No Contingency Plan at all

I am saddened after reading the article Nowhere to Hide


Burning: Israeli air raids hit the southern suburbs of Beirut.

In my point of view, the Philippine Government from the beginning is not really prepared in any eventualities that might happen if the war between Lebanon and Israel escalates. The truth is they don’t have any contingency plan at all.

How much more if it happens in other ME regions particularly in Saudi Arabia where huge number of OFWs are working? Do they have a concrete plan for the plight of OFWs in Saudi Arabia?


Waiting: Canadian nationals register their names in Beirut to be evacuated.

During informal telephone calls and text messages with community leaders in Riyadh, we conclude that it should not be happen in Saudi Arabia, if ever there is a threat of war in the region. This kind of attitude from our Government should be cured once and for all and it is more likely that we should be part of finding its cure.

Filipino Community in KSA must join together, make prior plans or recommendations in coordination with the concerned authorities in the Kingdom and the Philippine mission to prevent untoward situation like what happen in Lebanon.


Fleeing: The Orient Queen ship arrives at Beirut’s port to evacuate a group of Australian, Canadian and German nationals.

We should not rely much with our Government; and in turn we have to offer them our own contingency plan rather than giving them the full trust of safeguarding the safety of our compatriots in future uncertainties like war.  


The Route to KSA (Green)

 Note:  In behalf of the entire Filipino Workers in Al Ajial Co. Ltd., our heartfelt thanks to the owner and Managing Director Mr. Hussein Mohammed Badran for  facilitating the  safe return of our co-Filipino employees  from Lebanon during the war.


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