Humor for Today “Husband Store”

The Husband Store!

A store that sells husbands has just opened in New York City, where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store operates. You may visit the store ONLY ONCE !

There are six floors and the attributes of the men increase as the shopper ascends the flights. There is, however, a catch… you may choose any man from a particular floor, or you may choose to go up a floor, but you cannot go back down except to exit the building! So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband .


On the first floor the sign on the door reads:


Floor 1 – These men have jobs and love the Lord.


The second floor sign reads:

Floor 2 – These men have jobs, love the Lord, and love kids.

The third floor sign reads:

Floor 3 – These men have jobs, love the Lord, love kids, and are extremely good looking.

“Wow,” she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going.

She goes to the fourth floor and sign reads:

Floor 4 – These men have jobs, love the Lord, love kids, are drop- dead good looking and help with the housework.

“Oh, mercy me!” she exclaims, “I can hardly stand it!”

Still, she goes to the fifth floor and sign reads:

Floor 5 – These men have jobs, love the Lord, love kids, are drop- dead gorgeous, help with the housework, and have a strong romantic streak.

She is so tempted to stay, but she goes to the sixth floor and the sign reads:

Floor 6 – You are visitor 4,363,012th to this floor. There are no men on this floor. This floor exists solely as proof that women are impossible to please.

Thank you for shopping at the Husband Store. Watch your step as you exit the building, and have a nice day!

A good laugh and to all the women who can handle the truth! Thanks to Ellene S.

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OFWs in the Kingdom can afford to buy latest models of Cell Phones especially with those equipped with cameras and CPs compliant with Bluetooth device.

 But are you aware that receiving obscene images and storing it in your CP Inbox folder could put you into trouble?

camera-phone Watch Out! Any person caught having obscene pictures stored in cell phones is a  violation of the Islamic religious strict standards of social behavior or immorality in Saudi Arabia.

 Violators will be charged with prostitution and aside from a jail term, flogging with a cane is the stiffer punishment for such offense. 

 Taking pictures using Digital Cams or cell phones in government owned buildings, religious places or even public places particularly in presence of women are strictly prohibited.

 Other devices such as Digital Cameras and MP4 Digital Audio Player where it can store undesirable photos are closely being monitored by Saudi authorities. Moreover, they are also keeping an eye on Photo Developing Centers looking for offenders. Photos of men and women in an embarrassing scene like hugging and kissing are at risk and subject for investigation.

 So if you don’t want to get into trouble, please do not violate such laws. If you have Bluetooth device in your CP, all you have to do is to set it to inactive option. Be aware of what your friend is going to send and advise others to delete images that are immoral to public eyes.

More importantly, let us obey the strict laws of the Kingdom and respect the culture and traditions of the host country.

Government Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) for departing OFWs bound to KSA should include awareness about Why Cell Phones could put an OFW in big trouble.  – BongA

related entries:  Immorality a Serious Offense ; Pasaway ;  Philippine Embassy cautions OFW’s 26 Filipinos arrested for possessing fake papers (marriage, iqamas) in Dammam

MKB 10th Year Anniversary


Manggagawang Kapit Bisig (MKB), an active Filipino Community Organization in Central Region celebrated its 10th Year Anniversary and Grand Reunion at Philippine Embassy ground yesterday November 10, 2006.

On the same day, the Induction of newly elected officers for Year 2007-2008 were inducted by Honorable Charge De Affaires Nestor Padalhin.

Welfare Officer Bo Mercado read a message from OWWA Administrator Marianito Roque during the opening of the program proper. 

The whole day affair was highlighted with Sports Events, Parlor Games, Cultural and Talent Presentations.

MKB Past President Florencio Coronado in his remarks pointed out that under the new set of officers, its members should adhere unity under the new leadership headed by incoming President Resty Delos Reyes.

MKB has been actively involved for the past 10 years in the Filipino community activities such as helping distressed OFWs and entrepreneurship activities beneficial to its members among others.

Manggagawang Kapit Bisig is also an active participating organization of the OFW Congress-Riyadh and committee member of Tulong Pag-asa sa OFW, Inc. (TUPA, Inc.) formerly Barya Mo Buhay Ko.


