Do we really have the Right?

I read an interesting letter posted at “Letter to the Editor” this morning and I admire her views that relates to my previous entries.

I am much concern about our Filipina Domestic Helpers and (my) our fight for a total ban of the deployment of our filipina household helps in countries where they are susceptible to maltreatment and abuse will continue to stand.

In the said letter KASIMBAYAN Sec. Gen. Norma Dollaga said, “It will not be a surprise if one day the tears of these suffering OFWs turn into a fire of resistance”.

Thanks Norma for reminding us. Our tears are already on fire and we’ve been fighting for the welfare of OFWs for all these years but as long as OFW leadership themselves are fragmented, our dreams and vision for the general welfare of OFWs can never be attained.

OAV registration is just one of the many example, we can count the days ahead; the turn out of new registrants is very low. How on earth do we have the right to criticize our Government? When we ourselves are not part of the process.

Given that we are not properly represented in any OFW Government formulating boards, as well as in Congress, our helpless OFWs will continue to suffer.