Give Back

I am so touched when I read inspiring messages in my Cbox especially from my fellow Nasipitnon, like Atty. Loloy Compendio based in our town; and Raquel Toland my silingan/kapitbahay who is now residing in U.S.


As I recall, Nasipit in my younger years was probably the busiest town in the province of Agusan Del Norte but due to economic depression in the late 1980s the famous Nasipit Lumber Company  (NALCO) that employed hundreds of its people ceases its operation. It was then that the continuing economic growth of the once called a very progressive town started to weaken. Presently our beloved town primarily depends on the income generated by its port, the International Port of Entry.



Nasipit Town Hall


My schoolmates and some of my friends in the old golden days are now mostly in different parts of the globe, many of them are OFWs/Migrant workers. Yet a few of us are keeping in touch by way of emails particularly the Nasipit e-group. I am hoping and praying that out of these kumustahan and usual exchanges of e-mails, something will give  spark that soon be a light that could help put our town back on track. 


Mainit Dot Org, in Surigao Del Norte, a civil society organization who focused on developmental issues of the town and contributed its economic progress first came as an idea by two town mates who happen to know each other in high school, one idea led to another, and this group certainly more than just an idea now.


Thinking aloud, many successful Nasipitnons back home and overseas could perhaps sit down together over a bottle of beers and a cup of coffee, I have just imagine some of the good guys out there like, Bubot Gicum, Gerry Ampo, Nerio Ruiz, Loy Compendio, Eddie Tan, Capt. Bolongaita, Mike Marave, Boboy Dompor, Bondit Rotor, Ian Atupan, Dodong Amora, Pia brothers, Enghog Family, Margie Lombard, Dindo Bugas, and many, many more, that may talk about certain things on what we can do for our town. It is about time to return something back to a town that moulds us into what we are today, a responsible citizen.


Maybe we are not physically be there but the spirit of being a Nasipitnon will lingers on and it cant be denied that we came from a small town that memories never fades and wherever we are it embraces us whenever we come back.


But Hey! Ill join you all, over a bottle of Beers.    


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