One OFW Voice

One Political Party One OFW Voice

One Political Party One OFW Voice

2007 Election is just around the corner. Signs of political movements in our country are indication that election fever is fast approaching. I also feel that some OFW groups in Saudi Arabia are starting to mobilize themselves vying for a possible seat in Congress through party list representation.

However, if they are really serious in their moves for the good of the OFWs in general, then I would suggest that this groups should join hands together and form a one solid party list group.

If we cannot forge an alliance to other OFW organizations in other part of the globe, at least we can have one within KSA or perhaps in the Middle East.

To those who believe that OFWs must be represented in Congress, then let us empower ourselves into One OFW Voice, otherwise we will be facing the same fate as always.      

To my fellow OFWs who have not yet register as an Absentee Voter, do it now! And let your voice be heard through the power of ballot; and prove to ourselves that WE are The Best Political Electorate. 


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