War, OFWs atbp.

The recent occupation of Israelis in the Southern part of Lebanon is an indication that the war is far from over. The UN effort in mediating to end the war between Israel and Lebanon has proven futile and the Israelis uncontrolled bombing that hit UN post killing 4 of its UN observer is indeed a sign that both warring faction are determined to crushed each other till the winner is proclaimed. These senseless killings are all at the expense of innocent people who are nonetheless the casualties of war.



The first batch of OFWs flown back to Philippines are mostly OFW in distress housed at Filipino Workers Resource Center in Beirut. The war gives the way for their immediate repatriation back in our country. They probably escaped unharmed from the war but the sad tales of their plight due to maltreatment and abused will remain in their heart and certainly never be forgotten.   


All I can say is- Ban the Deployment of Filipina maids in the Middle Eastern countries where great risk is at stake to our Filipina Domestic Helpers. 



WE convey our thanks to all Philippine Government representatives currently in Lebanon. Though we have to admit that there are still a lot of things to be done and the possible worst scenario has not yet to come.  


To DFA USEC Rafael Seguis, thank you for being there, you did your job satisfactorily. A true public servant like you – is worthy to be praised. 


Mabuhay ka Sir! Kailangan namin ang isang katulad mo.       


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