Good day po. Ang dating classmate ko po sa college nakapag-establish ng companya sa Nairobi, Kenya. Ngaun po kinukuha po ako makasama niya na magtrabaho po doon bilang isang consultant po sa companya niya. underway na po ung working visa ko, pero ang inaalala ko lng po ay hindi po siya authorized ng POEA kasi bagong company pa po siya.

    • Though Kenya is one of the many countries that Filipinos are allowed to work by POEA kailangan pa rin po na may Job Order ang sinomang kompanya na nanga ngailangan ng Pinoy workers. Kung may working visa ka dapat lamang na dadaan ka sa POEA upang maging legal or documented OFW ka sa Kenya.

      MAs maganda sigurong gawin ng classmate mo is to visit our Philippine Embassy or POLO office doon sa Kenya at humingi po ng payo kung ano ang nararapat gawin na maging documented OFW ka pagdating sa Kenya.

  28. dear sir,
    nag resign po ako last year sa employer ko para lumipat ngaun po may stamp na ung visa ko sabi po sa akin ng agency nasa watchlist daw yung employer na kukuha sa akin kya di sila mak secure ng OEC, sir may paraan po ba para makukuha ako ng OEC?


    Good day!

    I sent you an email to ask for your advice about our present situation. My name is Fatima Campos an employee of Anmar Al-Khaleg Medical Polyclinic in Duba Province, Tabuk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I was hired together with my colleague Keith Ann Ubay by Mr. Nasser Al Shareef last june 21, 2011 and about to finish our two (2) years contract on june 21, 2013.

    Almost 4 months prior to our end of contract (February 09, 2013), we have given them a notice through a letter telling that we are not going to extend our contract and stating my two (2) reasons. Primary reason is that it is already a finished contract and second, I have my personal and valid reason. The letter is with me and signed by our medical director Dr. Mohrez Ali.

    Upon observation, we didn’t see that they are concerned about our situation that they are not processing our papers. So what we did is that we resent our letter via email to our employer last March 01, 2013 and still, no reply.

    Forty days remaining before our contract ends (May 12, 2013), we submitted again a letter with the same purpose and signed by our medical director. Everyday we are reminding them about our situation but seems they are not taking it seriously. We demand to talk personally with our employer but until now he never showed to us and didn’t even bother to answer our emails.

    May 18, 2013, we talked again with our medical director and he frankly told us that the employer will not release us and will not process our exit visa unless there is new filipino nurses (our replacement) hired in this clinic. They said that the MOH is not releasing visas for the new nurses for some reasons that they cannot explain to us. And even if there are available visas, it will take 2-3 months for the new nurses to come in Saudi. So in other words, they are telling us that whether we like it or not, we should wait 2-3 months for the new filipino nurses to come. They also stated that even if our iqama expires, our employer will extend it even without our permission.

    For this matter, we are already anxious and afraid about what to happen next. Since it is not yet our end of contract which is June 21, 2013, we just want to ask for your advice on what to do next? what will be our action for the next days. Are we still going to work after our end of contract because according to what I have read in Saudi labor law, ARTICLE 55 of PART 5 ( The Fixed-term contract shall terminate upon expiration of its term).?

    Please help us through your advice.

    I will treasure it forever and We are hoping to hear anything from you soon.

    Thank you and more power.

    Respectfully yours,


    • Article (110):

      (2) An employer may postpone, for a period of not more than ninety days, the worker’s leave after the end of the year it is due if required by work conditions. If work conditions require extension of the postponement, the worker’s consent must be obtained in writing. Such postponement shall not, however, exceed the end of the year following the year the leave is due.

      Work Condition includes: Waiting for the arrival of replacement. However, further postponement must have the written consent of the worker.

      Mag exit man or magbakasyon di po dapat ma-expire ang inyong work permit. Kung sakali man na ma postpone ang inyong pag-uwi dapat lamang na ma-renew ang inyong iqama.

  30. can someone help me im here in jeddah and staying here for almost 3months working in the restaurant..concern ko lng po kung pwede ko ireklamo ung employer nmin dhil hindi po nya sinusunod ung nasa contrata, i am working for 11 hours a day without overtime pay..please advice nman po kung ano dapat ko gawin first time ko po kasi mag ibang bansa ntatakot po kami na bka pg inireklamo namin sa embassy dto baliwalain lang kami at baka pag initan pa kami ng employer….please advice naman po very much appreciated…..

    • Ryan,

      BAkit naman po kayo baliwalain, trabaho po nila yan. Kaya nga po sila nandito upang mapangalagaan ang ating karapatan. Tawagan po ninyo ang numerong ito at makipag appointment po kayo sa kanila. Gawin nyo lamang pong discreet or sikreto ang inyong mga move upang hindi naman kayo ma harass sa trabaho. Ingat po kayo.