We Welcome You Sir!

I was invited last November 6, Monday afternoon at Riyadh Palace Hotel for a coffee talk among Filipino community leaders in Riyadh with DFA Undersecretary Rafael Seguis.


Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the said meeting but for sure the unannounced visit has something to do with the long awaited presence of the new Philippine Ambassador in the Kingdom.


Ambassador Villamor (2nd from Left)

with Bioux Manilum, Bong A., & Alex Veloso Bello


The Commission on Appointment already confirmed the appointment of Ambassador Antonio Villamor as the new Philippine envoy to Saudi Arabia. 


I am certain that both countries had informally discussed the appointment prior to his formal recognition. However, as a diplomatic practice a Letter of  Credence or submission of credentials should be presented  to King Abdullah for acceptance.


As an Ambassador in the Kingdom is not an easy job, other than trade negotiation and strengthening economic ties between both countries, there are lot of burdens and a point of decision an envoy to make when it comes to the welfare of OFWs in the Kingdom.


Again, WE WELCOME You Sir! And You can count our support. See you soon in Riyadh.      

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BLogger Politician

Some politicians particularly in U.S. are now in the world of blogging, it means that their moves are not only limited in the square hall of governance. Readers of their blog have the freedom to post constructive comments that could perhaps give ideas in making laws and policies beneficial to their countrymen.









Sen. Richard J. Gordon discusses with Japan’s newly elected Prime Minister Shinzo Abe the situation of Filipino entertainers and possible hiring of nurses, bilateral trade agreements among others.





In the Philippines most politicians have web sites where we can read some of their activities. But blogging is different from web sites, a blogger politician writes his/her ideas and opinions that will give broader explanations on a certain political issues for public awareness.

I just found one public figure and a Senator who is a blogger, he is Sen. Richard “Dick” Gordon.

Sen. Richard Gordon is not new to us; we all knew that his political accomplishments brought him to the upper Hall of Congress. Now as a Senator, he is an ardent supporter for the betterment of OFWs. In fact the new DOLE restrictive policy that includes $400.00 minimum wage for our Domestic Workers was partly his idea.

You can also read his views on Charter Change and OFW advocacies.

Herman Melville said, “We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.” A perfect description of blogging, don’t you think?

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FDH: Restrictive Policy



According to recruiters, exporting Filipina Domestic Helpers in Middle Eastern countries with the new restrictive policy of USD 400.00 minimum wage a month will surely lessen the dollar remittances to our country’s coffer.

For me, as long as the Government will implement the said policy with strict monitoring authority and see to it those recruitment agencies comply with the rules, then who cares if we lost billions of dollars annually in remittances in exchange for their welfare and protection.

Maltreatment and Abuse (Indonesian maid)

Maltreatment and Abuse (Indonesian maid)

Many runaway maids and those employed in boutiques are minors below 18 years of age and with the help of faked documentations obtained from crocodiles in our country (particularly in Recto), they were able to work abroad as maids and beauticians. Without any experience and don’t know nothing about household chores, etc., they end up beatin and maltreated by their employers.     

With the said policy it may perhaps minimize abused to our FDH by their foreign employers and so with the unscrupulous recruiters asking excessive fees to our less fortunate domestic workers.

I am certain though that not all Arab employers will hire FDH with that wage policy requirement. Thus would lessen the complaints and run away maids in the Kingdom.

Recruiters claim that it could result for illegal means of deployment like disguising them as “tourists” with the aid of “escort syndicates” in the airports. What’s new then?  These crooked individuals in the airport are there “with or without” the said policy.  

It is only on a matter of how serious our Government and the authority to clean this mess once and for all.

The new policy will allow OFW deployment under strict conditions, among them:

1) A minimum salary of $400

2) No imposition of placement fees on the worker by recruitment agencies

3)Issuance of a certificate of competency by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority to the prospective OFW and the completion of the pre-departure orientation by the OFW

4) Conduct of a seminar on country-specific language and culture for OFWs

5) Strict contract verification and employers’ pre-qualification procedures

Philippine has been tagged as “worlds capital of domestic workers”. Maybe this time it would be “worlds capital of certified maids“.

