Kapit Kamay - Pagkakaisa

Kapit Kamay - Magkaisa


I was there at the Leaders Night in the Philippine Embassy last Thursday, 15 of June 2006 in the celebration of 108th Independence Day with a theme Pagkakaisa Para sa Matatag na Republika. 

It was a solemn night with entertainment from SE Productions and RAGI. The game show hosted by our friend Ron Jacobe of the Toastmaster Club participated by various organizations made the program alive and relaxing. Charge De Affaires Nestor Padalhin and the new Labor Attache Rustico Dela Fuente was formally introduced to the community.

The mentioned celebration continued the next day (Friday) where activities such as: Art Competition, Musical Variety Show, Cultural and Musical Presentation and another Game Show, Pera o Bayong. Congratulations to the participating organizations like: SE Productions, Cameraderie, Assosasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit, Riyadh Artists Guild Incorporated (RAGI), Kalahi, Tunog Pinoy, Comsofil, Expat Darters Society (EDSA), Filipino Expatriates Society, Phil. Guardians Brotherhood (PGBI), Guhit Pinoy, Mangagawang Kapit Bisig, S.O.S for Help and many more, it was indeed a successful event.

However, it was sad that the day prior to the celebration there were some inquiries and questions from members of the community that includes me, pertains to the events lack of information disseminations to the Filipino community.

Pagkakaisa Para Sa Matatag na Republika, the theme of the celebration can only be achieved if we value the word Pagkakaisa in the spirit of working together (Philippine Mission and the Filipino Community) in pursuit of this goal. Pagkakaisa means oneness or unity that endeavors to promote the deep sense of understanding, appreciation, identity, and fostering unity and harmony among the members of the community.

To our Honorable Consul General, Honorable Labor Attache, Honorable Welfare Officers and Filipino Community in the Kingdom, lets put the word Pagkakaisa in action not only in words.


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