      For labor-related and welfare problems
      POLO Jeddah : 056 195 6142


  31. good morning po Sir…3months na po kaming di sumasahod sa employer namin..idinulog po namin ito sa recruitment agency na naka base din po dito sa riyadh…humingi po kami ng tulong sa pinoy na may ari ng agency pero binabale wala po niya ang aming problema…pamilyado po kami at nagdurusa na po ang aming mga pamilya…pwede po ba naming ireklamo ang agency sa hindi niya pagbibgay ayuda o tulong sa amin..?..sana po, masagot nyo po ang aking katanungan…thank u po…merry christmas..

    • Ben,

      Kadalasan ang mga agency pag na-deploy na ang worker, wala na po itong pakilaam.

      Kung nandito po kayo sa Riyadh, pasyalan po ninyo ang ating POLO, hanapin po ninyo si Welfare Officer Romeo Pablo, mabait po itong OFW servant at madaling lapitan. Sabihin po ninyo na ni-refer po kayo at ng OFWempowerment blog upang tawagan ang inyong employer tungkol sa pagkabalam ng inyong sahod. SAbihin nyo na rin po na gusto nyong ireklamo ang inyong agency sa POLO.

      Keep me posted.


      • Good morning po Sir,

        Thank you for your swift reply..Actually sir, before ako ng message sa inyo, nagtext na po ako sa POLO, idinulog ko po tiong problema ko at tinanong ko rin po kung pwede ko bang ireklamo sa POLO or POEA ang aming agency na di man lang tumutulong sa aming kalagayan…Pero, bigo po ako, wala po akong nareceive na reply galing sa kanila..ito po ang number na ginamit ko 0545917834..Gusto ko po talagang ireklamo ang agency ..Biruin nyo po, nagmakaawa po ako sa may ari ng agency na mag part time ako sa company niya , di po sya nasagot..Kasi po, nagtayo ng construction company adito sa Riyadh yung may ari ng agency..Pero, deadma talaga sya…Ganun na lang ba ang agency, wala na silang pakialam sa mga workers once nadeploy na..?..nung unang araw ko pa lang dito , sabi nung owner ng agency, wala daw problema ang company pagdating sa sahod..Pero ngayong nagkakaproblema, umiiwas na sya..?…Buti sana kung libre ako sa placement fee..Ang laki ng placement na binayad ko sa kanya…Tapos ganun na lang gagawin sa amin..?..Hahayaan na lang kami sa ere..???


        • Ben,

          Puntahan nyo po ng personal ang ating POLO, hindi po masolusyonan sa text ang problema. Hanapin nyo po doon si Welfare Officer Romeo Pablo at kung wala doon at nandoon si Labatt Valencino, lapitan nyo at sabihin nyo po si Bong Amora ng OFWempowerment ang nagpapunta sa iyo sa POLO upang humingi ng payo at guide kung ano ang dapat gawin. Kung sakali man na ipasulat sa iyo ang iyong reklamo, do it dahil iyan ang proseso. Mas mganda pa nga isulat mo na ngayon bago ka bumisita sa POLO.

          Maaari nyo rin pong lapitan si LAbor Attache Antonio Villafuerte. Hanapin nyo po sa 1st floor ng POLO.

          Good luck.


          • Maraming salamat po sa mga payo Sir Bong…sana di kayo magsawang tumulong sa mga OFWs…mabuhay po kayo..merry christmas ad advanced happy new year po…


  32. Gud day!,
    Sir ask ko lang po if okay lang ba na tanggapin ka ng agency sa isang posisyon (nurse) kahit na wala pang available na job order? To the point na pinag-exam ka n ng prometrics tapos nung makapasa ka saka lang sinabi sayo na wala pa pala available na job order.

    • Dhels, ang job order ay isa sa mga importanteng bantayan ng ating hanay kung meron bang existing job order ang iyong inaplayan. Dahil kung wala pa, ibig sabihin ang recruitment agency na ito ay nanghakot lamang ng mga resumes or applicants for a possible hiring position ng kanilang mga kliyente pero sa totoo wala pang job order na approve ng POEA. Ito ang tinatawag nilang “manpower polling”. Although ito ay pinapahintulutan ng POEA pero hindi dapat magbigay ng mga mahalagang dokumento ang aplikante habang wala pang totoong job order or aprobal ng POEA. Payo ko sa iyo alamin muna ang totoo bago magbigay uli ng mga requirements lalong lalo na pag pera na ang hinihingi ng agency. Ingat at salamat sa iyong pagbisita sa ating blog.

      Best regards.

