OFW Assistance

Been receiving e-mails and a few messages in my Cbox from our fellow OFWs asking what or how we can be of help pertains to their grievances with their employer or sponsor.


Prior to that, please allow me to refresh everyone that we are visitors in this country and we should always respect with the rules, policies, customs, traditions and abide the governing labor laws of the host country.   


Kalipunang Kaakabay ng Manggagawang Pilipino was formed to impart and educate our fellow Filipino workers on their rights and corresponding responsibilities as Filipino workers in the Kingdom. The main objective of the group is to work closely as strategic partner with other Non Government Organization and envision a direct link with Philippine government mission for the welfare and protection of working Filipinos in the Kingdom.


In view of this, kindly find hereunder Sample Assistance Form to be filled out by OFW who ask assistance to our group. Also, dont forget that in any court, rules of evidence is the basis of decisions, therefore, supporting documents is a must. Kindly note that if the complaint was already filed, then the history of the case is very necessary if you need our assistance.


(For Clear Copy, please right click image then save picture as and print)


Further, be informed that the group is not authorized to represent your case in any legal proceedings. Our participation is limited to the following 1) endorse your complaint to the proper Philippine authorities if there is a probable cause that your right should be protected and; 2) Follow up of cases to the concern agencies whose authority can represent in your behalf, such as: POLO/ OWWA and Philippine Embassy/Assistance to National Section (ANS).


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