Guidelines on the Registration of Worker-On-Leave/Balik Manggagawa


1. Who is a Worker-on-leave or Balik-Manggagawa?

A worker-on-leave (WOL) or Balik-Manggagawa (BM) shall refer to an overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who is on vacation or on leave and is returning to the same employer.

The following are also considered as WOL/BM :

• OFWs who will join / return to the same employer who has transferred to another jobsite;

• OFWs who have partially served their present employer;

• Undocumented OFWs (tourists, dependents, students, businessman) who became
OFWs and have partially served the same employer.

2. Who are not qualified to register as WOL/BM?
The following persons are not qualified to register as WOL/BM:

• Dependents of overseas workers

• Filipinos who are permanent residents of a foreign country. (They can avail of the privilege of travel tax exemption for balik-bayan by applying at the Philippine Tourism Authority)

• Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who changed jobsite and whose contracts have not yet been served.

3. What does a WOL/BM need to do before going back to the jobsite?

A WOL/BM needs to register at POEA and secure a POEA travel exit clearance before leaving the Philippines.

4. What is a POEA travel exit clearance?

It is a clearance issued by POEA to OFWs who exit from the Philippines for employment purpose. OFWs with working visas/employment contracts will be allowed to leave the Philippines only if they have a POEA travel exit clearance which comes in the following forms:

a. Overseas Employment Certificate(OEC) – issued in the different POEA regional offices/regional extension units/satellite offices, POEA deputized OWWA Offices and Philippine Overseas Labor Offices. It is also issued during manual processing of BMs at the POEA Central Office.

b. E-receipt – issued for computerized processing at the POEA Central Office and POEA Regional Offices. It is an integrated receipt for payments of POEA, OWWA, and Philhealth fees.

c. Multiple Travel Exit Clearance(MTEC) The multiple travel exit clearance is a set of two or more clearances issued to a worker-on-leave/Balik manggagawa for use as an exit document within a period of twelve months from date of issuance.

It allows the worker-on-leave/balik manggagawa who exits from the Philippines more than once in a period of twelve months to secure his exit clearance on a one-time basis.

All overseas Filipino workers leaving on employment visa / work or equivalent document (such as no objection certificate [NOC], employment pass, gainful occupation permit, confirmation of the right to labor activity, work visa guaranty) shall be required to secure an exit clearance from the POEA or its deputized offices.

Filipino workers with overseas employment contracts but are issued visas other than work / employment (such as: business and visit visa) for the purpose of facilitating the mobilization, shall likewise be required to secure exit clearances from POEA or its deputized offices (POEA Advisory No. 15, series of 2005).

5. What are the uses of a POEA travel exit clearance?

a. It serves as travel exit pass for OFWs at the airports .

b. It serves as an exemption certificate from payment of Travel Tax and airport terminal fee upon
presentation to the airline counter and airport terminal fee counter;

c. It serves as a worker’s guarantee that he is covered by government protection and benefits; Pursuant to Section 35, Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act 1995 (Republic act 8042), OFWs shall be exempted from the payment of travel tax and airport terminal fee upon presentation of the POEA exit clearance.

6. How can a WOL/BM avail of the travel tax exemption?

A WOL/BM can avail of the travel tax exemption by presenting a copy of the POEA travel exit clearance to the airline company.

7. Where can a balik-mangagagawa secure a POEA travel exit clearance?

A worker-on-leave/Balik Manggagawa may secure a POEA exit clearance at the following offices:

a. Balik Manggagawa Processing Division (BMPD) Service Area, POEA, Blas F. Ople (BFO) Bldg.., Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City.

b. POEA Regional Centers / Regional Extension Units (REUs) and Satellite Offices (please refer to the list below)

c. POEA-deputized OWWA Regional Offices and Units (please refer to list below)
d. Philippine Overseas Labor Offices (POLOs) in various Philippine Embassies and consulates abroad (please refer to list below)

e. One Way Delivery System (Dropbox) at the POEA Central Office Service Area

f. On-line two-way delivery application at website:

8. What is the on line (two-way ) application system for WOL/BM?

The on line (two-way) application system is a convenient and time-saving manner for the issuance of the POEA travel exit clearance. With the new on-line process, a balik manggagawa may visit the website, fill up and submit on-line the OFW information sheet and print said document. The printed information sheet has bar codes for easier uploading of information to the POEA database. The WOL/BM need not go to POEA for application of travel exit clearance.

