Waiver for OFWs in Lebanon

Some of our Domestic Helpers based in Beirut refused to go home. According to them, Beirut is not affected by war and no work is waiting for their return.

Darna in real Life

Darna in real Life

On the other hand, citing recent online news that 2 OFWs jumped from a building somewhere in Beirut “in their desire to join ongoing (repatriation) operations”.

Conflicting scenarios, perhaps there are only two reasons, one with a good employer and the latter decide to jump not to escape from the ongoing war but to get rid of maltreatment and abused by her employer.

VP Noli De Castro, the newly appointed head of a task force on the Lebanon crisis is preparing for the forced evacuation of all OFWs in Lebanon. Forced evacuation means, mandatory and no one is exempted. However, kabayan said  “those who refuse to leave, as many of them now do, may be asked to sign a waiver”.

No Escape No Surrender "Bahala na kung Matamaan"

No Escape No Surrender "Bahala na kung Matamaan"

Supposedly (huwag naman sana) the war escalates to the northern part of Lebanon, and then Beirut is not exempted anymore from the Israelis flying bombs. Does the waiver justify that our Government is not to be blamed if some of these OFWs go back home in boxes? Huh! Hindi namin kayo patutulugin, promise..

My friend CMA Executive Director Ellene Sana during the Senate hearing is exactly right, “the government policy of voluntary repatriation is not acceptable“.

Regarding master list of 30,000 OFWs in Lebanon, I doubt if they have the complete list. We have been advocating this issue a long time ago pertains to the implementation of the Omnibus Rules and Regulations Implementing, RA 8042, XVIII, Shared and Government Information System for Migration.

Hoping and praying that concrete implementation of this important proviso of the Magna Carta for Filipino Migrant Workers will be properly implemented soon. This will give much help in locating almost a million OFWs in Saudi Arabia; if ever a war erupts in this region. (knock2 to the wood, wag naman sana).


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