Ten Point Recommendation

H.E. Ambassador Antonio Villamor and OFW Congress-Riyadh Execon member and other Filcom Leaders

H.E. Ambassador Antonio Villamor and OFW Congress-Riyadh Execon members and other Filcom Leaders

The Ten Point Recommendation of Filipino Community Leaders in Riyadh (see related link below Joint Resolution #OFWC06-002)initiated by OFW Congress to be presented in the forthcoming visit of PGMA to the Kingdom was submitted in advance to Special Envoy to Saudi Arabia, Ambassador Tony Villamor yesterday, 5 of May 2006 at Al Mutlaq Hotel, Riyadh.

Various community organizations presided by Alex Veloso Bello of the OFW Congress-Riyadh attended the forum. The said Ten Point Recommendations was read by MAA and was then approved by the attendees by affixing their respective signatures manifesting their support to the Joint Resolution of the 21 Executive Council Members of OFWC and 16 participating groups.

with Francis Oca discussing the proposed OFW Bank

with Francis Oca discussing the proposed OFW Bank

During the meeting, a resolution was also adopted and approved by the majority of the original 21 EXECON members of OFWC, accepting 10 new member organizations. The OFWC will now have 31 Executive Council that would decide in any advocacies the group will undertake concerning vital issues affecting the rights, welfare and economic well being of the OFWs, more particularly in the Kingdom.

The Joint Resolution that was officially agreed is more on the issues pertains to the plight of our distressed OFWs. It urge the President to give more attention for the speedy resolution of pending labor cases as well as early repatriation of those resolve cases of our female and male stranded workers. Other concerns such as Reintegration Program for returning OFWs as well an appeal to the President to reconsider her order for the transfer of 1 Billion Pesos OWWA Fund to Phil. Postal Bank and in lieu thereof, the creation of an OFW Bank that OFWs can call their own, where implementing mechanisms is for the best interest of the Filipino migrant workers sustained by a legislative measure.

H.E. Ambassador Villamor

H.E. Ambassador Villamor

Prior to the meeting proper, Filcom leaders had their breakfast exchanging conversation with the good Ambassador who arrived earlier than expected. A nice indication that -the would be Ambassador- is worthy to his call as the new Father of the OFWs in the Kingdom.

In the meeting proper each Filcom leaders were given a few minutes to introduce themselves as well as what organization are they represented. Each leaders give a warm Welcome to His Excellency in which in return gave his remarks after MAA made a short introduction of who is Ambassador Tony Villamor.

In his message, he made an assurance that problems of the OFWs will be taken care of with utmost attention if ever he will be given the privilege to serve the OFWs in the Kingdom. *** BongA


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