9. How can I apply on line for my POEA travel exit clearance?

The procedure for on-line application for POEA travel exit clearance is as follows:
1. Log on to :;
2. Select the “Apply Now” button to accomplish the on line OFW information sheet;
3. Select the “Submit” button and print the OFW information sheet on two sheets of long bond paper;
4. Prepare photocopies of supporting documents as listed in page 2 of printed OFW info sheet (such as passport and visa);
5. Submit printed OFW info sheet, supporting documents and fees to any 2Go Branch/Aboitiz (nationwide);
6. Travel exit clearance (OEC) to be delivered to OFW. No need to go to POEA.
10. What is the one way – service delivery system (dropbox) for WOL/BM?

A BM walk-in applicant who do not want to go through the POEA queuing system may opt to avail of the one-way service delivery system. The BM submits the OFW Info sheet, photocopies of BM’s passport, visa, etc and prescribed fees to the Balikmanggagawa OEC Delivery Booth located at the Balikmanggagawa Processing Division, POEA, Blas F. Ople Bldg., Ortigas Ave. cor EDSA, City of Mandaluyong. The POEA travel exit clearance will be delivered to the BM/WOL right at their doorstep.

11. What are the documents needed to get a POEA exit clearance (e-receipt/OEC/MTEC)?

a. Valid passport;
b. Valid re-entry visa, work permit or any equivalent document;
c. Others:
– Any proof that OFW is returning to the same employer (such as : company ID, employment certificate, pay slip, etc). for WOL/BMs with newly issued documents and visas or if OFW has no record on file at POEA.

– Copy of employment contract (for MTEC issuance)

12. What are the fees in securing the POEA travel exit clearance? The prescribed fees are:

P 100.00 – POEA Processing Fee
P 900.00 – Philhealth Premium (payment valid for one year)
US$ 25.00 or its peso equivalent – OWWA Membership Fee (payment valid per contract duration at a maximum of 2 years)

A Worker-on-Leave with valid OWWA membership and Philhealth coverage shall only pay Php 100.00 for issuance of travel exit clearance.

Service fees for the one way delivery and two way delivery system is paid by the WOL/BM to the service provider.

13. How long will it take a WOL/BM to secure the POEA travel exit clearance?

a. Processing at the POEA Central Office takes a maximum of 20 minutes from the time the worker is called to present his documents to the POEA evaluator up to the time he is referred to the assessor and cashier for payment of the travel exit clearance; WOL/BMs are, advised that there is a queuing system because of the volume of BMs applying for the exit clearance at the POEA Central Office.

b. For the one way delivery system/dropbox, the processing of documents is done within the day. The exit clearance is delivered to the worker within 1-3 days depending on the delivery zone;

c. For the two way delivery system, provided that all documents are in order, the exit clearance is delivered to the applicant’s residence within three working days for Metro Manila residents and five working days for non-Metro Manila residents.

14. What is the validity period of the POEA travel exit clearance?

a. The e-receipt and OEC are valid for sixty (60) days from the date of issuance;
b. The MTEC is valid for use as an exit document with a period of twelve months from date of issuance.

15. In case of loss of the OEC/e-receipt/MTEC, can a WOL/BM apply for a replacement of the
lost POEA exit clearances?

No, there shall be no re-issuance for lost e-receipt / OEC/ MTEC. The respective processing units shall instead issue a certification of the particulars of the processed exit clearance or a certified true copy thereof. Said certification shall be presented to the Bureau of Immigration, Philippine Tourism Authority and Airport Terminal Fee counter for travel exit purpose.

16. What can a WOL/BM do if the POEA exit clearance has already expired before his date of departure?

An expired exit clearance shall be replaced upon submission of all the copies of the expired EReceipt/OEC and payment of processing fee of Php 100 for workers-on-leave. However, if the e-receipt / OEC have already been submitted to the Airline and the e-receipt / OEC numbers are already indicated in the airline ticket, the validity date shall be extended only up to the date of the confirmed flight.

17. Can dependents of OFWs or BMs avail of travel tax exemptions?

Dependents of OFWs can avail of the Reduced Travel Tax only if they are proceeding to the OFW’s jobsite. Dependents are qualified until their 21st birthday.

18. What are the requirements for reduced travel tax for dependents of OFWs?

a. Certified copy of POEA Travel Exit Clearance;
b. Passport of dependent;
c. Marriage contract;
d. Plane ticket;

19. Where can the certified copy of the POEA travel exit clearance be secured?

The certified copy of the POEA travel exit clearance may be secured from the POEA Records Division, BalikManggagawa Processing Division, Regional Offices, POLOs and other authorized Offices which issued the travel exit clearance of the BM.

