An Open Letter to Saudi Authorities and Fellow Filipinos

As representative of good standing in the Filipino Community in Riyadh, WE speak on behalf of the vast majority of Filipinos in the Kingdom who has come here for the singular purpose of working decently and quietly to secure a better future of our respective families back home.

As employees in different fields of expertise, we express the collective gratefulness of OFWs in the Kingdom for continued trust and confidence of our esteemed employers as well as the privilege of being welcomed, along with our families, to share in the progress and lawful protection of the Kingdom.

As members of the expatriate community who have spent a good number of years in the Kingdom, WE convey the firm resolve of our fellow OFWs to remain fully cognizant and deep respect to the laws, customs and traditions of our friendly host and promote better understanding and closer relations between the Filipino community and the Islamic world particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As a leaders of various community; clubs, guilds and organizations, WE are committed to ensure that our competence and excellence are recognize not only in our field of work, but also in the community of service, sports, arts, music and other worthwhile activities to which we devote our free time.

Thus, in the wake of disparaging news reports concerning some OFWs in Saudi Arabia, WE strongly take exception to the allegations that Filipinos are engaged with illegal operations in the Kingdom.

WE denounced such activities of a few individual OFWs, if actually proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt, as contrary to the much larger and lasting relations of the Filipino Community with the Saudi society in which they play an active role towards continuing development.

WE avow that we will exert our best efforts to always maintain the highest respect for all the values the Saudi society holds dear and cooperation with the authorities in preserving these values as well as the existing cordial relations between both country and its people.

From: The Filipino Community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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