DFA Announces Deadline for Gulf War Claims

2 May 2006.  The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has announced that the United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) Governing Council in Geneva, during its 56th Session, has set 30 September 2006 as the final deadline in locating and paying Gulf War claimants who had been affected by the 1990 Iraq-Kuwait war and with approved claims from the UNCC.


Philippine Claims and Compensation Secretariat (PCCCS) Secretary General Minda C. Cruz stated that, based on PCCCS records, there are still Gulf War claimants who have not coordinated with PCCCS despite efforts to reach them through mail, saturation drives within the Philippines and abroad and assistance of Philippine Foreign Service posts. She said that PCCCS now calls on these claimants to coordinate with the office at the soonest possible time.


These claimants must coordinate with PCCCS before the set deadline because after 30 September 2006, UNCC will no longer entertain Philippine Government requests for the return of funds to be paid to applicants whose claims have already been approved by the UNCC, said Secretary Cruz.


She added that the PCCCS now  calls on all OFWs who  were affected by the war in Iraq and Kuwait in 1990 and who have claims approved by the UNCC to call the Office at telephone number 832-5303, or visit us at the 3rd floor of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Pasay City so that they can find out if they are included in the UNCC list of approved claims.


Note: Please email me at bongamora14@yahoo.com if you wish to have the copy for the  list of approved claims. Kindly disseminate this info.


My sincere thanks to Mrs. Perla Vega for this announcement.  


2 thoughts on “DFA Announces Deadline for Gulf War Claims

    • Yes there was. I dont know kung tumatanggap pa sila ngayon. Just contact our Embassy or COnsulate. If you’re in the Philippines, try to visit DFA office in your area.


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