Make It Right

OFWs Longing for Home. We want to go home to be with our loved ones, to avoid broken families and many reasons why, but when we go home, it could mean fighting over the few jobs to be had in our country. We, OFWs is jobless again, having no income, we will be forced to seek employment overseas again and again, and this is our life, in visayan dialect maniguwang sa abroad.  

Certificate of Appreciation re: 1st OFW Reintegration Conference in Riyadh

Certificate of Appreciation re: 1st OFW Reintegration Conference in Riyadh

My friend and OFW returnee Tony Ranque who is presently connected with OFW Resource Center enlighten me on the above realities, I remember when I asked him some pointers for our Position Paper on OFW Reintegration where i was one of the Resource Speaker during the First OFW Reintegration Conference in Riyadh in which he said that;
OFWs should be encouraged to do forced savings (min. 5-10%of their income). Low-level salaried OFWs may be enjoined to form cooperatives to harness group power. High-level salaried OFWs should be given orientation on various investment opportunities to be identified based on existing requirements like bonds, etc.

Unlad Kabayan

Unlad Kabayan

However, there are many ways to make reintegration program responsive to the respective needs of the migrant workers and to improve the life of their families. A lot of Non-Government Organization could help us, like UNLAD KABAYAN, who have just recently launced an income generating project for ex-OFWs families in Davao particularly   Kalagan Muslim farming community in barangay Lizada, Toril. UNLAD Kabayan is visible in some part of the country like Metro Manila, Bohol, Iligan and Davao.

This re-integration scheme was seen as a means to prepare us for our eventual return to our country. But we should think first of savings like many of us who havent yet started. It cant be denied that the money we sent back home usually ends up for our needs of shelter, education for our kids and other basic necessities but if we have set aside a little savings, NGOs could provide us a means to have this reintegration plan a reality.

There are many of them namely: ATIKHA, BALIK BAYANI, UNLAD KABAYAN, OFWNet/Holdings.



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