  33. gud eve! sir ano po kya ang gagawin ko, kasi ng-apply ako as private nurse sa ALBA agency nakumpleto ko po lhat ng requirements nila (medical( ako po ang ngbayad), passport, authenticated diploma and tor, pdos, owwa, tesda household NCII, 7thousand for processing fee, 650php for authentication of my diploma/tor s saudi embassy), for oec processing na lang po sana ako kya lng hindi pa ngpprocess ang poea ng household contracts bound to saudi. Ngtanong na po ako sa poea kung gano ktagal pa aabutin bago cla mgprocess ng oec at ang sabi sakin mttagalan pa kc pag-mimeetingan p dw s board and so on. Kaya ngdecide po ako na mg-apply n lng as a nurse s kanila (ALBA), pumayag nmn po cla at sinabihan ako n nid ko mgpasa ng additional requirements= prometrics, authenticated prc license, board rating, board passing, board certificate, certificate of employment(all red ribboned) at 650php/document for saudi authentication of those documents) lahat po un ay naipasa ko nmn agad. Kaso nung tanungin ko po cla kung ano n next na ggawin ko ang sabi nla ttwagan n lng dw po nla ako kc ippa-approved p dw nla ung documents ko s mgging employer ko, tinanong ko po kung pano ung kontrata? wala ba ako pipirmahan? ang sagot po sa akin ay wala p nga daw po ako kontrata kc ipapasa p dw po ung documents ko s saudi for approval ng employer then ippa-process s poea pra mgakaroon ng kontrata then pipirmahan ko tapos ibabalik sa poea for OEC processing. ngtanong po ako kung bakit ganun, samantalng nung as private nurse eh my pinapirma agad cla sa akin na kontrata, ang sagot po sa akin eh iba kasi ang processing pag skilled worker, for approval p nga daw po kc sa saudi ang papers ko saka ippa-process s poea.Nasabi ko n lng po na ibig sabihin wala p po job order ung application ko sa kanila, ayaw nla sagutin nung una pero napilitan din cla sagutin kc paulit-ulit ko na tinanong, sabi nla wala n nga daw po job order kya nga ipapasa p nla ung papers ko sa saudi for approval saka p lang mgkakaroon ng job order then maippa-process n oec ko. tinanong ko po kung gano ktagal ang aabutin pero ang sagot nila depende dw po un sa poea/polo pwde dw umabot ng month, kung sakaling umabot po ng buwan, expire na po medical ko at kailangan ko daw po ulitin un under my expense. Binigyan po nla ako ng options 1. wait for them to process my documents pra mgkaron ng job order at maprocess din ang oec ko pero sigurado dw na mg-uulit ako ng medical exam ko under my expense. 2.go back to private nurse and wait for poea advisory regarding oec processing, pag ng-expire ang medical ko, uulitin ko sya pero sagot n ng agency. 3. withdraw ko n lang dw ung application ko at mg-apply sa ibang agency kung gusto ko mkhanap ng agency na mabilis mkakapag-paalis sakin. please I just need advise.. Thank you and more power!

    • Dhel,

      Tama po ang agency at lahat po ng kanilang rason ay hindi isang alibi lamang. Ang domestic worker (private nurse) ay dadaan po sa isang Saudi Recruitment Agency upang ayosin ang iyong dokumento sa POLO office na nandito sa KSA at ang isang proseso nito ay ang pag verify ng kontrata through faclitation of Saudi REcruitment Agency. Ang problema po ay hindi pa po nag verify ng mga FHW contract ang ating POLO/EMBASSY dahil po sa naka pending na POEA recruitment agreement between the Recruitment agency ng PHL at ng recruitment agency dito sa KSA.

      Kung Nurse po ng iyong inaplayan dito sa KSA which is your other option, iba po ang proseso nito. Ang proseso po ay Job Order lamang at Visa na galing ng employer na hindi na po dumadaan sa isang Sasui based recruitment agency. So kung walang job order, dapat pong kayong maghintay kung kailan magkaroon upang makapirma ka ng kontrata at ayosin ang iyong mga papeles sa POEA at sa
      Saudi Embassy diyan sa atin fr visa stamping.

      Pahabain mo pa ang iyong pasensya Dhel and pray.


  34. sir good day po.. gusto ko lang po malaman kung pwede po ako humingi ng kopya ng kontrata sa agency. kasi po ang dami po nilang sinasabi, kinuha po kasi ng employer ung kontrata namin.. palibhasa po pinoy ang kumuha, nagtiwala po ako. ngaun po 1yr na ako dito sa saudi,. 1yr nalang po ay matatapos na ang kontrata ko,. may karapatan po ba ako kumuha ng kopya ng kontrata sa agency, iba na po kc ang binigay ng employer namin na kopya.. gusto ko na po sana idaan ito sa legal na aksyon,. MAKAKAHINGI PO BA AKO NG KOPYA NG KONTRATA KO SA AGENCY? Maraming salamat po sir!

  35. sir pano poh ba kumuha ng police clearance dito sa saudi?and magkano naman poh ang bayad ang kung saan poh pwedeng kumuha?

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