I am looking forward that the official list of the above policy includes the minimum age requirement of 21 to 25 years old, or else “total ban of deployment“ in countries susceptible to abuse and maltreatment to our FDH is still the best solution to this problem. ### BongA

Abused of the Internet

One of the many reasons why I didn’t pack yet the PC intended for my daughter is because I am afraid that in my absence this tool could influence my child in the negative side of the Internet World.  


Pornograpic materials can be easily seen in the computer screen with the click of a mouse. Chat rooms nowadays are not safe for our children and even to adults. People in the other side of your screen could not be trusted as it is easy to use bogus names and email addresses in the net. Sometimes people in the chatrooms are not there for a mere simple decent talk but looking innocent victims that could satisfy their unworldly deeds.



The founder of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee has voiced concern over increasing abuse of the Internet


Sir Tim Berners-Lee


I agree with him that education is a key requirement to this concerns, to guide us and understand its implications. 


Perhaps it is about time that our  Government particularly the DECS to include “Web Science” in our school curriculum as part of the awareness in the proper use of Information Technology. Though, parents must be the first one to look after our kids and see to it that the use of this powerful tool is only for our children’s academic achievement.   

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CESEEPS Program – Yr. 2007

Center for Studies in Electrical Engineering Practices and Standards (CESEEPS International Association Inc.) based in Mandaue City, Cebu, announces to all Filipino Electrical Practitioners its Seminars and Training Programme for Year 2007.  













For more details, please click link CESEEPS 

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Overseas Filipinos Remittances

Today’s news item in the Phil. Daily Inquirer,  DOLE’s Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics Director Criselda Sy cited that Overseas Filipinos remittances have grown substantially over the last three decades. Sy said, a World Bank report in 2005 which ranked the Philippines fourth in terms of remittances from overseas nationals behind China, India and Mexico.

She also disclosed BLES’s other observations based on remittance data of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and the National Statistical Coordination Board.

.During the period 1975-2005, the yearly inflow of remittances grew by hundreds-fold, increasing from just $103 million to $10.689 billion, reflecting an average geometric growth rate of 16.7 per annum.

.While it took exactly 15 years (1975-1990) for remittances to reach $1 billion, it took just another 15 years (1991-2005) to breach $10 billion.

.Prior to 1996, the share of OFW remittances to GNP had been modest (at less than 5 percent) and almost stagnant. In 1996, the figure edged up to 5.1 percent, growing steadily until it reached 9.7 percent in 2002 and, by 2003 and onwards, to more than than 10 percent of GNP.

.Between 1999 and 2004, earnings from foreign or nonresident investors amounted to P306 billion, while total inflows of remittances reached P2.4 billion.

.In the same period, remittances were roughly one-third of the country’s earnings from its top five export products. There were about P7.4 billion in export receipts compared to P2.4 billion in remittances.

This robust growth [of remittances] underscores the important role played by overseas employment in the growth of the nation’s economy both as a source of wealth and as a reliable source of foreign exchange that supports a stable exchange rate for the Philippine peso,” Sy said.

Today’s Piece

U.S. Ret. Gen. Colin Powell

U.S. Ret. Gen. Colin Powell


Organization doesn’t really accomplish anything. Plans don’t accomplish anything, either. Theories of management don’t much matter. Endeavors succeed or fail because of the people involved. Only by attracting the best people will you accomplish great deeds. By: Gen. Colin Powell, Retired




DVO City Councilor Peter Lavina

Davao City Councilor Peter Lavina


Form of government does not guarantee stability, it is the way leaders ran the country.

By: Davao Councilor Peter Lavina



The frequently asked question, “Are leaders born or made?”usually brings



people to consider it a judgment call, and no one knows for sure. However, experience tells us that leadership is a set of learnable competencies. That for certain, every known leader is also a learner. Leadership requires self-confidence that comes from inner selves – our knowledge and skills, prejudices, talents and shortcomings. Subsequently, self-confidence only develops as we build on our strengths and overcome our weaknesses.

