OFW Center in Davao

One of our group recommendation in the Joint Resolution we are going to submit to Pres. Arroyo this coming 8 of May 2006 in line with OFW Reintegration plan is; 

*LGU participation in the OFW Reintegration program should be made mandatory.*

Today i read this important news, I am so grateful to those local leaders in our country that initiate laudable moves for the good of their OFW constituents.

My heartfelt gratitude to Davao Councilors Jimmy Dureza and Peter Lavina. Your heart belongs to OFWs. Maraming Salamat Muli!  


 Davao oks OFW Center

The likes of Manuel Amora would be happy with this news. The Davao City Council finally approved yesterday the Ordinance establishing the Davao City OFW Center.

It was first proposed by Councilor Jimmy Dureza when we opened the 14th City Council in July 2004. I started committee work on this proposal when I chaired the Committee on Labor & Employment. It was presented to the floor yesterday by our new committee head Councilor Angela Librado-Trinidad.

The Center is envisioned to become a one-stop-shop for the processing, deployment, assistance and re-integration of overseas Filipino workers from Davao City. It would work closely with national government agencies and non-government organizations like Unlad Kabayan to provide a number of services to OFWs.

A key component for the success of this Center is my proposal to devolve to local governments some of the powers, functions and resources of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).


OFWC re: PGMA’s visit


March 5, 2006, Riyadh – The OFW Congress-Riyadh initiated a meeting last Thursday evening, 27 April 2006 at Peking Restaurant to discuss some important agenda particularly the coming State visit of Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in the Kingdom.

PFWC Pres. Alex Bello, Labor Attache Manuel Roldan and Chris Lavina

OFWC Pres. Alex Bello, Labor Attache Manuel Roldan and Chris Lavina

The meeting presided by Alex Veloso Bello, President of OFWC and was attended by 20 Filipino Community leaders in Riyadh composed of the current OFWC executive council members and other invited Filipino community organizations.

Bong Amora was given a floor by the presiding officer to recount some important matters outlining general issues that must be included in the agenda proper.

Further, Bong Amora emphasized that OFW Congress is not an umbrella organization but it is a group of OFW leaders represented by their respective organization whose primary objective is to act as partners of the State in the protection of Filipino migrant workers and in the promotion of their welfare. The organization shall plan, initiate, advocate, and spearhead the drafting, lobbying, passage of motions, measures, resolutions and position papers on vital issues affecting the rights, welfare and economic well being of the OFW’s as stated in Article II, Section 1 of OFW Congress Constitution and By-Laws.

Meeting Proper (Bong Amora Presiding)

Bong Amora and OFW Congress-Riyadh Executive Council Members

In the meeting proper each organization presented to the body various issues affecting the welfare of the OFW’s more particularly in the Kingdom. It was then approved by the majority of the attendees that a consolidated recommendation on important OFW issues and concerns will be submitted in a form of a Joint Resolution between the OFWC Execon members and the Participating Member Organization.

Abdul Gaafar Dimalotang of PHILMOWA

Abdul Gaafar Dimalotang of PHILMOWA

It was also agreed that hot political issues should not be included in the ten point agenda in the list of recommendations. The attendees decided further that OFW issues must be given utmost attention by the community leaders rather than political concerns.

Before the meeting was adjourned Outgoing Labor Attache Manuel Roldan arrived as one of the invited Government Official in the said forum.

The meeting was adjourned and set to another date for the Final Drafting of the approved Ten Point Recommendations. *** BongA