20. What is the procedure to avail of reduced travel tax for OFW dependents?

• File all the requirements at the Philippine Tourism Authority for issuance of a Reduced Travel Tax Certificate (RTTC);
• If the plane ticket was purchased abroad, the requirements may be presented at the PTA, Airport or the PTA main office, with address at :

Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA)
Revenue Department, Travel Tax Division,
G/F 117. DOT Bldg., T.M. Kalaw, Manila.

21. What are the basic OFW documents that a WOL/BM should bring to the airport before departure from the Philippines:

a. Valid Passport
b. POEA Travel exit clearance (OEC/e-receipt/MTEC) which should be presented to the following:
• Airline check-in counter.
• Airport terminal fee counter to avail of the exemption from payment of terminal fee;
• Bureau of Immigration counter.

POEA Regional Centers / Regional Extension Units (REUs) and Satellite Offices:

2nd Floor, LZK-Zamboanga Bldg., Quezon Avenue
City of San Fernando, La Union
Telefax No. (072) 242-5608 / 700-4236

Benitez Court Compound, Magsaysay Avenue,
Baguio City
Telefax No. (074) 442-9478 / 445-4209

3rd Floor Sychangco Bldg., Bonifacio St.,
Tuguegarao City
Telefax (078) 844-3076

One Stop Clark Processing for OFW Claro M. Recto,
Fax No. (045) 893-4152

No. 4 Penthouse, Hectan Commercial Center,
Chipeco Avenue, Brgy. Halang, Calamba City
4027 Laguna
Telefax No. (049) 834-7974

Vista Al Mayon Compound, OWWA RU 5
Washington Drive, Legaspi City
Telefax No. (052) 820-4890

Mezzanine Floor, LDM Bldg. MJ Cuenco Avenue cor.
Legaspi St., Cebu City
Fax (032) 256-0435 / 412-2939 / 2949

2nd Floor, UTC Bldg., Araneta Alunan St.,
Singcang Bacolod City
Telefax No. (034) 434-7391

DOLE Compound, Trece Martirez, Tacloban City
Telefax No. (053) 321-7134

2nd Floor, AMYA II Bldg., Quimpo Blvd cor. Tulip O Drive
Ecoland, Davao City
Telefax No (082) 297-7429 / 297-7650

Ground Floor, Trinidad Bldg., Corrales Avenue
Cagayan de Oro City
Telefax No. (08822) 724-824

Unit 3 Dona Pura Bldg., Metrogate Corp.
Veterans Avenue, Zamboanga City
Telefax No. (062) 992-5523

Initiative for Tawi-Tawi Area Development Foundation Bldg.,
Old Housing Proj., Bongao , Tawi-Tawi
(062) 268-1309

62 thoughts on “Guidelines on the Registration of Worker-On-Leave/Balik Manggagawa

  1. Hi, sorry but I need an answer ASAP kasi I’m flying back to Ph in 3 days. I need to make sure walang problema. I’m a teacher in VN through an agency but after 8 months I changed employer. I have all legal docs like new contract and work permit but I didnt secure a new Temporary Residence Permit or visa kasi valid pa naman yung sa previous employer ko (although my new employer could have secured me a new one). magkakaproblema ba ako sa pagkuha ng OEC? it will take a month bago ako makakuha ng new trc pero uwi ko in 3 days na. :( please advise. thanks

  2. Umalis ako sa Philippines as tourist, and nagwork ako dito sa Maldives with 1 year work permit already, 2 year yung contract ko and on August my vacation ako sa Pinas. I am wondering kung pano ako pag aalis ulit ng Pinas since hindi nmn ako registered sa POEA as OFW? Thank you

    • Visit our Embassy/POLO OWWA diyan sa Maldives or kung saan sila nag office bring the contract at sabihin mo na gusto mong mag register as an OFW. Explain to them why ngayon ka lang nagpa rehistro bilang OFW. Do it bago ka magbakasyon.

      • Sa Sri Lanka pa kasi yung Philippine embassy dito, wala dito sa Maldives, but I’ve heard from my friends who’s already working here for a long time na tourist din sila umalis ng Pinas then paguwi nila sa Pinas saka nalang sila ngparegister since meron na naman kami working permit dito good for a year. Now i’m confused. :(

        • Don’t be confused. Pag nandito ka na sa Pinas, visit our POEA and bring your contract and other related working documents and ask what to do to become a documented OFW pagbalik mo diyan sa Maldives.

