A Blink of an Eye

22 years ago during my college days there was these two beautiful kids (toddlers) that I tended or taken care of whenever Im free at school. Dressed them up and sometime gave them a bath when the maids cannot attend to it. Irked a bit by their kakulitan but I loved them very much. They are my nephew and niece, Kristine May (Kitty) and Kristoffer Dominic (Boboy).  


Brought up by good guidance and God fearing parents they both finished college and presently in their way to success that every parents could be proud of.


Many long years had gone by, its just liked a blink of an eye.


Kitty whose childhood dream is to become a stewardess will come true. She will be flying to her base country Qatar on Saturday (July 8) as an international flight stewardess.

Kitty Rivas Amora


Boboy on the other hand is getting married tomorrow (July, 6) to a pretty bride Hon Hon.


Boboy Amora & Hon2 Ybanez


Huh! It means Im getting older and older everyday.


To Kitty and Boboy, CONGRATS! You both have made it, cherish every opportunity that will come along the way and I wish you all the best in the years to come, I AM PROUD OF YOU    


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