CESEEPS Electro-Technical Seminars

To: IIEE-CRSA, IIEE-ER, IIEE-WR and to all Filipino Electrical Practitioners in KSA.

Kindly disseminate below information to all your vacationing colleagues particularly those from Visayas and Mindanao.

ceseepsContinuing its mission to address the wide gap between the academe and the industry, CESEEPS INTERNATIONAL is announcing its series of electro-technical seminars for the second semester of this year, as follows: Mod 1: LOW VOLTAGE SYSTEMS & APPLICATIONS (July 12-14); Mod 2: Medium Voltage Systems & Applications (Aug 9-11); Mod 3: FAULT CALCULATIONS & APPLICATIONS (Sept 6-8); Mod 4: INDUSTRIAL SUBSTATIONS & PROTECTION SYSTEMS (Oct 4-6); and Mod 5: INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE & ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (Nov 8-10).

Venue will be at PSI Training Center, 2nd Floor, Northgate Center Building (across Gaisano Country Mall), Banilad, Cebu City. Open to all electrical practitioners, CESEEPS Continuing Training Program is designed to catapult the electrical engineer to higher dimensions in the practice of electrical engineering. The program is expected to transform the electrical engineers into quality practitioners of world-class engineering applying international standards of design & construction for industrial plants, commercial complexes and utility power systems. Application of competencies derived from this program will not only accelerate the productivity of the engineer but will also result to a safer, reliable and a much better electrical environment.  

For every seminar, each participant is entitled to an average of 280 page-hard bound book written specifically for the seminar subject.    

For more information, interested participants may call Tel No.: (032) 345-4531 or Fax No. (032) 343-6936. See also related link.


2 thoughts on “CESEEPS Electro-Technical Seminars

  1. do you have schedule of seminars and trainings for year 2010? If yes, please kindly post on your site or send to my e-mail.

    • Dear Tol Doods and Engr. Eli,

      Good Day!

      This has reference to the comment/inquiry re: CESEEPS Seminars from Engr. Eduardo Macaltao posted in ofwempowerment blog (see below).

      I sincerely appreciate if you could reply him.

      Best wishes and Mabuhay CESEEPS!

      Bong Amora

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