          • Okie. so you mean no need to go and find the Philippine embassy here in Maldives? Kasi nga sobrang hussle nun. What documents should I bring?and original po ba dapat or pwede ang photocopy? Thanks alot.

              • Hi ofwempowerment!

                First, I would like to express the happiness i felt finding this blog. It’s extremely helpful!
                But just like others, i’m in a situation right now, hope you can help me.

                I’m a registered nurse here in the Bahamas right now. But i came here without any oec. I tried to apply in POEA cdo though but they cant issue an oec because my employer has already reached the maximum 10 limit for name hires. They told me to go through an agency which I know will charge me dollars or send a letter to POEA Manila to request for an approval which will take a month or more. I cant hardly understand the reason why they cant give me an oec. I showed them all the documents (contract, passport, work permit, appointment letter, offer letter and etc) but they said i will be the 14th person in the list and they cant allow that. So what i did, I just went to hong kong as a tourist and went to bahamas a day after.

                So i know i am an undocumented ofw, is there any way i can register as an ofw? If i wanna go home, can i still go back here? Thanks.

                • Actually, employers are only allowed to name hire on one time basis. Check this link:

                  When you’re on vacation try to consult a lawyer. One law office that I can refer to you is the below address, just email them first at ask advice about your concern.

                  Alinsug Law Office
                  5/F Builder’s Center Building
                  1170 Salcedo St., Legaspi Village
                  Makati City 1223
                  Tel. No. (63 2) 7516730
                  Fax No. (63 2) 7503149
                  Mobile: 0917-6246637
                  E-mail addresses:
                  NurseLaw Blog:

                  • Hi ofwempowerment,

                    Since payment for Philhealth and Pag-Ibig fees are separated now from POEA fees, I would just like to confirm kung yung OEC ngayon ay iho-honor pa din for exemption for travel tax and terminal fees kahit no payments for such were made.


                    • Yes po, ang lahat ng mga OFW’s na nagbabakasyon ay dapat may OEC kahit hiwalay na po ang pag secure ng Pagibig at Philhealth. Without an OEC, you are not consider as an OFW or documented OFW, it means you will pay the terminal and travel tax if you don’t have an OEC.

  3. Sir, ask lang poh, galing po akong jordan at nagsara un company nmin dahil ililpat sa abu dhabi at same employer.Pinauwi kami d2 sa pinas last 5 Nov. 2014. Ano po requirements na kailangan nmin pr makapunta kami sa UAE?

    Maraming salamat sir bong,


    • Nold,

      Valid Visa rin po at OEC. Kung sakali man na hindi pa expire ang inyong mga pinagbayaran noon to obtain OEC, wala po kayong babayaran. Kung expire na dapat lamang po na mag secure kayo ng OEC para amging documented OFW kayo sa UAE. Ihanda po ninyo ang kontrata dahil hanapin rin po ito.

  4. hi po….inquire ko lang . I am in possession of 2 years Permesso di soggiorno or Permit to stay from Italy and I happened to stay for a 8 months longer vacation here sa pinas because of my mothers condition and family problem. wHEN I LEFT ITALY LAST DEC. 1 , 2013, naka unemployed benefit po ako. So when I was trying to secure an OEC sa Phil COnsulate sa Rome Italy, sabi po nila, no need na po dahil meron po ako unemployment benefit and ang kailangan na lang po daw is magbayad na lang ako ng travel tax sa airport. San po ako magbabayad? and ano po magiging procedure ko pagdting ko sa NAIA airport for my departure back to Italy soon? Kindly help me on this matter para alam ko po ano gagawin ko bago umalis para di na po maging hassle sa Naia departure area. maraming salamat po at mabuhay..

    • Hi! Malinaw naman po sa website ng POLO Milan na dapat mag apply ng OEC ang documented OFW. Check this website:

      However, if POLO in Rome told you that it is not anymore necessary to obtain an OEC then you have to pay travel tax instead of OEC. Kasi kung meron kang OEC, you don’t have to pay travel tax.

      Pero dapat pong siguradohin nyo ito. Makipag-ugnayan sa pinakamalapit na POE/OWWA office sa inyong lugar upang maging malinaw ang lahat.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  5. good day sir!

    i am here now in canada as live-in caregiver. umalis po ako ng pilipinas with valid oec from poea last january 2014. kung magbabakasyon po ako sa pilipinas ng 2 weeks sa january 2015, kailangan ko pa bang kumuha ng oec pagadating ko sa pinas para sa pagbalik ko dito sa canada?
    i will be with the same employer naman po.

    thanks and more power!

