Bloggers – a Writer and Editor

Recent news of unlawful arrests of opposition supporters creates worries among ordinary  citizens whose only intention and participation is for their grievances to be heard through freedom of expression and assembly.


I cant help myself thinking that maybe in a day or two, OFW bloggers like me who writes  political issues and concerns that we considered detrimental to OFWs might experience the same fate and be suspected as enemy of the state. However, as Ive said, in a democratic nation where everyone has the right to be heard, let us exercise this freedom with decency in language and be compassionate in expressing our respective viewpoint, thoughts and ideas.



According to David Loritos article End of Pinoy Bloggers Age of Innocence, he mentioned that bloggers is kind of media where the writer is also the editor that could pour out venom as much as his or her sense of decency or lack of it.


Yes! I agree with him and as a blogger, we should always abide with fair and honest methods in our effort to inform public of our views pertains to a certain issue and refrain from posting that will adversely affect a private reputation unless it justifies public interest. 


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