By: Noel T. Hernandez, IIEE Governor Region 7, Governors Message, Pulse Annunciator October Issue

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Will Keep In Touch

Last Thursday, I have had the guts to talk and submit to the company’s Managing Director my letter not to renew my contract that will end on the 24th of this month.  Though the internal company policy states that employees can take a leave or terminate his contract based on the day he arrived from his last vacation. In addition, those who wish to terminate his employment should inform the management advance notice for 6 months prior to his final departure. The employer therefore, has at least 6 months time to look for replacement. Don’t have other choice but to follow the rules.  


My decision to be home for good is not because I am ready to face the challenges at home. Frankly, I am not yet financially stable and in fact for 12 years of working in KSA I had just started 4 years ago my own personal reintegration plan, not to mention the financial obligations like housing loan and other payables that needs to be settled.


We have to admit that this is OFW life, most especially to those OFWs like me who earn a little compared to those lucky OFWs with high paying jobs. 


My co-employees who had just arrived from vacation advised me to reconsider my decision “mahirap daw ang buhay sa atin”. However, my priority at the moment is to be with my loved ones. 



But it doesn’t mean that this blog will go for a halt, No! It is not. Wherever I am and whatever God’s plan for me, this blog will always be in touch.   

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Who do you see?

Optical Illusion that will touch you..

Do it in your spare time but please follow instruction.

1) Relax and concentrate on the 4 small dots in the middle of the picture for about 30 to 40 seconds.

2) Then, take a look at a wall near you (any smooth, single colored surface).

3) You will see a circle of light developing..

4) Start blinking your eyes a couple of times and you will see a figure emerging…

5) What do you see? Moreover Who do you see?

It maybe the coolest PC illusion but it touched my whole body and my life. Hope you do the same. Thanks to Sir Ben.

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3 Great Leaders

November 1, All Saint’s Day

Remembering the 3 Great Nationalists Leaders, the Real Street Parliamentarians of the Philippine History.


Jose, Lorenzo & Chino

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Invitation to Join

Do you have ideas about how to empower OFWs economically and politically?


Then you are invited to join OFW Empowerment ForumEmpowering Overseas Filipinos through Economic and Political Means”.


Our online discussion board offers you a chance to share with others your thoughts and insights into the complex and sometimes controversial issues facing Overseas Filipinos.


OFW Empowerment Forum will provide the means for Overseas Filipino Workers/Migrant Filipinos to connect to others, sharing concerns and opinions on general and specific subjects and issues, getting information and making decisions.


OFW Empowerment Forum is a meeting place where members exchange ideas, present issues with corresponding goals and objectives and action plans to address specific issues and concerns that affect OFWs/Migrant Filipinos and their families’ home and abroad.


The forum atmosphere is intended to be relaxed to motivate maximum participation yet respect and propriety is in place. There are moderators in this forum to maintain  objectivity in the discussions. Therefore as mature individuals, we should respect each other’s opinions as fundamental values of any communications.  


Members and Guests can work together on a certain topic that will provide avenue towards empowering Overseas Filipinos through “Economic and Political means”. Trust and teamwork is very essential to strengthened and achieve its goal in which unity may finally find its way.


In time, it is hoped, that OFW Empowerment Forum will evolve into a mature and responsible forum, which will deal with not only social and political issues but pursue economic initiatives as well.




Strive for cooperation & teamwork among members, with a commitment to responsibly share information & resources whenever feasible.


Form a camaraderie among its members to achieve one solid voice to its  advocacies the forum may decide into as a result of its unified decision on a particular discussion.


Foster the development of a partnership reflective of the Overseas Filipino community by keeping the membership open to any interested Overseas Filipinos  around the globe while embracing the diversity that each member brings to the  partnership.




1)  Promote brotherhood & mutual cooperation among Overseas Filipinos;

2) Collaborate with the government in realizing the protection & welfare of the OFWs and their beneficiaries.  As such, OFW Empowerment Forum:


a) Help protect the dignity & integrity of Overseas Filipinos; defend their constitutional & human rights;

b)    Promote & support OFW investments & reintegration programs;

c)    Support the promotion of global environment protection & eco-tourism programs of government & non-government organizations;

d)     Form a cohesive structure that will be a guiding foundation towards OFW Empowerment.  

