PTAG and Katipunan-USA

Been an e-group subscriber for quite a time now with Progressive Times Action Group (PTAG) based in USA.  Though I am just a lurker in the group but I never missed reading their exchanges more particularly when it comes to charitable topics. 

PTAG as I understand is also an affiliate organization of Katipunan-USA a group of FilAm that oversees the welfare of Filipino Veterans. I just cant help thinking that  if my father still alive now he will be joining this group in America. My father acquired American citizenship as a Filipino Veteran during WWII. He came back home and passed away during the time of his vacation.

Anyway, what important for me is the email that I just read today and kindly allow me to post it below. Another undertaking that deserves to be acknowledged by Filipino migrants overseas and Filipinos back home.


To all our PTAGmembers, fellow Rotarians, friends and supporters:

After about two months since Dr. Greg Bowden, the principal of Running Springs Elem School in Anaheim Hills, California arrived from his lst ‘missionary’ trip in Mindanao, Southern Philippines, THIRTEEN BIG ‘BALIKBAYAN’ BOXES FILLED OF OVER TWO THOUSAND BOOKS WERE SHIPPED TO THE PHILIPPINES. This noble project was initiated immediately by Dr. Bowden and his students, teachers parents and network of fellow professors teachers and church members. Katipunan-USA was able to get a deeply discounted shipping charges from REN INTERNATIONAL that enabled us to ship the 13 boxes at the same time… We were informed that the shipment should be in Notre Dame Marbel University in Koronadal City between 30 to 40 days from today.

As I have personally seen the dire need of books, especially in Lake Sebu, where about 1,000 books are alloted to one elementary and one high school., I can just imagine the joy and happiness of those students who are hungry to get hold of a good book! So are the nursing students who will be using a lot of nursing and medical books from this first shipment… Dr. Bowden and I agree that we can do this at least once every six months.

I told Greg today that I had goosebumps just knowing that it was only a year ago that Greg and I met because he read about Katipunan-USA’s support of Jing Ureta’s ONLINE mentoring program… and the rest is history… I am indeed humbled yet very happy that an Awesome Power made us instruments to do something for others l0,000 miles away… WITHOUT any expectations of any rewards from anyone… a real service to humanity, a genuine SERVICE ABOVE SELF.

To Dr. Greg, his loving and supportive family, his teachers and students and parents, the Anaheim Hills Rotarians and the Fil-Am Community and everyone who in their own ways helped in this BOOKS FOR FILIPINO CHILDREN, A BIG THANK YOU… AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


Good news reporter,

Ernie Deflin


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