Cha Cha – Barangay Based Constitution

Been a reader of Bohol Times for a quite a time now, not because my roots came from Bohol but it seems to me that Bohol in general is getting known not only as a major tourist destination in our country but also in its continuing economic progress as well.

Though I heard many opposing views about political leadership in Bohol but for me what achievement these politicians have done so far, is so good. Anyway, politics in Philippines is like that, whoever in position there is always an opposition. Well its a good sign too, it means that our democracy still intact.

Further, I read Bohol Times not for the reason that I am an avid reader of a column (Thinking Aloud) authored by a former Municipal Judge and once a Town Mayor of Guindulman, Bohol whose family name is Amora too. (The next town of Guindulman is Anda, the town where our ancestors came from).

Yesterday, I happen to read his new column titled Barangay Based Constitution (see related link). The proposal is quite interesting if our leaders are really serious in amending our constitution for the good of the people. Excerpt of the column below:

No to Chacha

No to Chacha

Organization of the parliament:

Soon after, convene the barangay captains in town as the Sangguniang Bayan and let them elect from among themselves the Mayor and Vice Mayor of the town.

And then convene the Mayors in the provincial capital as the Sangguniang Panlalawigan let them elect from among themselves the Governor and the Vice Governor;

Finally convene all governors as the Parliament and let them elect from among themselves the Prime Minister.

What can you say? For me, Why not? Empowering the barangay as the primary electoral institution could possibly change the dirty face of politics in our country. We should limit however a two party system, in this manner the barangay can choose or select the best that will represent them in the Municipal, Provincial and the Parliament. It would be in the history of Philippine politics that the Prime Minister of the Republic of the Philippines comes from the barangay level who really understand the life of an ordinary Filipinos.

On the other hand, the rich, the trapos and the shameless politicians must go down and qualify as a barangay captain.

Well, I dont know if my good friend Davao Councilor Peter Lavina, whom I considered one of the good public servant out there would buy this idea.

Let’s Think Things Over, Huh!


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