Happy Birthday my Angel

A Poem for my daughter “Angel”  10th Birthday

July 13, 2006, July 13, 2007, July 13, 2008, July 13, 2009

Angel and Kitty

Angel and Kitty

 “A Daughter Through The Eyes of a Father”

By: V.P. Hale Johnson

 A daughter is beauty at its finest.
Heart of an angel, soul so pure, and sweet.
Daughters are one of God’s most precious gifts

that he has bestowed upon the world.

Angels in Heaven do not compare to thine beauty,

and grace my ever so beautiful, and lovely daughter.
Seeing you at birth brought more joy to me
than all the money in the world could ever do.

You are morning, bright, and shining,
you are noon, you reside at the highest point in my heart,
you are the dew kissed night.
You are my daughter, heart, and soul.

 To  my dear “Angel” I LOVE You & Happy Birthday!



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