OFW Community Volunteer

OFW Sentinels

Watch Out!! for a new OFW organization to emerge in the 3 Zones of Industrial Area-Riyadh, proposed name: 

OFW Sentinels Motorcycle Club International Inc.(OFW-SMCII).

Purpose, Goals, and Objectives are as follows:

PURPOSE:  To establish and maintain a spirit of camaraderie and spirit de corps among OFWs in Industrial Areas-Riyadh that will enhance the prestige and riding experience of all motorcycle riders, encourage on-going rider education and skills development, increase public awareness and reduce motorcycle mishaps. To operate and conduct itself in a manner that provides equal opportunity and treatment for all motorcyclists, regardless of motorcycle make, model or engine size.

The purpose of this organization shall be to bring together OFWs in Industrial Areas-Riyadh or OFWs in any neighboring areas in Riyadh whose common interest is motorcycle riding, promoting good fellowship, encouraging membership in the Fraternity, following the precepts of the morale of a good OFW Riders and aiding and assisting its members. The members of this organization are OFW Community Volunteers in the Industrial Areas-Riyadh. This organization is a not for profit club.


1.The Club will seek to improve rider morale and skills, promote general road safety, rider awareness and skills improvement education.

2.  The Club will seek to enhance the base and local community relationship with riders through involvement in Filipino community sponsored efforts and events as well as educational awareness for non-riders.


After completion of its draft Charter and By-Laws, it will seek an accreditation with Philippine Embassy in Riyadh.

The mentioned club will be the mobile group of KAKAMPI-KSA in any OFW Volunteerism endeavor in the near future.


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