Not Welcome!

eyeOne of my co-office workers who is also a member of our group asked me this morning if I will be going to Philippine Embassy tonight to meet the President. I said Yes! He followed a question asking me if really the President will read our Ten Point Recommendation and make action on it. I replied him with a convincing tone, Yes or maybe not but we should be positive and try to act than do nothing.

My co-worker, an architect who hails from Pampanga himself is not a supporter nor he voted GMA in the last election. He doesnt believed that Arroyo leadership could save the nation from poverty, he is not a rightist nor a leftist but his belief is more on knowing of who is PGMA is. He talks about Bong Pineda and other politician in his province as if he knows everything about the history of politics in Pampanga. I admire his position, though I explain to him that I am just representing the group, especially in behalf of those ordinary OFWs with grievances that are not given this chance to meet the so called highest official of our land.

Not Welcome

Not Welcome


He nods with a smile and said, “Good Luck, and please say our (Pampanguenos) Hello to her”. I smile back to him and said “Yes, Ill do“, thinking that Jesus, Himself our Savior is not welcome in His city Israel during His time. -*** BongA


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