The Biggest Challenge

One of my friends an Electrical Engineer in Yanbu who happen to visit my blogspot (original blog) asked me why I did not post The Biggest Challenge here in new “ofwempowerment blog”  by wordpress. The “Biggest Challenge” was a remarks/speech delivered by my brother addressed to the new Professional Electrical Engineers in Cebu. I told him that it was my first posting in Funchain and categorized under Motivation. Maybe he doesnt have much time browsing the net or have limited access that is why he cannot surf much time in the internet.
Anyway, I posted it again in here and delete the previous one. Here it goes.

Engr. Dominico "Doods" Amora

By: Doods A. Amora (PEE)

The journey continues. The engines of change keep throbbing relentlessly with power & energy. The fire is burning hot as light is beckoning from afar. The tigers paws on guard while the eagles watchful eyes probing into the unknown wilderness. Another canto had been captured. Dusts cleared. The spoils of the recent battle settled. Tired but not spent. Weakened but not short of second wind. Still potent and sharp, this time wiser, more experienced.

Casualty? Zero. Injury list? There were some temporary set-backs, but everybody is standing upright. Morale? Everybody is proud and smiling. Now refueled, our group is again ready to embark into another uncharted chapter of the next battle.

Thank you very much then for the kind words intended for me and Ely when you said that we were the mentors. We appreciate it very much. Probably after the ashes had cleared, we need such remarks in order for the adrenaline to keep on flowing.

Yes, success in a competitive game is usually won by team play and coaches do play that big role. However, success in ones personal battle as in the board examinations is not won by coaches. It is to be won by the individual himself because he is not competing against others. He is in fact fighting against his own shadow. The Fear Factor as Bro Noel Fernandez had always pointed out, is the biggest adversary. It is in fact the handicap exemplified by the butterflies in the stomach that drives one player to lose his wits during a round or rounds of grueling combat inside a four walled ring.

Freddie Roach has done a great lot for the improvement of Manny Pacquiao and the others. But his role is only limited, he cant do anything once the player is already inside the ring. Once unleashed, it is the players diskarte that matters – in solving the puzzles while alone. Our motivation as mentors is only to make the engineer a much better technocrat in the dispensation of his responsibility as an engineer. The decision to take the PEE Board is for the individual himself. The big difference however is preparedness and anticipation. As Achilles Ponces Report states, Looking through the future, there must be that so-called anticipation  and anticipation leads to preparedness as an answer to complete the loop. Surprisingly most of the time, preparedness derived from anticipation can only be discovered if we look back to past and historical performances. And past statistics usually become the answer and guide in future plans of actions.

It is best to prepare and anticipate. But preparedness does not mean that we allow ourselves to lose track of the basics. It is the bedrock foundation of our competence. Once the basics are forgotten, the foundation will be weakened and the structure might crumble. The PULSE ANNUNCIATOR will feature the basics of our foundation. Do not belittle these Code Basics because you will experience later that the basics after all will make someone a PEE. I am therefore inviting you all to focus on these basics.

Now back to basics: The danger of success is success itself,  its intoxicating. We therefore need to always look back where we were before. Ang taong hindi lumingon sa pinang-galingan ay hindi makakarating sa patutunguhan. Looking back, we need to re-nurture the conviction of the principles we had been applying in the past several months. If we rest, we rust. We shall never sit on our laurels. Our best is not enough. Our cup must never be full. Do not mind the pressures imposed on you by the mentors. As I said, pressures in work are realities to live with, because we need it! Open a faucet and water flows from it. Why? Because there is pressure! Be a part of the team. Never be in the sideline, because if you are, you will be left behind.

Work is Force times Distance. The tons of force exerted are nothing if you covered no distance. Passing the PEE Board is a vast mile covered. That is work done!

To the new PEEs, theres one fact in life that I would like you to keep in mind always. Just as life is temporal, lifes setbacks are more recurring. The duration of these setbacks are a lot shorter than life itself. So dont allow these setbacks to spoil what otherwise is a life worth living. Your perseverance in turning around some of the extemporaneous setbacks in your interview performance was something not entirely surprising to me. It would have been surprising if it were someone else who did it. But knowing you and what you are capable of doing, you just have to do it because thats the stuff you are made of. Let me tell you this as part of your development and growth: Ive known you people to be the kind of characters who eat personal challenges for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The problem as I see it is this: When those challenges disappear, you begin to starve. The biggest challenge therefore for you is how to keep looking at every situation as one that needs challenge. In other words, the challenge to challenge, and don’t let mere words get the better of you. You will therefore do your share in training others. It will be something of a work in a lifetime.


Engr. Dominico A. Amora or Doods was 2nd placer in the 1983 PEE Board Examinations, a college instructor, speaker in various technical fora & symposia and lecturer in seminars. His significant contributions to the electrical engineering profession earned him IIEEs Most Outstanding Electrical Practitioner of the Country in the Field of Industry, an award he received in 1996. In 2002, Doods again was conferred as IIEEs Most Outstanding Practitioner of the Country in the Field of Consultancy. He had been the President of the IIEE Cebu Chapter in 1986. He became Governor of Region VII in 2003 where he was conferred as the Most Outstanding Governor of the Year. Doods in 2003 earned CITs (Cebu Institute of Technology) Mos
t Outstanding Alumnus in the Field of Engineering Consultancy.

Doods at present is the Chief Operating Officer of PRIMARY ELEKTRIKS & POWER SPECIALIST CORP (PEPSCOR), a consultancy & contracting outfit he organized based in Mandaue City – a company specializing in power systems designs, project execution, energy management, maintenance management systems and project management. He is also at present the Managing Director of the CENTRE FOR STUDIES IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING PRACTICES & STANDARDS (CESEEPS) and the Vice President of the ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS OF CEBU (APEEC). Currently the Managing Editor of the Pulse Annunciator a monthly E-Zine for Electrical Practitioners.

He also authored five (5) Book Series on Electrical Design Practices in Industrial Power Systems.


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