    • Ang OEC po ay makukuha lamang kung babayaran mo or e-renew mo ang inyong philhealth membership, pagibig, etc. Ang OWWA membership naman po ay depende kung ilang taon ang inyong kontrata. Kung two years ang binabayaran mo sa OWWA dahil 2 yrs ang inyong kontrata ibig sabihin Kung uuwwi sa ka Pinas na wala pang 2 yrs., may isang taon pa po ito bago ma-expire. Pero doon sa mga iba pang binabayaran mo noon na malapit ng ma-expire dahil good for one year lamang ito, dapat lamang na ito ay e-renew mo upang maka kuha ka ng OEC. Please note na ang lahat ng OFW na nagbabakasyon ay hinahanapan ng OEC sa immigration.

      • 2 yrs contract (renewable) naman po ako with yearly vacation benefits for 2 weeks. nung kumuha po ako ng oec last january, nasa 8k++ ang binayaran ko for my exit clearance. may hahanapin pa po ba saking mga documents (ex: emplyment cntract, polo, etc). kaya ko po ask eh para maasikaso ko na at dala ko na in time for my vacation para di nako ma-hassle.

        thanks for replying to my queries. more power!

        • Grace, siguradohin mo na ang iyong application for OEC doon sa last mo na OEC kung ang nilagay mo doon ay 2 yrs contract. Dapart po kasi na alamin po ninyo kung ano po ang inyong binabayaran. Kung sakali man na two yrs ang nilagay mo doon at magbabakasyon ka ngayon dahil yearly vacation mo, dapat wala ka ng babayaran na OWWA fees. Pero doon sa mga yearly fees like Philhealth, Pagibig ang mga ito ay yearly po ma-expire (check your records). Kahit na bayad ka ng OWWA or sa ibang mga bayarin kailangan mo pa rin ang OEC documents dahil hahanapin po ito ng immigration.

  6. Good day!

    Matanong ko lang po kung paano po ba maging isang “documented worker” kung ako ay pumasok sa Thailand as a tourist at kalaunan ay nakapag-hanap na ng employer at currently ay nagta-trabaho na po. Possible po bang gawin ang documentation/registration mula dito sa Thailand?

    Thanks and blessings!

  7. hello po have a nice day!
    tanong ko lng kasi uuwi ako pinas this month gusto po ng employer ko na bumisita sa pinas for 1 month,,ilang days lng vah ang free visa at pwede vah na sa pina nlng mag apply visa pra sa employer ko? thanks…

    • Ang Saudi citizens po ay hindi na po nangangailangan ng visa kung ang kanyang pag stay sa Pilipinas ay sa loob lamang ng 30 days. Tiket lamang po ang kanyang bilhin at mapasyalan na niya ang ating mahal na bayan. Kung sakaling may balak po siyang mag stay ng more than 30 days up to 59 days puwede siyang mag apply ng visa pagdating niya sa airport ng Pilipinas. Magtanong lamang po siya doon kung saang opisina magpunta.

    • Kung documented OFW po kayo at dumaan po kayo sa POEA sa tuwing magbabakaasyon kayo dapat lamang po na mag secure kayo ng OEC. Kung ang tanong mo ay change position pero kung ito naman ay naaayon sa iyong work permit, wala pong problema. Pero kung gusto mo talagang ayosin ito, dapat po humingi ka ng papel kasulatan galing sa iyong employer na inilipat ka sa ibang posisyon. Nasa sa iyo na rin kung ito ay ipaalam mo sa POEA.

  8. hello .po.. mag ask lang po sana ako, kakabakasyon ko lang po nitong jan 21 2014, and babalik ako uli ksa with the same employer, anu po ba mga need ko kun in uli , un balik manggagawa lang po ba, san po ba ako kukuha nun at ilang araw kaya bago ma i release un.,.. s march 1 na kse alis ko uli,,. first time ko kse, sana malaman ko po agad ang kasagutan po..marami pong salamat

    • Ang OEC po or Overseas Employment Certificate ay kailangan po sa mga OFW na magbabakasyon. Pero ito po ay makukuha sa atin or sa POEA regional offices kung saan malapit po sa inyong lugar. Makaka-avail karin ng OEC sa mga POLO offices or Philippine Embassy kung saan kang bansa nag work bilang OFW. Ito ay dapat maayos po before ka uli babalik dito sa KSA. Pag meron ka ng OEC, Ito po ay pini-present sa POEA-LAC or Labor Assitance Center offices na nakatalaga sa lahat ng mga International airports sa ating bansa. Ang OEC ay siyang nagpapatunay na ikaw ay isang documented OFW at may makukuhang benepisyo sa OWWA kung sakaling magkakaroon ka ng problema like aksidente or nagkasakit while working abroad. Ang OWWA membership po ay katumbas ng iyong kontrata sa iyong employer dito sa KSA. Kaya nga po kung every two years kang magbabakasyon, tsaka mo langi to e-renew uli in time of your vacation.

