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Jason Banico (Creator of Funchain)

Jason Banico (Creator of Funchain)

Browsing Internet is part of my daily job, not to mention that the company where I am employed have unlimited access with our ISP. It means that I can always visit and post important events, commentaries, etc. to my blog whenever I have the spare time to do it.

Actually, I heard this blog mania a couple of years ago and was fascinated by some bloggers conveying personal opinions through the freedom of expression using the power of blogging.

My impulse told me so creating my own blog. Then, I discover myself doing my homework in my PC at my flat. It does not only eases homesickness away from home, it likewise enhances my know-how in the usefulness of Information Technology (IT).












Thus- the creation of (now whose postings relates Overseas Filipino Workers issues and concern.

I found powered by I POWER BLOGGER popularly known as IBlog easy to use and recreational, not only venturing creativity in developing my personal site but it also helps improve my love of writing.

Few days ago I visited one of my favorite blog created/authored by Davao City Councilor Peter Lavina, I noticed that he shifted to a new blogger powered by FUNCHAIN. Out of curiosity I started my new blog with the same blog name (ofwempowerment) using FUNCHAIN and later conclude it remarkable, very easy to use and more convenient.

In this new era of information technology, let your views be heard, let us exercise our freedom of expression through the use of a proper venue; and that is – the power of blogging. However, we should be always compassionate in expressing our respective viewpoint, thoughts and ideas.

Try making your own blog using Funchain.

Who brought this idea to reality? Like us – He is Filipino, in the name of Mr. Jason Banico. Find out a little bit of who this person is – below:

Jason Banico is a technopreneur with 9 years of IT experience. He hails from Davao City, only coming to Metro Manila for his college studies at Ateneo de Manila and working there for approximately 10 years.

In 2005, he became a Reuters Digital Vision Fellow at Stanford University, where he realized his dream of finally going to Silicon Valley. Staying in a converted garage (yes, the proverbial Silicon Valley garage), he brought Funchain from idea to reality. *** BongA


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