Unity – Why not give a try?

Does OFWs needs a National Leadership under One United Voice?














No need



22 votes total

Poll powered by Pollhost. Poll results are subject to error. Pollhost does not pre-screen the content of polls created by Pollhost customers.


WE have the brains, an honest leaders in our midst (globally), we have our vision and aspiration for the welfare and betterment of Overseas Filipinos, we only lack attachment towards unity that could move and shape us into a one solid structure for the realization of our dreams.


The mock poll result given above is a sign that WE need a national leadership or a one united voice, for us to move forward in our long quest for political empowerment.


It maybe hard to achieve – if we don’t give a try. 

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Make the Right Choice

Tomorrow 31 October 2006 is the last day for Overseas Filipinos to register as Absentee Voter. Comelec estimated that half a million Overseas Filipinos are set to vote in the coming May 2007 election. If we exercise our right to vote sincerely and wisely, then these figures are substantial enough to change the course of the history of Philippine politics.


Political issues, old or new may still be just around the corner, it maybe gone forever or not but for now we should focus ourselves into whom among these leaders worthy for our votes.    


David L. is right, let’s move on and set aside partisan politics for a moment and concentrate more on identifying whose the best one, after all it is our heart that dictates our right of choice.



Yes! Filipino people are divided on what we believe in for the good of our country but to sum it all, we have only one thing in common and that is “for the better Philippines”.

5th Quran Reading Contest

Press Release No. NNP-53-2006 28 October 2006


28 Oct 2006 – The Philippine Embassy announced the successful conduct of the 5th Qur’an Reading Contest, a much anticipated annual event held during the Holy Month of Ramadhan.

Held on 20 Ramadhan 1427 (12 October 2006), the 5th Qur’an Reading Contest was participated in by 11 Filipino Muslim brothers from the Maguindanao, Maranaw and Tausug tribes and the Balik Islam group.

Phil. Embassy Charge de Affaires Nestor Padalhin

Phil. Embassy Charge de Affaires Nestor Padalhin

In his message to the guests and participants of the event, Charge d’Affaires, a. i. Nestor N. Padalhin said that the contest is an important, fitting and meaningful celebration of Ramadhan. He thanked the members of the Filipino Muslim community in the Kingdom for their support and more importantly, he extended his gratitude for the support given by a significant number of Saudi businessmen who generously provided prizes to all the winners and participants.

The Firm

I read interesting news item today in the Philippine Daily Inquirer titled “The Firm“. It is all about how Justice Antonio Carpio voted for a NO in the Charter Change issue.


Contrary to the famous novel by John Grisham  “The Firm”  in which the book shows that deception is everywhere, including the legal system, Justice Carpio on the other hand expresses his action that legal system in our country still works.  Being a Presidential appointee and having professional attachment with the Arroyo’s with his previous Law Firm does not hinder his belief in search for justice.  



Speaking of Law Firms, there are many Law Firms in our country that can produce good Judges and Justices in the future, to name a few like: a) Romulo, Mabanta, Buenaventura, Sayoc & De Los Angeles, b) Tanjuatco, Oreta, Factoran and Berenguer; and Oreta, Suarez and Narvasa c) Chan, Robles   d) Jaromay, Laurente, Pamaos  e) Mamangun & Juco f) Sycip, Salazar, Hernandez, Gatmaitan Law Firm and many more in the provinces.


Though abovementioned law firms are prominent and long time practicing lawyers in the Philippines, I added in the list new law offices of young energetic lawyers. 

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Justice Prevails

“The Constitution being the fundamental law of the land deserves the utmost respect and obedience of all the citizens of this nation. No one can trivialize the Constitution by cavalierly amending or revising it in blatant violation of the clearly specified modes of amendment and revision laid down in the Constitution itself”.