      Kasama mong babayaran sa pagkuha ng OEC ay ang Philhealth na kung saan makakatulong at makapagbigay ng medical assistance sa iyo at sa iyong mga mahal sa buhay na naiwan sa ating bansa sa biglaang hospitalization or medical needs. Ang OEC rin ay siyang daan upang maging miyembro ka ng PAGIBIG, na kung saan pag ikay ay naka isang taon bilang PAGIBIG member ay puwede ng maka-avail ng housing loan upang makapagtayo or makabili ng bahay at lupa para sa iyong pamilya through Pagibig housing loan facility. Kaya para sa akin, importante rin po ang OEC.

      • Filipinos who are permanent residents of a foreign country is not consider as WOL or (Filipino) Workers on Leave. Filipinos who are Permanent residence of a foreign country when going back to Philippines are called BALIKBAYAN. You can avail the privilege of travel tax exemption by applying at the Philippine Tourism Authority not POEA.

        Pagpaalis ka ng Pilipinas bilang immigrant sa ibang bansa, of course they need your travel documents but not OEC.

  9. **Correction**

    Hingi po sana ako ng advice sa pagkuha ng OEC. Nung umpisa po kasi na-hire ako bilang contractor ng isang company sa Malaysia so ang unang employer ko po ay yung agency ng company na iyon. After 2 years, niregular or permanent na po ako ng company mismo so direct hire nako. Considered po ba to as change of employer? Pano po ako makakakuha ng OEC pagnagbakasyon ako sa Pilipinas? Salamat po

    • Hi Fran, siguro alam mo na na may crackdown ang Malaysian government sa mga undocumented foreign workers. Kaya mas maganda siguro before ka magbakaasyon pasyalan mo na ang POLO natin diyan sa Malaysia. Dalhin mo lang ang iyong kontrata at mga importanteng papel na ikaw ay legal na foreign worker diyan. Pero bago mo puntahan tawagan mo muna ang numerong ito::+60 3-2148 9989 at ito po ang address ng Embahada roon. 1 Jalan Changkat Kia Peng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Puwede na pong kumuha ng OEC sa POLO, Malaysia, kung ito ay pinahintulutan ng ating DOLE sa Pinas.


  10. Good morning po!
    Tanong ko lang kung pwede po bang di na pumunta sa POEA to secure my OEC dahil kakukuha ko lang last Dec 28, 2012. umuwi po uli me d2 sa Pinas ng May 22, 2013 at babalik ng May 26.. Pwede po bang magbayad na lang ng P100 sa airport? salamat po.

    • Lou,

      Ang OEC po ay may tinatawag na Single OEC which means good for 60 days from issuance. Kailangan lamang po na ang employer mo ay the same employer when you applied for the OEC. Secondly the requirements presented at the time the worker applies like OWWA membership validity and Work Pass Exit and re-entry ay still valid.

      Meron din pong Multiple OEC, ito ay balido po within one year from the date of issuance at kailangan yo uare still with the same employer.

      Payo ko dapat pasyalan mo ang POEA kung may time ka para mas malinaw po sa inyo ang tungkol po dito.


    • Puwede po, magdala lang po kayo ng at least SR 200.00 sobra na rin po yan pati Pagibig kasama na po diyan. Ang Philhealth po sa Batha sa may Enjaz, tanongin nyo lang po yong mga pinoy doon na may lamesa sa loob. Puwede rin po na sa Pinas na kayo magbayad ng Philhealth.

