The plan of our Government about Barangay IDs or NIS (National ID System) creates mixed reactions from various sectors of our society, if it is really a good moved or could harm the privacy of individual Filipinos. An article I read titled Inside the Matrix give me the impression that the said plan focuses on identifying possible terrorists while law abiding citizens like us can be monitored anytime not knowing that our private lives can be violated. However, to those individuals like me whose life has nothing to hide is in favor of NIS. Yet, our government and lawmakers must look deeper on its implementing mechanisms that should not put ordinary lives at risk for just a mere suspicion of being an enemy to the nation.

In my opinion why not first apply this plan to OFWs. A certain provision in the Migrant Workers Act of 1995, Section 20, Establishment of a Shared Government Information System for Migration, particularly a) Masterlist of Filipino Migrant worker/overseas Filipinos classified according to occupation/job category, civil status, by country/state of destination including visa classification has not yet been fully implemented for almost a decade now.

The OWWA Membership Card can be used as a tool in monitoring OFWs employment records especially to our Domestic Helpers, where it can stored pertinent datas of her employment status such as: name and contact number of employer, addresses, recruitment agencies and other relevant information prior to her employment abroad. Though, there must be a mechanism that upon arrival of the OFW to its destination, he/she must register using the said OWWA ID in a counter or office provided by our government inside the airport facilities of her/his work destination. This could not only help our Philippine Mission abroad to locate the whereabouts of its constituents in times of troubles, these could also prevents undocumented OFWs and monitor illegal recruiters.

If our government is serious in protecting and promoting the rights, interest and well being of OFWs, then this so called Establishment of a Shared Government Information System for Migration must be implemented through the so called OFW MATRIX (Monitoring & AnTi-Illegal Recruiters with Information eXchange).H u h!


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