“If this Court allows today a cavalier change in the Constitution outside the constitutionally prescribed modes, tomorrow the new dominant political group that comes will demand its own set of changes in the same cavalier and unconstitutional fashion. A revolving-door Constitution does not augur well for the rule of law in this country”. – The High Tribunal

500,000 Pinoys abroad expected to vote in next year’s polls

By: Mayen Jaymalin, Philippine Star: 10/16/2006

Half a million Filipinos abroad, including undocumented workers, are set to vote in the 2007 senatorial and party-list elections, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) said yesterday.

An estimated 150,000 Filipinos are expected to register for the overseas absentee voting which is ongoing until Oct. 31, Comelec Commissioner Florentino Tuason said.

In an interview, Tuason said, “500,000 is already substantial, it can make the difference on who will sit as the new senators.”

The poll official said a portion of those who registered for the coming elections are undocumented workers. “I don’t know the exact figure but we were able to encourage a number of undocumented Filipino workers to register,” he said.

Tuason noted that by registering for the coming elections, undocumented workers would not only be able to vote, but also legalize their stay abroad.

In the 2004 presidential elections, only 350,000 Filipinos abroad registered and participated in the polls.

Earlier, Tuason reported that about 5,000 Filipino migrants in the United States will be voting by mail in next year’s elections. He said the Comelec has decided to allow voting by mail in the US because it would be faster and cheaper.

Happy Eid L Fitr

Yesterday was the start of EID L FITR, the end of Ramadhan, the holy month of Islamic world. Usually, companies in Saudi Arabia are closed for a week in observance of the feast.

"Eid Mubarak"

"Eid Mubarak"

However, due to the urgency of work and company commitments with our clients, we have only one day, the 23rd of October declared a non-working day. We can’t refuse to come to work because it will be paid, normal working day, plus a day overtime and a day paid bonus – Not so bad at all.

I spent my half day (23 October) in the hospital morgue where my late co-employee laid to rest (died due to stroke) temporarily waiting completion of his documents going back home.

But my one day vacation was not really a good one. I regret visited the city proper just to experience a horrible scene like in the movie, a disturb lady jump into the hood of my friend car pretending like Lito Lapid in his action stunt flick movies. Though the car was idle she was not hurt, I trembled because the law in Saudi Arabia in this kind of situation is in contrast at home. Our friend at the back seat of the car giggled and said “Pare nakarating si Darna sa Saudi ang layo ng lipad“.

Oh What a Day! Anyway, “HAPPY EID L FITR” to everyone!

Rule by Law and Rule of Law

What is the difference between Rule “by” Law and Rule “of” Law?

The difference between “rule by law” and “rule of law” is important. Under the rule “by” law, law is an instrument of the government, and the government is above the law. In contrast, under the rule “of” law, no one is above the law, not even the government. The core of “rule of law” is an autonomous legal order. Under rule of law, the authority of law does not depend so much on law’s instrumental capabilities, but on its degree of autonomy, that is, the degree to which law is distinct and separate from other normative structures such as politics and religion. As an autonomous legal order, rule of law has at least three meanings. First, rule of law is a regulator of government power. Second, rule of law means equality before law. Third, rule of law means procedural and formal justice. By: Bo Li, What is Rule Of Law.

But the rule of law is not strengthened when it is wielded like a weapon against our enemies. It is reinforced by universally and consistently applying it. Indeed, in societies like ours, we add to the law’s majesty by letting its axe fall in the first instance on those to whom we are closest. Nothing erodes the rule of law more than when it is invoked by the very ones who brazenly and routinely manipulate it. By: Randy David

OFW Empowerment Forum

To: Fellow Overseas Filipino Workers/Filipino Migrant Workers,


VERY SOON “OFW Empowerment Forum” will be available where we can discuss OFWs issues and concerns and “Empowering Overseas Filipinos through Economic and Political means”. 



To many migrant NGO activists, “migrant empowerment means consciousness raising”. It means enabling the migrant workers “to appreciate the causes and effects of migration on macro and microlevels; to enable them to understand the problems that migrants face in the work place and at home; and to enable them to respond to those problems by mobilizing personal and collective resources that are available to them”


Page 18 of ILO, Empowering Filipino Migrant Workers, Policy Issues and Challenges, The Challenge of Empowering Filipino Migrant Workers.

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