OFW Tax Exemption , A Token Gift

Tax Exemption, A Token Gift

Exemption is Exemption

Exemption is Exemption

This possible move to draft a bill taking back tax exemption from OFW’s could disrupt the entire movement of Philippine Economy, if we act together there’s a way. We should not let this only token gift from the Government who dubbed us Modern Day Heroes be taken back from us.

Again, why does our Government keep an eye to OFW’s whose life are already miserable away from home and the positive return that they only gave us while saving our economy is the tax exemption law for OFWs?

OFW’s remittances contributed a lot to our ailing economy, our remittances are the source of foreign exchange that keeping our economy afloat and likewise offset the current impact of high oil prices. All of these, amidst political and economic crisis, We, OFW’s continuously serving and helping our nation to stand the test of time.

And now they are going to take it back from us? This is a clear blatant insult to us OFW’s, it is acceptable to be slapped in the face rather than being insulted in front of the millions of Filipinos. This Government continue and continuously degrading us, squeezing all the possible sweats we can pour saving the poor lives of Filipinos back home.

A Token Gift

A Token Gift

Despite from all of these contribution, we are undeniably the lowest sector of the Philippine society. Our struggle and fight for OFW empowerment continues as long as there are Domestic Helpers raped and maltreated, worst some goes home in boxes. As long as there are stranded OFW’s waiting government concrete response on their agonies whose only wish is to be with their loved ones back home. As long as the problem of contract substitution still exist in every corner of the Kingdom, thus our rights are not been well protected due to weak labor bilateral agreements between the Philippines and host country.

Our continuing saga for political empowerment continues as long as there are OFW’s languishing in jail without proper legal representation from our government. The DFA reported that there are 4, 775 Filipinos, including 1,103 Pinays, in foreign jails, 213 of the numbers mentioned are in different jails in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The case filed by Phil. Migrants Rights Watch in behalf of the OFW’s questioning the legality of the $25 OWWA contribution that is supposedly be paid by our employer and not from us, is up to now pending for decision by our Supreme Court.

And now they’re going to add more agonies, to the agonies that we already had….

Once again, let us joined hands together and blocked all the possible entry points that this Draft Bill might be going through…

We made it before, there are no reasons why we can not do it again.

I am not one of those High Paying OFW’s, I am just an ordinary office employee but I have a heart of an OFW. ## BongA


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