  11. Good morning po, ang asawa ko po umuwi dito sa pinas nong may 19, 2012 palang, bali nagresign cya sa company nya para ma visahan cya sa inaaplayan nyang trabaho doon,,, ngayon po dumating na ang visa nya sa panibagong companya at inemail ito,,, ano pa po kailangan nya para makakuha cya ng balik mangagawa at para makabalik na cya sa UAE as soon as possible, kc naghihintay na po ang company sa pag entry nya sa kanilang bansa…
    meron na po cyang OFFER LETTER at CEO Letter galing sa company,,
    plsss po kailangan po namin sagot..kung ano kailangan…
    salamat po

  12. Hello Sir Bong,

    Sir tanong ko lang po, kc po lumipat po ako sa ibang company d2 sa riyadh at legal po ung pag lipat ko kc binigyan po ako ng release ng dati ko pong company. Ang tanong ko po hinpo ba ako magkakaproblema pagkuha ko ng OEC. Kung may problema po pwede po ba huminge ng payo kung anung dapat ko pong gawin.

    Salamat po sir bong….


    • Kung dumaan na siya sa POEA bago umalis papuntang Dubai. Hindi na po kailangan pero kung hindi pa po siya dumaan sa POEA noong una niyang alis papuntang Dubai, dapat lang po na ipa authenticate ang kontrata.

  13. I am voicing this complaint because we just receive a memo from the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok that we need to submit all our valid documents (work visa, work contract, work permit,etc.) for authentication with the clinging 1.125 Baht/document. This is too much for us here.OFW in Thailand. Even our letters of invitation to our loved ones to visit us here needs there authentication for 1,125 Baht. We’re like milking cows here while our salaries are sometimes not enough to support our families. Is there anything we can do to avert this BURDENS passed to us. Maybe they can collect from the rich…NOT US poor OFW’s.

  14. I have been working in Thailand as an English Teacher…and in behalf of all OFW in THailand about the…”i will say abuse to us by our own Philippine Embassy in Bangkok” for they are implementing this so called unnecessary authentication of all our documents (e.g. visa, work permit, work contract..etc.) 1,125 Baht / document….our question is WHY? even letter of invitation to our loved ones to visit us here..needs their consent with 1,125 payment. This is too much for us earning a little money to support our families in the Philippines…

    Please…we are not rich and this is a very heavy burden to all of us here in Thailand.

    • Ben,

      This is too much for our OFWs in Thailand. I will bring this matter to the office of USEC Seguis at matanong na rin kung ang naipon na pera sa siingilan diyan sa Tahiland ay napunta ba sa kaban ng DFA.

      Thanks for sharing this info Ben.

      Ingat po kayo diyan.


      • Hello Bong,
        Good news…this 2012 our embassy here in Thailand have lowered their charges on all processing. For example the passport renewal from 2,250 baht to 2,100, authentications from 1,125 it lowered to 850 baht only and many more…
        Many thanks for your immediate assistance.


        WELCOME Ben. Huwag mag-atubiling sumulat sa ating blog!

  15. Good evening…kumuha po ako ng OEC nong april 2011, ngayon ay umuwi ako dahil meron po akong emergency case, ngayon pabalik na ulit ako ng KSA kailangan ko pa ba ulit kumuha ng OEC?

    • Allan,

      Kailangan pa rin dahil hahanapin sa immigration sa atin ang OEC pero ang mga nabayaran mo na good for 1 year na Philhealth, OWWA, etc. ay huwag mo ng bayaran but make sure you have your invoices pag punta mo sa POEA.


      • Sir,

        Tanong ko lang po.. Incase uuwi ako for vacation din hinde ko na ako babalik sa company ko ano po bah sanction yan? existing contract pa ako until Sept.2015 pero lets see vacation ako before the expiration of my contract. pero tapos na po ako 2years. Renew lang ID ko pero hinde contract ko..Please advise naman po.. salamant

        • Dahil po pumayag kayo na magbakasyon instead of final exit sa kabila na tapos na ang una nyong kontrata, ibig pong sabihin non ni-renew nyo na po ang inyong kontrata for the same or similar period. Kung hind kayo babalik nilabag po ninyo ang napagkasunduan, therefore your employer has the right to report the issue to the authorities and might cite a previous resolution issued in 1975 and 1977, which imposes a three-year ban on expat workers to return to the Kingdom in violation of their contracts.

  16. Good day..

    Ask lang poh,Saudi ang asawa ko at ang yaya poh ng anak nmin ay pinsan ko bale Employer nya ang asawa ko..Nong kinuha namin sya sa Pinas last year dahil gahol na sa oras pinalakad na lang poh namin sa Agency ang lahat pati ang Kontrata nya at nakaalis naman poh sya..ang problema ay pauwi kami para magbakasyon ngayong November pero nag-aalala kami kasi baka di na sya makabalik dahil wala syang hawak na kontrata..Baka di sya bigyan ng OEC..

