Stress being away from Home

Been absent from my blog for two days due to some emotional stress. No need to narrate what really happen, the most important thing is – I was able to cope up an stress that made me as an OFW in distress for two days. Glad – am back.

Stress + Anxiety

Psychological stress due to work related problems plus personal setback being away from home is one of the basic reason why most OFWs ends up in distress.

Working in Saudi Arabia or in other part of the globe is not just as simple as we thought. It means, we must be ready to all uncertainties that we will be facing for a certain period of time.

Psychological problems can cause harm to life functioning that includes work adjustment, social adjustment, legal difficulties, family adjustment and physical health. Indication that contributes emotional problems are depression, anxiety, emotional response, conduct disturbance.

To would be OFWs, if you are not yet ready to embark a new chapter of your life, please think a thousand times and be ready before you end up as an OFW in distress.

However, don’t forget that HE is always there for you in times of trouble. Remember the Holy Scripture that says: CAST ALL YOUR ANXIETIES IN HIM BECAUSE HE CARES FOR YOU.


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