Araw ng Kagitingan

By: Retired Judge Lilio Libres Amora

JESUS steadfastly refused any thought on a violent overthrow of the despotic regime but insisted on peaceful reforms. Barabas who led the underground movement pursued his uncanny strategy that if Jesus is arrested and imprisoned, His thousands of followers would rise up in rebellion and join the underground, then ignite the poor and down-trodden into a great civil war. Judas who subscribed to the views of Barabas betrayed Jesus and facilitated His arrest but when the thousands of followers did not rise up or joined the underground, Judas committed suicide. In an unexpected twist of events, Pilate, supported by the viva voce vote of the people, released Barabas instead of Jesus, washed his hands and ordered the scourging of Jesus after proclaiming, I have nothing to do with the death of this Man. The passion and crucifixion of Jesus followed. And then, Easter Sunday came, the first and the only true araw ng kagitingan of mankind and the whole world.
* * *
Bataan has fallen but the spirit that made it stand will remain a beacon to all freedom-loving people of the world? this is the Voice of Freedom. (April 9, 1942):. Some Filipino soldiers in that war, which was not our war, are still living after fighting side by side with the Americans 60 years ago. Veterans, they are called who are living on their pensions but pensions that they lament are not apportioned equally among all the soldiers who crawled and bled with the American buddies in the war contrary to the promises of American presidents from Roosevelt to Bush. To many Filipino veterans, this is araw ng kagitingan sa mga sipsip. They even have to line under sun and rain towards a bank that keeps and cashes their checks under a business arrangement with another sipsip group. The aging veterans in crutches or by walking sticks are victimized by swindlers and pickpockets in the city. Their travel from their towns to the city is already a great physical effort on the part of the aging veterans who still hope on the promises that are aged already like them. It is not hard to presume that on the lips of these fading old soldiers are the words & I fought in vain.
* * *
There is now another Senate Five to counterpart the Batasan Five which will fuel further the Oust PGMA campaign and which is to be intensified during the Lenten season but the new assault is pre-empted by FG (Front Guard) Mike Arroyo who challenged all senators to resign instead. Here we go again, but this time, the man of the house is at the front door in an open war to protect his loved ones. The fight has taken a new shape and size. The flames are fanned by the resignation of the prime minister of Thailand after violent street demonstrations and the adverse editorial of the New York Times that democracy has dark days in the Philippines. The fight is now taking place outside of the ring, what’s next?

Taken from:
Bohol Times/April 9, 2006 Issue
Thinking Aloud/Editorial Column
Posted at my Home Blog, April 9, 2006


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