    Ano poh ba ang dapat namin gawin?Kailangan ba naming magpunta ng consulate para mag-aplay ng kontrata for her?O hindi naman hinahanap ang kontrata pag kumuha ng OEC?

    Pls help..U can email me to:

    Thanks and more power to your blog..


    • Gladys,

      Hinahanap po ng POEA ang kontrata upang mabigyan ng OEC ang inyong kasama sa bahay. Mas mabuti pa na before kayo magbakasyon, pasyalan muna ang Consulate natin upang malaman ang requirements. Mas maganda kung sa POLO/OWWA na rin ayosin ang kanyang OEC.


  17. hi sir.. can i ask something?? ano po ang mga documents or requirements ang kailangan ng mga ofw like me na mgbbakasyon sa pinas na nag-change employer,pra makakuha ng OEC?..please inform me po kasi d2 me sa cayman islands and planning to have a vacation this year..mraming salamat po… joy-ann

    • Joy,

      Kung nag change ka ng employer, a new contract is a must and bring all your previous documentations from your former employer. Pagdating mo sa Pinas, the first thing you do is to visit POEA para hindi ka na mag-isip at wala ka ng aayosin pa at maka pag enjoy ka sa iyong vacation.

      Good luck!


  18. Hello sir Bong,

    Salamat sa mga advise mo malaking tulong talaga ang blog mo..

    Sir, regarding don sa pagpunta sa Abu Dhabi yong isa namin kasamahan nag resign din pareho kami ng company dito sa Dammam airport siya dumaan at young final exit at visit visa lang daw ang hinahanap at nakapunta siya ng Abu Dhabi.

    Gusto ko lang i confirm if totoo po ba ito..kasi andun na siya sa Abu Dhabi new employer.

    Salamat ulit sir bong…god bless…

    • Ger,


      Gaya ng sabi ko, puwede itong mangyari kung dadaan ka sa UAE Embassy at dala ang requirement na galing sa employer na pinapayagan nila itong dadaan sa UAE at sinisiguro ko rin na ang UAE Embassy ay mag require ng flight ticket (KSA-UAE-PHL) bilang assurance na bibisita lamang ito sa UAE bago ito ma isyohan ng visit visa.


  19. Hello sir Bong,

    Good to see this are such a big help to all OFW in the middle east.

    In my case, I’m in Saudi Arabia for 2.5 years now…under open contract. Dumating ako dito sa Saudi galing bakasyon June 24,2011…almost 1 month napo..Naka reseb ako ng job offer from Abu Dhabi, tinanggap ko at on process na ang aking employment visa sa UAE..Tanong ko lang po:

    1. Kong mag resign ako dito sa Saudi at binigyan ako nga exit visa, pwede ho ba akong dumeretso sa Abu Dhabi gamit ang employment visa? Tapos duon ko na i process yong residence visa daw.

    2. Sir Bong pag-uwi ko ng Pilipinas from Abu Dhabi..normal process lang ba ako sa POEA for OEC kasi iba na ang employer or from the start ulit gaya ng Namehire procedure.

    Salamat sir Bong…more power and god bless

    • Gary,

      Hindi puwede kasi ang working visa mo sa KSA ay one way lang po from the country of origin to country of destination and VICE VERSA. Ito ang gawin mo pumunta ka sa UAE embassy dito sa Saudi ARabia at tanongin mo kung ano ang gagawin para makatawid from KSA to Abu Dhabi. Im sure he will ask a clearance from your employer here in KSA.

      Ano ang ibig sabihin mo sa employment visa, ang pagkakaalam ko, walang employment visa sa UAE kundi visit visa at pag nandoon kana, ang employer mo ang mag asikaso ng iyong dokumento para magkaroon ka ng working or residence visa.

      Dadaan ka sa proseso at kailangan makita ng POEA ang iyong kontrata bago ka magkaroon ng OEC.


      • Dear Sir Bong,
        Puwedi po ba akong maka kuha ng OEC/BM sa Airport during my departure? wala na po kasing akong oras.

        Waiting for prompt reply sir.

        Best regards,

        • Ang pagkakaalam ko, ang OFW Lounge sa airport ay para lamang po sa pag inspeksyon ng OEC sa mga departing OFW. Kaya dapat lamang po na bigyna mo ng isang araw ang pag-asikaso nito. Ang lahat po ng probinsya ay may nakatalagang regional or satellite offices ng POEA at OWWA upang pagsilbihan ang ating mga kahanay sa pag secure ng OEC. alamin mo po kung saang lokasyon ito makikita sa inoyng lugar o probinsya.

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